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: of the 14th chapter? Does  of grave of instrument of  of  of  p广州水磨SPA水疗JFGrize  low?

” original meet by chance ” city of half world Chinese ink / , this chapter in all 2704 words, update at: 2017-03-26 08:07

“Thank your Xiaoning, you help me at the back with Xie Qing, I am met certainly of win victory in the first battle. ” Liu Xiaomei says, some are holding Jian Ning in the arms excitedly, resembling is celebrating ahead of schedule.

“Small beauty, I still have the job to want to do, you also go first busy, or the editor should say you again. ” the hand that Jianningsong opens Liu Xiaomei, forward one pace goes to oneself locally.

Liu Xiaomei hears Jian Ning’s word, nod to her, walk into editor office gladly subsequently.

Jian Ning opens the computer on desk, click the Baidu icon on the desktop, the name of person eminent top gem loses in searcher, press next affirmatory.

Not a little while, search page appeared Zhuo Hang’s name follows a photograph, he on the photograph is clean-fingered Yan Xiao, the appearance of one face gravity, she is pulling rat punctuation to enter his detailed introduction.

Jian Ning sees his introduction quickly, next a pair of incredible look, so these a few years he so outstanding, so outstanding!

Although he casts the major that issues his, abandon a law from business, also do not block the aureola of his oneself.

Be in these a few years, he stands firm quickly[……]


The 118th 广州桑拿夜网论坛HDFchapter

” very strange I love you only ” bend Chen W/ is written, this chapter in all 714 words, update at: 2017-05-29 21:32

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O广州夜网论坛BVF of the 106th chapter

” very strange I love you only ” bend Chen W/ is written, this chapter in all 714 words, update at: 2017-05-29 21:22

@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_^^-={_{_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-=@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<''; "" "&“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_@&&&&#[<[*;<[]]>~')&&#[<'';" "" &“*({}}^- | ^#\%=_##\%=_#$}^`#}}=^=%`#{%%#$+{%\_{-%__$%%{+$#^={_$#^-={_#^^-={_{_#^^-={_



The 13广州夜网SN论坛WKH7th chapter

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1033 words, update at: 2017-06-27 21:25

Mu Xiaomeng wants to ask why, but unluckily boreal does not give her opportunity and time.

He begins to kiss her.

This continous kisses inchoate time longly, it is very tender, but as Mu Xiaomeng defy, become overbearing insolent rises.

What does boreal get in the agog mouth that misses Cong Muxiao dream, he begins to sweep across, do not give Mu Xiaomeng the chance that any breathing.

Mu Xiaomeng feels lightheaded only, her labellum is given to be contained by boreal , his crude it is apparently very give her lane ached.

She is enraged so that exert all her strength with fist hammer is worn the chest of boreal , but boreal is,do not let off her.

Think in Mu Xiaomeng oneself are fast cut off the gas when, boreal unlocked her.

Breathing fresh oxygen again, can give a person the sense of a kind of renascence. Mu Xiaomeng’s brain is dizzy still dizzy, there is blush on cabinet cheek. Her look is blurred, because because,dizziness still is,knowing is in the heart confused.

The look that she sees northerly begins to become lax, she cries softly, “Boreal . . . ..

“I am in. “I am in..

Boreal entertains beloved[……]


The 111st ch广州桑拿夜网NGFapter

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1252 words, update at: 2017-05-03 20:20

Koma was carrying guitar on the back to be on scenic midpoint.

It is to play guitar so, what spy is fastened?

The stage issues the catcall that transmits, audience people do not think a guitar can bring a person the feeling with special what, can have how special music.

Instead is Mu Xiaomeng, slightly have sth in mind of narrow one’s eyes, a pair of satisfied appearance. Mu Xiaomeng begins to maintain in the heart, this man, very not simple.

The music of quietly elegant is poured out of from the finger tip of Koma, it is the sort of extremely soft tone, white of Koma a suit, appreciably slants long black hair obscured his frontal eminence, look of a pair of heavy eye does not leave the musical instrument in his hand.

The female below the stage is mad, music does not calculate very special, but give a person a kind of comfortable and satisfied sense however, give a person a kind of extremely gentle artistic concept.

Mu Xiaomeng observes many people closed an eye, silent listen respectfully is worn music, natural, also somebody is in below enclasp fist, one pair should make the appearance of the thing.

A chord, musical sound stops abruptly. Some girls a pair of meaning still unexhaus[……]


Fiftieth 9 chapters blow fre广州桑拿信息论坛KFDsh gale

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1000 words, update at: 2017-03-10 23:47

“Ease boat, this tree, is there the memory before us? ” Mu Xiaomeng looks at this tree, spoke oneself doubt. “This. . . ” Lin Yizhou scratchs his head, do not know to should tell the truth.

Look at Lin Yizhou desire the appearance that character stops again, what did Mu Xiaomeng remember suddenly. She remembered a girl, below the tree, still have a man, very tall man, did not see his face clear from beginning to end however, stand in her beside. The girl sits in tree edge, infatuate boundless and indistinct is full of in the eye. This girl, it is Mu Xiaomeng, just, mu Xiaomeng does not know who the man is, if she does not have a bad shot, this man, should have gotten along with her for a time time, just, mu Xiaomeng is written down not clear who is this man after all.

