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The 86th chapter, the affection with ceaseless behe广州夜网论坛JFDad silk

” tear of China die young ” Hua Jin announce / , this chapter in all 2637 words, update at: 2014-12-10 18:34

Palace of heart strong and pervasive fragrance.

Night is deep, gauze curtain hang down loosely is worn, cold look wears Lian Weiyu the person of bedside, there is alignment of force of a powerful spirit to sleep in the hand the top of the skull of ripe Qin Zhiming.

Qin Zhiming turns over suddenly, holding her in the arms closely, crural annulus is on her body, foolish foolish is asleep, it is eyebrow horn only slightly pursy, mandibular joint is being bitten closely, conceal at the fingernail in the quilt sharp like the knife, mix a move purple spirit force.

Lian Weiyu receives return a blow rapidly, there is a fluster in the eye, wind rises and fall errant.

At this moment sound of the xiao outside the window blast, she listens to come out is the music forgetting worry of nocturnal China, but she cannot fall asleep however now, put away the quilt gently, put on a shoe to come to the front of the window, hair silk reached one ground, round of full moon is hanged in sky tonight, filar silk brightness is hit in night on China body, moon is enveloping him like gauze, slowly, lian Weiyu remembered today the gentleman in drive study so mark, feel the pit of the stomach aches suddenly, ache almost asphyxially.

Daily morning.

The obligation that she should use up an imperial concubine wears good head hat for the emperor, serve his change clothes to wash gargle.

Often paying a foot when her when collect arrives before his body, he always gets drunk hearing her that unique system is popular, cannot help doing sth.

“The what on body love the wife of a prince is sweet? How so sweet, jiang Zhen’s heart winds around so that be like one Jiangchun water. Jiang Zhen’s heart winds around so that be like one Jiangchun water..

“System is popular just. “System is popular just..

“Really sweet. ” he holds firmly her, be next to her closely, sniffing her scent, look is worn the lip with full then red benefit, the ** in the eye is vacated, slowly collect go up, was sheered ably by her however: ? Hold be ignorant of high to make fun of umbrella of  word  ! ?

Qin Zhiming has received the gold-rimmed handkerchief that she takes, unmindful ground is being wiped.

Sent an emperor, palace of heart strong and pervasive fragrance restored calm.

Sometimes the destiny was to open a big joke really, bag bag turns circuit, returned this again once the gold that the name is Feng Lian palace basket, labial horn pulls a satirize.

“Empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, the madam came to gentleman. ” slave-girl child come in report is worn.

Do not want to see her in Lian Weiyu heart, do not want to remember associate with, ke Zixi is act under orders and come, did not hide the 2nd times for the first time, the 3rd!

“Ask. ” in mood much silk is helpless with exhaustion.

“Yes. ” slave-girl child receive an order.

Violet sunlight is being worn a baby blue skirt of collect unlined upper garment, complexion is ruddy a lot of, she is well off it is thus clear that.

“Violet sunlight refers to empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of Gui the wife of a prince. “Violet sunlight refers to empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of Gui the wife of a prince..

“Need not much ceremony, grant! Grant!!

“Thank empress or imperial concubine of the first rank. “Thank empress or imperial concubine of the first rank..

“Violet sunlight is thinking the person before carefully, appearance also comely beauty, eyebrow eye is floating silk is tender, but the eye is to spread all over vicissitudes of life however, see through life 100 things: ?  of Californium of Tan of  of  of Zheng of Tan of  of moth of demit of Bai Xiang Ji says huang3hu1 ± Chi! ?

Say, have slave-girl child before going up, come, there is delicate box in the hand.

“This is I and husband hit Nanzhao country to invite koradji course of action, serve pray blessing signal, beg for our daughter Wu Ge, I take today to send with empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, wish birthday of blessing of empress or imperial concubine of the first rank is not had border! ” violet sunlight is laughing to pointing to the charm in that box to saying.

Wu Ge? Her daughter?

