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The 86th chapter, the affection with ceaseless behe广州夜网论坛JFDad silk

” tear of China die young ” Hua Jin announce / , this chapter in all 2637 words, update at: 2014-12-10 18:34

Palace of heart strong and pervasive fragrance.

Night is deep, gauze curtain hang down loosely is worn, cold look wears Lian Weiyu the person of bedside, there is alignment of force of a powerful spirit to sleep in the hand the top of the skull of ripe Qin Zhiming.

Qin Zhiming turns over suddenly, holding her in the arms closely, crural annulus is on her body, foolish foolish is asleep, it is eyebrow horn only slightly pursy, mandibular joint is being bitten closely, conceal at the fingernail in the quilt sharp like the knife, mix a move purple spirit force.

Lian Weiyu receives return a blow rapidly, there is a fluster in the eye, wind rises and fall errant.

At this moment sound of the xiao outside the window blast, she listens to come out is the music forgetting worry of nocturnal China, but she cannot fall asleep however now, put away the quilt gently, put on a shoe to come to the front of the window, hair silk reached one ground, round of full moon is hanged in sky tonight, filar silk brightness is hit in night on China body, moon is enveloping him like gauze, slowly, lian Weiyu remembered today the gentleman in drive study so mark, feel the pit of the stomach aches suddenly, ache almost asphyxially.

Daily morning.



7. spends ty佛山桑拿飞机网pe beautiful conjugal love

” the person is like callosity to already was become ” empty city cold die young / , this chapter in all 3053 words, update at: 2017-01-19 20:02

Good time always does not grow, fleeting, this day is in Xie Xichen and easy ooze heart were spent when two people are happy.

If foliaceous cherish is really then sleep who don’t have, the day has turned when waiting for her to awake, if foliaceous cherish hit a yawn, rub an eye, after washing gargle to be over, went down, this still is inferior to no less than buildings, was over, by cruel.

Easy ooze heart is chewing a thing to hitting yawn, continuously complains, “It is you, if it were not for accompanies you to play game in the evening, can I sleep so late? Result, I your cruel kneel down continuously. ” the pride that saying one face.

“You seem to said to turn over! Do you break ~ recalled? ” Xie Xichen carries eyebrow to look at her, cut, easy ooze heart became white he is one. “Some moment, this person also cannot too honest, offend easily come a fatal disaster! ~ “

She takes a biscuit angrily to be put into recently, xie Xichen rises beside crossed a table to sit in her, bite into the biscuit in her mouth, laugh of evil of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease.

Haw, the face of easy ooze heart immediately red, slightly low first, pushed him, “It is cheap that you know to occupy[……]