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Wha佛山桑拿飞机网t is love of the 4th chapter?

” not the world of sign one’s name ” wooden cobble / , this chapter in all 3626 words, update at: 2017-06-17 12:44

“Under the circumstances, cannot blame you, hate me to cannot defy a destiny only. Momently, get drunk in love river, who knows tragedy early oneself is destined. . . ” only music is broadcasting Wang Jie circularly in the mobile phone this ” Annie ” .

Mo Cheng sits beside desk, opening small cup desk lamp only, finger is placing a smoke, the aerosol that rises slowly and dizzy yellow lamplight blending. Night is late already, he is looking at the filar silk drizzle that the street lamp outside the window mirrors, knowing is abstracted, disconsolate still.

Yes, make the news that clear hair comes to towards evening, he did not reply.

He does not know how to should reply.

Big 3 when, he is the president of school literature company. Engineering course of such a manage school, join the fellow student of literary company, it is really putting pair of writing in the bosom in the heart love and persistent.

He still remembers, that is deep autumn afternoon, the sun already began fall on the west, the Yu Hui of orange red is aspersed on the desktop of mobile room through grille, infinite extend arrives house part. He sits in table a side, sit opposite, it is one grows the girl that gets comely quietly elegant, the smooth shop that perhaps is that tenderness is on her face, on the body, she in that way slightly low head, gentle and quiet and bashful soak was in in this dusk light. She is Xu Qing. This is literary company device is new, she is big in those days one.

Be like love of most university campus, xu Qingxin enjoys the article that Mo Cheng writes, shed drifting exquisite emotion in his style of writing infatuatedly, adore from what begin to learn to grow to this, become slowly like; Mo Cheng also is in in adding much communication with each passing day, be attracted by the clever, tender place of this girl. Very fast, in self-study room, in the dining room, outside boiled water room, in the library, the dormitory is downstair. . . Each places of campus can see the figure of their two individual accompany.

After putting a tax every weekend, xu Qing should go back in the home, weekday is met afternoon early return the school, total meeting brings the food of the daily life of a family that 9 mom cook newly midday with messtin, she says with mom is to bring the classmate that is the same as the dormitory to share, and actual it is to bring Mo Cheng, she likes the silent look that looks at dish of Mo Cheng is big big impediment. Mo Cheng is northeast person, xu Qing can change every time of the law bring all sorts of this side dish, before eating, should take an examination of first even take an examination of Mo Cheng, “Do you know what this is? ” ” turnip silk? ” ” ha, fool, this is wild rice stem! ” ” that this? ” ” the bran that bake! ” .

In the winter, xu Qing is afraid of cold, on the hand easy chilblain, meet every time, the handgrip that Mo Cheng can use him first makes clear both hands rub heat up. In those days, mo Cheng had begun professional class, but always can take out time more as far as possible everyday, accompany Xu Qing to study by oneself in scheduled time together, help class of her a few communal foundations.

But the thing that they did not tell themselves father and mother to Tan Lian loves all the time, two people are reasonable, campus love has too much variable really.

The first variable or true arrival.

Mo Cheng should graduate immediately, he grinds without choice take an examination ofing, think breakfast job accumulates experience however. Still hope he can continue to stay in campus very much in the heart that make Qing Dynasty. Mo Cheng says, had undergone test, just be love.

He sought a close from the school unit job. Class of every the world can hurry to the school, accompany Xu Qing to have dinner in the dining room, continue to accompany again study by oneself in scheduled time on Xu Qing, answered a dormitory till Xu Qing, just hurried back the abode that oneself hire. Day after day.

Eventually, went two years. Xu Qing graduated.

Xu Qing looked for as duty field new personality new domestic company works, be in the urban district, a little far from the school. Mo Cheng demit the work that just began stability, also traded the new unit in the urban district.