Does the slope of the fingernail firm firm that holding desk brim issue young timber: ?  of  of bridge of bay scabbard quiet n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor mu  sole  noes with Cuo  ? ” Lian Weiyu c[……]


7. spends ty佛山桑拿飞机网pe beautiful conjugal love

” the person is like callosity to already was become ” empty city cold die young / , this chapter in all 3053 words, update at: 2017-01-19 20:02

Good time always does not grow, fleeting, this day is in Xie Xichen and easy ooze heart were spent when two people are happy.

If foliaceous cherish is really then sleep who don’t have, the day has turned when waiting for her to awake, if foliaceous cherish hit a yawn, rub an eye, after washing gargle to be over, went down, this still is inferior to no less than buildings, was over, by cruel.

Easy ooze heart is chewing a thing to hitting yawn, continuously complains, “It is you, if it were not for accompanies you to play game in the evening, can I sleep so late? Result, I your cruel kneel down continuously. ” the pride that saying one face.

“You seem to said to turn over! Do you break ~ recalled? ” Xie Xichen carries eyebrow to look at her, cut, easy ooze heart became white he is one. “Some moment, this person also cannot too honest, offend easily come a fatal disaster! ~ “

She takes a biscuit angrily to be put into recently, xie Xichen rises beside crossed a table to sit in her, bite into the biscuit in her mouth, laugh of evil of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease.

Haw, the face of easy ooze heart immediately red, slightly low first, pushed him, “It is cheap that you know to occupy me, smelly rogue. Smelly rogue..

Look at Shu Qin the heart is so lovely, xie Xichen’s mood also is very too much, that bestow favor on ah, that is to feed one impediment really, be done Xie Xire is enviously.

“Click of the tongue of click of the tongue, hey, begin beautiful conjugal love in the morning greatly, elder brother, I return your little sister sheet is worn! ~ ” like be like Xie Xichen to was not heard, continue to be enmeshed in two the individual’s worlds, xie Xire took a table angrily, “You too bully a person. “You too bully a person..

This ability faced up to easy ooze heart her, “Cherish if, how? How??

“Hum, uncomfortable, in the heart uncomfortable, I also want to let a person feed me to have a thing, but, without. ” the sadness that foliaceous cherish is like one face, “Do not manage she, everyday get ill. Everyday get ill..

Haw, this is a Xie Xire cruel is quite enough really.

Xie Xichen sent the school them, looked at easy ooze heart to but always feel little what to nod in the heart,leave a car, ” heart, wait, come back. Come back..

Easy ooze heart ran over, gently Fu body, “How. ” one’s voice in speech just fell, like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply kissed her lip euqally, “Still owe me this. “Still owe me this..

What he leaves is racing bike, that setting that camera lens was seen by a lot of person, in succession take a picture, “Went, this is the school, not was troubled by. Not was troubled by..

Eventually they arrived classroom, sat, plum of one one one face expect, “Love the wife of a prince people, do you know, there were not you yesterday for company sign is doleful and empty really then cold ah. Do me a person guards empty house alone. Do me a person guards empty house alone..

If foliaceous cherish sighed, shake one’s head, “You just guard empty house alone then, this girl I can be admiring jealousy hate, someone full cruel I in the morning, that conjugal love is beautiful, I got angry. I got angry..

This fellow, know such, easy ooze heart takes out two lollipop from satchel, before in them flash, “This, want but I am good not easily to come then from your elder brother, the lollipop that says the daughter that is the boss that wants cooperation likes this brand is taken so come home I act like a spoiled child incidentally wanted two. The lollipop that says the daughter that is the boss that wants cooperation likes this brand is taken so come home I act like a spoiled child incidentally wanted two..

Star is risked in the eye on the horse that this two at sight of taking money have, easy ooze heart raises eyebrow, one gave a plum one by one, “Dear learns together, this sends you, the strawberry taste that you love most. ” the plum on the horse is opened one by one pack put in the mouth, ” heart, I love you dead. I love you dead..

Easy ooze heart another lollipop forward Xie Xire shakes, “Is cherish like you to also want to eat? “Is cherish like you to also want to eat??