“I know, without, you cheat me! ” Mu Xiaomeng is a little grouchy turn overdo, lin Yizhou scratchs his head uneasily, hitting ha, “Dream, I go buying the flesh to eat to you! ” still be Lin Yizhou knows Mu Xiaomeng quite as expected, knowing those who eat to Mu Xiaomeng loves most is flesh of braise in soy sauce, differ Mu Xiaomeng agrees, lin Yizhou jumps again.

Look at Lin Yizhou far the sky with the back that go and this yellow ash, mu Xiaomeng has some of feel deeply ashamed, do not kn[……]



” Xia Xiangjiu is peaceful ” L/ writes S lavender, this chapter in all 1225 words, update at: 2016-11-05 16:06

After a few days, what all things prepare is about the same, yu Long’s different can have been aroused, waiting to will a kind of sweet grass only depend on rescue came.

“We all things are already ready, find only now a kind of sweet grass depend on the place that is shut. ” Qiu Cheng and everybody respecting.

“This thing need not worry, I make me old pa, employed the person with emperor familial cattail, will find the stay that feeling to nod me to believe to be able to have a news very quickly with all one’s strength. ” Ningxia says this word his mobile phone came with respect to the ring since the noise, say: “Circumstance how, “Circumstance how,,

“Favour, good, I knew. ” alleged hanged a phone, continue to say with everybody: “Dongguan of the city zone abandons an area, wrong way the 7th. Prepare to set out. ” everybody took the thing that has gotten ready to go. After everybody goes there, see the doorway has a lot of people to guarding, look wanting to go in is very difficult issue, ningxia is being drawn with literary work say oneself and Yu Long arrive from the back, let him guiding other people to arrive in front draw away their.

They gave before Qiu Cheng moves with the instant one unawares, they have a person to notify among them, “Master, s[……]


Wha佛山桑拿飞机网t is love of the 4th chapter?

” not the world of sign one’s name ” wooden cobble / , this chapter in all 3626 words, update at: 2017-06-17 12:44

“Under the circumstances, cannot blame you, hate me to cannot defy a destiny only. Momently, get drunk in love river, who knows tragedy early oneself is destined. . . ” only music is broadcasting Wang Jie circularly in the mobile phone this ” Annie ” .

Mo Cheng sits beside desk, opening small cup desk lamp only, finger is placing a smoke, the aerosol that rises slowly and dizzy yellow lamplight blending. Night is late already, he is looking at the filar silk drizzle that the street lamp outside the window mirrors, knowing is abstracted, disconsolate still.

Yes, make the news that clear hair comes to towards evening, he did not reply.

He does not know how to should reply.

Big 3 when, he is the president of school literature company. Engineering course of such a manage school, join the fellow student of literary company, it is really putting pair of writing in the bosom in the heart love and persistent.

He still remembers, that is deep autumn afternoon, the sun already began fall on the west, the Yu Hui of orange red is aspersed on the desktop of mobile room through grille, infinite extend arrives house part. He sits in table a side, sit opposite, it is one grows the girl that gets comely quietly elegant, the smooth shop that perhap[……]


If 56 hearts feel grey佛山桑拿夜生活论坛ly to death

” junior at that time classics year do not encounter ” summerly Jin / , this chapter in all 1275 words, update at: 2016-09-09 19:42

Zhao Miao is obtaining medical record this face about leaves, what to remember suddenly, retrace goes enjoining with the nurse: “Arrange be in hospital to the patient, make the inspection of whole side. Make the inspection of whole side..

The nurse nods answered, let Wei Ran do procedure of be in hospital junior ward, arrange an examination.

Did procedure of be in hospital, wei Ran phones piece of elder brother’s wife, let her take a few Chu Yin’s dresses to come to a hospital. Receive what Yan Yi ** hits to be in about be being accompanied all the time after the phone her bedside, the hand that holding her is stuck on him face, good-looking eyebrow is pursy, resemble how also be being wiped rough like.

“Family member, the body that this is a patient checks a report, big question of patient that’s all right, it is normal physiology reaction. Do not need be in hospital, can deal with leave hospital formalities. Can deal with leave hospital formalities..

The nurse is taking inspection report to open the door, go hand before Wei Ran he checks a report, demolishing the instrument of ward aside subsequently. Wei Ran had taken a report to look carefully, as if sheet of that piece of report is the of on 100 million contract that will s[……]



” the president’s samite ” the shooting star that night sky waves / , this chapter in all 778 words, update at: 2017-05-30 22:32

Actually, small strong and pervasive fragrance thanks everybody to kiss very much, some are close perhaps, never be in comment area; Perhaps, also had stopped in comment area in person. But after all, small strong and pervasive fragrance is thanked very much, everybody is accompanied in person.

” beautiful ” collect a quantity to also be in slowly increase. Perhaps, a little close also, did not collect, just paying close attention to silently in person. Without giving thought to how, anyhow, small strong and pervasive fragrance is the support that should appreciate everybody to kiss.

Between two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two novel, everybody can nod small strong and pervasive fragrance in person ” the president’s samite ” , look patiently, small strong and pervasive fragrance believes, it is everybody kisses the lot with small strong and pervasive fragrance here, between countless work, chose to stop in person ” beautiful ” , it is to kiss the lot with small strong and pervasive fragrance.

Small strong and pervasive fragrance also can change the support with close everybody to be motivation, hard more civil, strive for, make everybody close also can see, of small strong and pervasive fr[……]