Two people rented a very little room together. Just enter two youths of the society, the pressure of real life comes over without what adumbrate. Every months of scanty income, want careful calculation and strict budgeting, the Xiaobenzi of the charge to an account before sleeping every night became two the individual’s fun. Go together supermarket, food market, burn dish to cook together. Enjoying fireworks to enrage dye-in-the-wood love.

In the life, mo Cheng more those who learned pair of Xu Qing is considerate take care of, as if this world has two their people only. The go round and round on the job, he was used to himself to turn dull of the dull on automation line into the machine slowly.

Xu Qing’s job becomes very quickly multifarious and trifling, want to handle the issue outside a lot of major. Begin to become busier and busier, work overtime, be away on official business. And those who make her gratified is, work overtime to again late can Mo Cheng receives her, be away on official business those who have Mo Cheng is meet to wait in again tired home.

The day is spent like running water. The job and life became normal state, without trifling billows.

Slowly, how does the group that listens to Xu Qing to tell her company every time finish law case beautifully, affection of the originality of the boss that agitato is her, ability commend, not beginning in city heart is not flavor.

Slowly, xu Qing also wishs to listen attentively to Mo Cheng no longer to him those design a project how willfully make a trouble, all kinds of people how dull dispute over trifles complain.

Slowly, in this room, lost laugh, also lost din.

Love is so old, two family are urging marry, mo Cheng’s parents also is helping preparative house.

But two people, it seems that, do not know this how to transfer alive from real 2 life certificate of that one paper.

A year ago on June 12, sunday. Mo Cheng 30 years old of birthday.

Mo Cheng already had planned to mix originally the item that makes Qing Dynasty one day.

The employer that permits clear early in the morning makes a telephone call, want to hurry to a company to work overtime.

Midday 11:30, mo Cheng receives small letter information of Xu Qing: “I am sorry, I am driven midday did not come back, otherwise do we have dinner together? Otherwise do we have dinner together??

Mo Cheng changes the lunch that has booked into dinner.

All afternoon, mo Cheng returns in what await Xu Qing. Small letter, did not reply. Made a telephone call a few times, nobody are received listen.

Late 6:30, the dinner that book cancels.

Late 7:30, mo Cheng sent a message again: “Rained heavily outside, when do you come off work probably? When do you come off work probably??

After ten minutes, got a response eventually: “Fast, estimation is OK 8:30 knock off. Estimation is OK 8:30 knock off..

This one message lets Mo Cheng as if feel new had a whole world.

“Then I receive you! Below the street lamp that still is in at the door your building on. Below the street lamp that still is in at the door your building on..

“Good. “Good..

Mo Cheng changes good clothes immediately, carry umbrella, developed a door.

When there are two people only on the world, most dread affection, lose your information namely.

On the bus person of very few number, mo Cheng relies on a window to sitting, imprint through a path quickness the light that the pluvial mark below sees little faintness flow backwards, a few somes of warm meaning emerged unexpectedly in the heart. To him, this day await too endless really.

Late 8:15, mo Cheng stands below that street lamp that has not been familiar with again. His easy tone, not was late, if make Qing Dynasty come out ahead of schedule, face this chilly cold dirty night is street, also won’t feel helpless.

Late 8:27, mo Cheng dialed a mobile telephone: “Did preparation come out? ” ” hum, clear away one discontinue to go up to come out! Clear away one discontinue to go up to come out!!

Some are suddenly excited in Mo Cheng heart, asing if is the feeling of the many be passionately in love year ago. His bottom of a trouser leg, shoulder is hit by rainwater already wet, but he already oversight this trashy in harships umbrella, the look never has leave on the gate of office building, because over there will appear at any time Xu Qing’s form.