Xie Xire nods heavily. Easy ooze heart wears this opportunity said: “After that if I follow beautiful conjugal love of your elder brother again, do you return Shengbusheng to enrage? Do you return Shengbusheng to enrage??



: of the 14th chapter? Does  of grave of instrument of  of  of  p广州水磨SPA水疗JFGrize  low?

” original meet by chance ” city of half world Chinese ink / , this chapter in all 2704 words, update at: 2017-03-26 08:07

“Thank your Xiaoning, you help me at the back with Xie Qing, I am met certainly of win victory in the first battle. ” Liu Xiaomei says, some are holding Jian Ning in the arms excitedly, resembling is celebrating ahead of schedule.

“Small beauty, I still have the job to want to do, you also go first busy, or the editor should say you again. ” the hand that Jianningsong opens Liu Xiaomei, forward one pace goes to oneself locally.

Liu Xiaomei hears Jian Ning’s word, nod to her, walk into editor office gladly subsequently.

Jian Ning opens the computer on desk, click the Baidu icon on the desktop, the name of person eminent top gem loses in searcher, press next affirmatory.

Not a little while, search page appeared Zhuo Hang’s name follows a photograph, he on the photograph is clean-fingered Yan Xiao, the appearance of one face gravity, she is pulling rat punctuation to enter his detailed introduction.

Jian Ning sees his introduction quickly, next a pair of incredible look, so these a few years he so outstanding, so outstanding!

Although he casts the major that issues his, abandon a law from business, also do not block the aureola of his oneself.

Be in these a few years, he stands firm quickly in business circles, from ordinary person knows commercial wonder to one individual person. Probably he gives a lot of effort, probably he is in each respect is very gifted.

Jian Ning looks at his photograph, bemused, subsequently she is like so that laughed deridingly, look in others probably, she follows Zhuo Hang to part company in those days, it is a foolish decision.

But that how, what she takes a fancy to together with him is his this individual, the fortune that is not him follows talent. Although his in utter destitution, although he is an Everyman only, she also is met of honor permits no turning back be together with him, because this is love.

Lovely to finally, she still fails to continue, in face a problem, she chose to escape, to finally she lost him, turn him into the passing traveller in life.

Jian Ning looks at the Zhuo Hang on the photograph, some mouth sighed helplessly. Subsequently she puts out a webpage, take skill machine to gave piece of secretary to make a telephone call, ask him eminent when to the top gem comes off work afternoon, after coming off work, be to come home directly, still go to other place.

Zhang Bi book is a little hesitant in the phone, later of in full detail tell Jian Ning, because his intuition tells him, zhuo Hang concerns with Jian Ning not general.

Every time after Zhuo Hang sees Jian Ning, the humor is very good, now and then still meet one individual titter. In his impression, zhuo Hang is an earnest and not risible person, can be in after seeing Jian Ning, changed apparently a lot of.

Wait for piece of secretary to say, jian Ning said with him sound is thanked, next ring off, not be to a word cries, the bosom friend tells the other, square can 100 battle do not danger.

Jian Ning puts ace machine, a pair very confident appearance, subsequently she goes up in the net again search the information of search eminent top gem follows a data.

Although be together with Zhuo Hang before her,two pass, not little also to his understanding. Can pass 7 years after all, he has many change for certain, although he does not have change, she also was not sure to be able to let him agree.

“Zhuo Hang? Xiaoning, won’t you be right does he have fun at? ” Liu Xiaomei does not know to appear from which come, see Jian Ning seeks Zhuo Hang’s data on the net, think she has fun at to Zhuo Hang.

“Small beauty, you think much, how can I have fun at to him, I seek his data, it is to want to understand him more, good let him promise to interview quickly. ” Jian Ning says, some are turning over a webpage bored to deathly, she searched almost in this fast one afternoon, look at the word on the webpage, not pretext rises greatly.

Liu Xiaomei hears Jian Ning’s word, some develop her helplessly to shake one’s head. “Xiaoning, your find sth useful so go all out? Consider you final to did not persuade good, chief editor also won’t blame you, said to come off work immediately again, you are cleared away quickly clear away accompany me to date. You are cleared away quickly clear away accompany me to date..

