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If 56 hearts feel grey佛山桑拿夜生活论坛ly to death

” junior at that time classics year do not encounter ” summerly Jin / , this chapter in all 1275 words, update at: 2016-09-09 19:42

Zhao Miao is obtaining medical record this face about leaves, what to remember suddenly, retrace goes enjoining with the nurse: “Arrange be in hospital to the patient, make the inspection of whole side. Make the inspection of whole side..

The nurse nods answered, let Wei Ran do procedure of be in hospital junior ward, arrange an examination.

Did procedure of be in hospital, wei Ran phones piece of elder brother’s wife, let her take a few Chu Yin’s dresses to come to a hospital. Receive what Yan Yi ** hits to be in about be being accompanied all the time after the phone her bedside, the hand that holding her is stuck on him face, good-looking eyebrow is pursy, resemble how also be being wiped rough like.

“Family member, the body that this is a patient checks a report, big question of patient that’s all right, it is normal physiology reaction. Do not need be in hospital, can deal with leave hospital formalities. Can deal with leave hospital formalities..

The nurse is taking inspection report to open the door, go hand before Wei Ran he checks a report, demolishing the instrument of ward aside subsequently. Wei Ran had taken a report to look carefully, as if sheet of that piece of report is the of on 100 million contract that will sign namely. Can be the sort of careful look, even if never also had seen when the contract of on the autograph 100 million.

See finally, wei Ran’s hand quivers slightly, eye also glare is gotten perfectly round. Who to hold the post of to look, can be affected by his present appearance, happy laugh rises. He should cannot help crying almost, want to hold Chu Yin in the arms very much rise turn circle. But was asleep because of Chu Yin, he even not dare cachinnate comes out.

“Chu Yin, , we, we have the child! ! ! I should become father, this is true, nurse, the inspection report that this is my wife is right, is she pregnant really? ? ? ??

The nurse sees be used to because had the child’s happy husband and wife, still was affected by Wei Ran’s laugh however, some ripple in the heart, this man, laugh really good-looking…

“Yes, your wife is pregnant 3 weeks, because be the first embryo, want very attention, be similar to a journey, climbed be not done as far as possible after the thing of this kind of overworked. Patient body great void lost, cannot bear too big carry momentum, and her constitution is not very good, before 3 months must notice! Abortive possibility does not calculate small, must notice! Must notice!!

Wei Ran resembles a child excitedly, nod state oneself know. Sit in bedside enclasp Ji Chuyin’s hand, put in the kiss side the lip. His wife, really too make him surprizing, he even, what do not know to should say heart of what ability be pacified is excited. Until did procedure of be in hospital, taking Chu Yin to return the home, his ability is quite calm and calm and at ease speak this word. Also be so before on board, drilled a lot of alling over that what just accomplish.

Ji Chuyin wakes to discover he is in the car, side head sees the Wei Ran on driver’s seat, hit a yawn to ask questioningly.

“Wei Ran? Do we want to go? Not bivouac, they? They??

Wei Ran sees the head that she kneads after she woke, how doesn’t the smile of labial horn also close. Think those who holding her firm firm in the arms is close very much, let her experience him there is many in the heart now happy, much more excited. But consider she is broken,recalled, be born forcedly unripe kept back, bestow favor on the kneads her hair of be addicted to only.

“We are coming home, they also return him home. They also return him home..

“Come home? “Come home??

“Yes, they are waiting for pa Mom we. They are waiting for pa Mom we..

“Either, pa Mom? Your pa Mom? And what makes wait for us? Should I also go to your home? Should I also go to your home??

Wei Ran parks the car in roadside, flameout hind admits to look at Ji Chuyin really, expression is unprecedented gravity, ji Chuyin has some of hair seized with terror, decide surely look at him, eye ground is being taken guard against.

“Ji Chuyin, I follow what you had said, we are husband and wife. Not be my pa Mom, it is our pa Mom, we want to go now, not be the home of my person, also be your home! Was clear about what I explain quite, should understand a point again? Should understand a point again??

The minatory implication in Wei Ran mood is too clear, ji Chuyin touchs corners of the mouth, dare not accost. Wei Ran expression is changeless, draw out a piece of paper to hand from the bosom Ji Chuyin, launch a car subsequently, go in past home.

Ji Chuyin receives Guo Weiran to give the paper that come, after be being hit, swept be stupefied, because the eye is astonished open perfectly roundly. Wei Ran looks at her expression secretly, labial horn ticks off the radian that rise to want root of get at ear almost. Unprecedented satisfaction is in the heart, with joy.

“This… how likely, i… I… “

Ji Chuyin looks at the clear letter on inspection report, kind of heart is like the feeling of dead ash, was stupefied after quite a while, covering suddenly the face cried.


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