“Did you call to Xie Qing? Wait for met me may be not accompanied how long. ” Jian Ning says, put out the webpage press next involve machine key, cleared away a table, taking a bag to prepare to[……]


The 118th 广州桑拿夜网论坛HDFchapter

” very strange I love you only ” bend Chen W/ is written, this chapter in all 714 words, update at: 2017-05-29 21:32

@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_^^-={_{_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_{_#^^-={_



O广州夜网论坛BVF of the 106th chapter

” very strange I love you only ” bend Chen W/ is written, this chapter in all 714 words, update at: 2017-05-29 21:22

@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_^^-={_{_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_{_#^^-={_



The 13广州夜网SN论坛WKH7th chapter

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1033 words, update at: 2017-06-27 21:25

Mu Xiaomeng wants to ask why, but unluckily boreal does not give her opportunity and time.

He begins to kiss her.

This continous kisses inchoate time longly, it is very tender, but as Mu Xiaomeng defy, become overbearing insolent rises.

What does boreal get in the agog mouth that misses Cong Muxiao dream, he begins to sweep across, do not give Mu Xiaomeng the chance that any breathing.

Mu Xiaomeng feels lightheaded only, her labellum is given to be contained by boreal , his crude it is apparently very give her lane ached.

She is enraged so that exert all her strength with fist hammer is worn the chest of boreal , but boreal is,do not let off her.

Think in Mu Xiaomeng oneself are fast cut off the gas when, boreal unlocked her.

Breathing fresh oxygen again, can give a person the sense of a kind of renascence. Mu Xiaomeng’s brain is dizzy still dizzy, there is blush on cabinet cheek. Her look is blurred, because because,dizziness still is,knowing is in the heart confused.

The look that she sees northerly begins to become lax, she cries softly, “Boreal . . . ..

“I am in. “I am in..

Boreal entertains beloved wife into the bosom, sweep past the hair silk that is stuck before her forehead with the hand, of one continuously, cautious.

“Ease boat died, ” pharynx of stalk of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair, “I am thought up really. “I am thought up really..

Mu Xiaomeng did not await the answer of boreal , bury the head in the chest with boreal clement gently loiter loiter.

Of boreal softhearted.

He loves Mu Xiaomeng very much really. He knows because,she is met Lin Yizhou this thing and self-condemned, because his Mu Xiaomeng is too kind-hearted, she can feel certainly is her complicity Lin Yizhou.

Boreal eats suddenly removed vinegar to come, he thinks those who if die,know to change him, how is Mu Xiaomeng met then?

Is she sad and sad for him?

He wants to know.

“Mu Xiaomeng, you tell me, if, be being changed is me, you, how to meet? How to meet??

The sense with boreal very clear is conceived the person in body one deadlocked, he dare not think a result, expecting a result again however.

Mu Xiaomeng raises a head to come, clarity of tear of the brimming in orbit is visible, quivering sound path, “I do not like you so say, if,do not have. If,do not have..

The raise with boreal glad corners of the mouth, kissed Mu Xiaomeng’s cheek gently,

“You go, want caution nevertheless, breakfast is answered. Breakfast is answered..

Mu Xiaomeng raises eye, sticking up the appearance that mouth is about to cry. The tear that worries about oneself slides really, mu Xiaomeng hastily face about developed a toilet.

. . .

Mu Xiaomeng achieves what one wishes left Gu Bao, her mood begins little to ameliorate.

She is OK and affirmatory, having north is in his heart, although ease boat is the good friend with him old acquaintance, but Mu Xiaomeng still cannot be hated because of this,go up boreal . Now him be clear heart, mu Xiaomeng is god-given tick off again had corners of the mouth.

The person of downtown always is very much, addiction night is located at downtown the busiest street, every night greets stream of people of countless of all kinds, of course, still be person name money.

Mu Xiaomeng wants to go addiction night, it is to seek a person only—–Koma, although do not know he still is in,be absent, but infer of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair sees him.

And in view of last time boreal gave him one fist, because,still be she, so Mu Xiaomeng more feel oneself go should actively an apology.

But, the moment of truth, mu Xiaomeng hesitated.

Because apologize,she is like last time also is, next with respect to occupy hospital. . .

Mu Xiaomeng is a little hesitant, frown removed good-looking the top margin of a page, keep on driveway edge stamp one’s foot is worn foot.

be in by transient person look at this good-looking girl, do not know her to be why bother angry.

A fine white form flits beside Mu Xiaomeng, mu Xiaomeng reacted,



The 111st ch广州桑拿夜网NGFapter

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1252 words, update at: 2017-05-03 20:20

Koma was carrying guitar on the back to be on scenic midpoint.

It is to play guitar so, what spy is fastened?

The stage issues the catcall that transmits, audience people do not think a guitar can bring a person the feeling with special what, can have how special music.

Instead is Mu Xiaomeng, slightly have sth in mind of narrow one’s eyes, a pair of satisfied appearance. Mu Xiaomeng begins to maintain in the heart, this man, very not simple.

The music of quietly elegant is poured out of from the finger tip of Koma, it is the sort of extremely soft tone, white of Koma a suit, appreciably slants long black hair obscured his frontal eminence, look of a pair of heavy eye does not leave the musical instrument in his hand.

The female below the stage is mad, music does not calculate very special, but give a person a kind of comfortable and satisfied sense however, give a person a kind of extremely gentle artistic concept.

Mu Xiaomeng observes many people closed an eye, silent listen respectfully is worn music, natural, also somebody is in below enclasp fist, one pair should make the appearance of the thing.

A chord, musical sound stops abruptly. Some girls a pair of meaning still unexhausted appearance, of some sharp-eyed, had rushed forward. The speed of Koma is faster. But still be given to surround by that group of girls however.

“Koma, I am your faithful vermicelli made from bean starch, can you combine a film with me? Can you combine a film with me??

“Can you sign to me renown? Thank! Thank!!

“Koma, do not listen to them to blow, still feel you are no good before them coming. . . ..

Be surrounded in the Koma among the schoolgirl slightly frown, this group female, be bored!

But be ticked off however before the girl,had corners of the mouth, dump of face of a piece of person or event associated with evil or misfortune all living creatures. The organ of Koma is full of magnetism, sound of special sand blown by wind, “Feel embarrassed, I made an appointment with a person today, be afraid had not enough time. Be afraid had not enough time..

“Koma~~ “

Girl people the instant is mad, can be helpless the someone said so, loving others to also cannot be pestered too much. Be forced get out of the way road, answered a seat angrily.

Bar, of need is soft music not merely, need more, it is enthusiastic.

So, the melody of Koma ends, rock-and-roll rang on the horse.

Most the rock-and-roll of common, in addiction night unluckily so insanity letting a person.

Mu Xiaomeng helplessly looked at Koma to upstairs be moved toward, raise of corners of the mouth, stand up, also collapsing pace was on a building.

Got on a building, between the bag a lot of.

Only one differs. This is in of corridor most at, and with other the door between the bag is lain between so that leave quite.

Mu Xiaomeng stands before the door, have a bit worry.

Also do not know this one is. If be, that says fortunately; If not be,can be, is that not awkward? ! Here is bar, even if be in addiction night, bar the place of this kind of good and evil people mixed up, what person is done not have? What thing cannot happen? Besides, now with respect to Mu Xiaomeng a person, boreal is absent, in case gave what thing how to do, she can have married! !

Hesitated for ages in the doorway, mu Xiaomeng did not knock after all.

Just, very artful is, him door opened.

Say exactly, koma opened the door.

Open the door, seeing is Mu Xiaomeng. Koma slightly pursy brows. Mu Xiaomeng is one face bright the appearance that is like a flower.

“Hi~ hello, we met again. ” Mu Xiaomeng is very enthusiastic making call with Koma.

Koma casts aside twitch one’s mouth, ignore Mu Xiaomeng, also did not close, went in again directly.

Cut, what Gao Leng to install? !

Mu Xiaomeng distains the ground is cold hum, if it were not for because bang up the family’s musical instrument, she just is not willing to go so compensate is worn smiling face. Though Koma says need not her compensate, but, is Mu Xiaomeng also the person that the sort of love gains extra advantage by unfair means? !

After all the person has husband now, have money ~~

Went in, mu Xiaomeng this ability plaints inside capacious.

Inside house very capacious, can compares downstair[……]


Fiftieth 9 chapters blow fre广州桑拿信息论坛KFDsh gale

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1000 words, update at: 2017-03-10 23:47

“Ease boat, this tree, is there the memory before us? ” Mu Xiaomeng looks at this tree, spoke oneself doubt. “This. . . ” Lin Yizhou scratchs his head, do not know to should tell the truth.

Look at Lin Yizhou desire the appearance that character stops again, what did Mu Xiaomeng remember suddenly. She remembered a girl, below the tree, still have a man, very tall man, did not see his face clear from beginning to end however, stand in her beside. The girl sits in tree edge, infatuate boundless and indistinct is full of in the eye. This girl, it is Mu Xiaomeng, just, mu Xiaomeng does not know who the man is, if she does not have a bad shot, this man, should have gotten along with her for a time time, just, mu Xiaomeng is written down not clear who is this man after all.

“I know, without, you cheat me! ” Mu Xiaomeng is a little grouchy turn overdo, lin Yizhou scratchs his head uneasily, hitting ha, “Dream, I go buying the flesh to eat to you! ” still be Lin Yizhou knows Mu Xiaomeng quite as expected, knowing those who eat to Mu Xiaomeng loves most is flesh of braise in soy sauce, differ Mu Xiaomeng agrees, lin Yizhou jumps again.

Look at Lin Yizhou far the sky with the back that go and this yellow ash, mu Xiaomeng has some of feel deeply ashamed, do not know Lin Yizhou really this fellow is intended, passed a little while to be able to rain again! !

Just as one would expect, had done not have a little while, begin to blow fresh gale, mu Xiaomeng’s skirt is flying in wind, expose his body already. Nevertheless Mu Xiaomeng also does not have a canal, anyway also nobody, stand up instead, in devoting into Yu Feng.

Wind is very big, without flying sand, only on the side exclusive a tree is in shake off every piece leaf.

Wind is blown go up in the body, a little comfortable still, the corners of the mouth of dawn dream is hanging wash one’s hair to be like have seem the smiling expression that not have. But, finish one second, wind begins to be blown even more big, mu Xiaomeng does not open an eye almost, at the moment dim, a blank in the head. Fierce wind still is in howl, just, mu Xiaomeng can be heard, do not experience wind however.

Awake again to Mu Xiaomeng when, the sky begins to clear, lie down of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair is on the meadow. The sunshine of golden color very dazzling, mu Xiaomeng is blocked with the hand it is before, propping up sit up body to come with another hand, this ability discovers incorrect interest.

Here, although still have big big lawn, but having a tree not merely however, and seat of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair, it is a forest, the forest of green of a green scallion.

Of cruel firm of Mu Xiaomeng quivered, mu Xiaomeng can do not have what good impression to the forest.

Everywhere annulus looks, mu Xiaomeng decides he is body part forest. Mu Xiaomeng stands up, helping a tree up, some suspect this is ease boat lane, it is oneself went first, wait for her next messy in wind, take her here again finally, what be to want to look to her?

In the heart that held Mu Xiaomeng questioningly, then dawn dream also does not consider wash one’s hair to go up fear, stepping pace boldly, cross in the forest.

This forest, arboreous and lofty, very much arboreous Mu Xiaomeng had not looked. Also have a lot of bush, growing bacca of some of not famous of all kinds. Mu Xiaomeng well-advised discovered a few colourful dawdle below bush, nevertheless, know by common sense, these dawdle are poisonous.

Passed a little while, mu Xiaomeng discovered incorrect interest eventually, it is a forest, also ought not to so quiet? Lian Diao cries to be done not have! Awake from Mu Xiaomeng to now, had not heard any voice, besides oneself footstep.

Mu Xiaomeng’s heart begins systole, horror replaced doubt at a draught.




” Xia Xiangjiu is peaceful ” L/ writes S lavender, this chapter in all 1225 words, update at: 2016-11-05 16:06

After a few days, what all things prepare is about the same, yu Long’s different can have been aroused, waiting to will a kind of sweet grass only depend on rescue came.

“We all things are already ready, find only now a kind of sweet grass depend on the place that is shut. ” Qiu Cheng and everybody respecting.

“This thing need not worry, I make me old pa, employed the person with emperor familial cattail, will find the stay that feeling to nod me to believe to be able to have a news very quickly with all one’s strength. ” Ningxia says this word his mobile phone came with respect to the ring since the noise, say: “Circumstance how, “Circumstance how,,

“Favour, good, I knew. ” alleged hanged a phone, continue to say with everybody: “Dongguan of the city zone abandons an area, wrong way the 7th. Prepare to set out. ” everybody took the thing that has gotten ready to go. After everybody goes there, see the doorway has a lot of people to guarding, look wanting to go in is very difficult issue, ningxia is being drawn with literary work say oneself and Yu Long arrive from the back, let him guiding other people to arrive in front draw away their.

They gave before Qiu Cheng moves with the instant one unawares, they have a person to notify among them, “Master, somebody is attacked outside came in. How should we do, how should we do,,

“Go, we go out to look. ” they go to the outside, the person of that mask sees very much person has been hit, he lets the person from the back continue to atttack with finger brandish, oneself felt was decieved, walked into at once inside.

Ningxia and jade dragon they searched inside very long, found in a penetralia eventually a kind of sweet grass according to, they see a kind of sweet grass to lie on the bed according to dizzy all the time move, before they walk along a bed, making a kind of sweet grass according to, a kind of sweet grass according to heard someone calling her, she opened an eye, say infirmly: “Ningxia… elder brother, you… crack with teeth in mouth… you… how to come. You… crack with teeth in mouth… you… how to come..

“A kind of sweet grass according to, we will save you. ” Ningxia says to will a kind of sweet grass according to a kind of sweet grass according to held in the arms rise, but at that time that individual of mask came in, say: “Want so went, it is so easy to do not have. ” Ningxia will a kind of sweet grass according to gave Yu Long, let him leave first, oneself go be being hit with him, he wants to be able to atttack jade Long Hexun to depend on with different, but was barred by Ningxia however,come down. Ningxia knows he has not hit that individual, oneself can have mentioned different highest, but then the individual’s energy is so tall, how may he be him is right suffer, so he fastened his gold energy to be released, then the individual sees such respecting: “You are the five elements first what guard the person that do, gold fastens the person that guard. Gold fastens the person that guard..

“Be how. ” say Ningxia to see a kind of sweet grass according to had left, oneself use instantaneous shift to leave likewise, go helping Qiu Cheng, he says: “A kind of sweet grass according to had been rescued to come, cannot love war, we go. ” say to leave with respect to He Qiucheng, in the home wait quickly mad, they see Yu Long will a kind of sweet grass according to hold in the arms came back, everybody is exceedingly happy, put her the room, let her rest, taking care of her by Laosun.

Ningxia is same also came back, everybody sees Ningxia came, but Qiu Cheng is done not have however,come back, very strange, ningxia and they say before is Qiu Cheng had left, he does not want to disturb her to rest.

“I a moment ago went in look a kind of sweet grass according to, a kind of sweet grass according to say she does not have what problem, but I am felt pulse to her, discover she became medium a kind of poison, but she does not spread however. Do not know this is why. ” Mu Xi and everybody explain a kind of sweet grass the circumstance that depend on arrives.

“That you need not worry, she is done not have any thing. Some things are to should be mixed a kind of sweet grass depend on Hunan saying blueness. ” summerly father says.

“But, i… ” the idea that summerly father saw summerly mom says: “A kind of sweet grass according to should choose to want how to do, we should value her option, she had been brought up. Should have oneself idea. Should have oneself idea..

“Pa, mom, I do not worry about her body, can be her depressed disease is spent in having, I fear she knows th[……]


Wha佛山桑拿飞机网t is love of the 4th chapter?

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“Under the circumstances, cannot blame you, hate me to cannot defy a destiny only. Momently, get drunk in love river, who knows tragedy early oneself is destined. . . ” only music is broadcasting Wang Jie circularly in the mobile phone this ” Annie ” .

Mo Cheng sits beside desk, opening small cup desk lamp only, finger is placing a smoke, the aerosol that rises slowly and dizzy yellow lamplight blending. Night is late already, he is looking at the filar silk drizzle that the street lamp outside the window mirrors, knowing is abstracted, disconsolate still.

Yes, make the news that clear hair comes to towards evening, he did not reply.

He does not know how to should reply.

Big 3 when, he is the president of school literature company. Engineering course of such a manage school, join the fellow student of literary company, it is really putting pair of writing in the bosom in the heart love and persistent.

He still remembers, that is deep autumn afternoon, the sun already began fall on the west, the Yu Hui of orange red is aspersed on the desktop of mobile room through grille, infinite extend arrives house part. He sits in table a side, sit opposite, it is one grows the girl that gets comely quietly elegant, the smooth shop that perhaps is that tenderness is on her face, on the body, she in that way slightly low head, gentle and quiet and bashful soak was in in this dusk light. She is Xu Qing. This is literary company device is new, she is big in those days one.

Be like love of most university campus, xu Qingxin enjoys the article that Mo Cheng writes, shed drifting exquisite emotion in his style of writing infatuatedly, adore from what begin to learn to grow to this, become slowly like; Mo Cheng also is in in adding much communication with each passing day, be attracted by the clever, tender place of this girl. Very fast, in self-study room, in the dining room, outside boiled water room, in the library, the dormitory is downstair. . . Each places of campus can see the figure of their two individual accompany.

After putting a tax every weekend, xu Qing should go back in the home, weekday is met afternoon early return the school, total meeting brings the food of the daily life of a family that 9 mom cook newly midday with messtin, she says with mom is to bring the classmate that is the same as the dormitory to share, and actual it is to bring Mo Cheng, she likes the silent look that looks at dish of Mo Cheng is big big impediment. Mo Cheng is northeast person, xu Qing can change every time of the law bring all sorts of this side dish, before eating, should take an examination of first even take an examination of Mo Cheng, “Do you know what this is? ” ” turnip silk? ” ” ha, fool, this is wild rice stem! ” ” that this? ” ” the bran that bake! ” .

In the winter, xu Qing is afraid of cold, on the hand easy chilblain, meet every time, the handgrip that Mo Cheng can use him first makes clear both hands rub heat up. In those days, mo Cheng had begun professional class, but always can take out time more as far as possible everyday, accompany Xu Qing to study by oneself in scheduled time together, help class of her a few communal foundations.

But the thing that they did not tell themselves father and mother to Tan Lian loves all the time, two people are reasonable, campus love has too much variable really.

The first variable or true arrival.

Mo Cheng should graduate immediately, he grinds without choice take an examination ofing, think breakfast job accumulates experience however. Still hope he can continue to stay in campus very much in the heart that make Qing Dynasty. Mo Cheng says, had undergone test, just be love.

He sought a close from the school unit job. Class of every the world can hurry to the school, accompany Xu Qing to have dinner in the dining room, continue to accompany again study by oneself in scheduled time on Xu Qing, answered a dormitory till Xu Qing, just hurried back the abode that oneself hire. Day after day.

Eventually, went two years. Xu Qing graduated.

Xu Qing looked for as duty field new personality new domestic company works, be in the urban district, a little far from the school. Mo Cheng demit the work that just began stability, also traded the new unit in the urban district.

Two people rented a very little room together. Just enter two youths of the society, the pressure of real life comes over without what adumbrate. Every months of scanty income, want careful calculation and strict budgeting, the Xiaobenzi of the charge to an account before sleeping every night became[……]