Computative time not relapses in city head, arrange thing dichotomy bell, walk out of the office, wait lift, leave a floor 3 minutes by elevator. . . Had not come out? Arrange thing dichotomy bell, went closet 5 minutes, walk out of the office, wait lift, leave a floor 3 minutes by elevator. . . Clang! Abrupt, the car that a facing has sailed tantivy has pressed seeper, callous slush trousers jacket of Mo Cheng. He has turned first, of indifferently saw that far the car that go, had turned again the head continues to look to office building gate.

Late 8:45, mo Cheng dialed a mobile telephone again, nobody are received listen.

He umbrella get out of the way, raise a head, wrap up is in the street lamp in rainband, bright all the more, and this makes again brightly everything what meet with all the more inky. He never has had felt such despair and loneliness.

Do not know how, not begin in city mouth hum rise: “. . . All sorts of empty, leng Leng is cold, blow blow the dream in storm, the heart in the past, like fire glowing, already changed to freeze today. . . ” he feels the world is in that way quiet, only this song is in relapsing hover.

Had not known how long, the mobile phone rang, late 9:24, it is Xu Qing. “Mo Cheng, feel embarrassed, I just saw I am phoned before you, are you still in downstair? I came out immediately now. I came out immediately now..

“Oh. ” Mo Cheng hang up phone, low first, the seeper by the side of Ma Lou already very deep, want to did not arrive on footpath immediately.

“Mo Cheng! “Mo Cheng!!

Mo Cheng raises a head, xu Qing is on.

Mo Cheng goes by, arrived to make Qing Dynasty before the body, maintain the umbrella, “Go. “Go..

Two people are going, fall in the umbrella side-by-side. A small umbrella opened the world, mo Cheng and Xu Qing, leave so nearly, and appear however so far.

“How does rain fall so greatly? ! I do not know in the office. . . You how is the whole body wet? . . . Stand in roadside all the time? You say you also do not look for a convenience inn or cafes hides, I come out to meet those who tell you. . . A client came suddenly today, the person of entire company comes over to work overtime, attended a meeting one day, defend finally fortunately always do decided, this law case is taken! . . . ..

Mo Cheng did not talk, the footstep did not stop, look at ahead all the time.

“Haw. . . Had wanted to come out originally before me, can be when going out immediately, be defended again always make talk about a thing, the result was delayed. . . ..

“Had not you wanted to make a telephone call or send a message to tell me? ” Mo Cheng started to talk eventually.

This is to make clear expect can be heard and be afraid of heard blame, but the mood that she did not think of Mo Cheng is such insipid.

Xu Qing also did not talk again, the footstep did not stop, look at ahead all the time.

On the bus, silent, the air that lets whole railroad car is caky.

Return the home, mo Cheng did not open headlight, turned on the desk lamp of the head of a bed however.

That is the light that once let two people feel the sweetest.

Xu Qing sits in bedside, mo Cheng sits on sofa. Quite a while, become silent.

“Are you angry? ” Xu Qingxian starts to talk.

“Without. “Without..

“Birthday joy. “Birthday joy..

“Thank. “Thank..

. . . . . .

“Mo Cheng, I know you are for me everyday. . . But. . . You? Present are you still you really? Present are you still you really??

Mo Cheng, did not talk. Oneself also are asking in his heart: What Xu Qing says is right. Am I still me? I tell myself all the time, those who had undergone test, just be love. But to can bear test, caress Xu Qing, there is her only it seems that in my world a person, oneself disappeared however. . . Is this to make those who want clear? Is this oneself those who want? Is this love? . . .

Xu Qing also does not know what to should say, be like the word that there is a lot of in the heart, that is this a few years day-to-day accumulate. Say not to come out however. Because she is adv unimaginably also, also or it is to cannot be accepted, these words are not him thinkable when the university more.

“That. . . ” what should Xu Qinggang say.

“Part company. ” of Mo Cheng is low head light tone say. However lacerate air.

“What do you say. . . ” sound appreciably of Xu Qing is asp.

Mo Cheng raises a head to look at Xu Qing, xu Qing also is in look at him. She is biting her lip, eye socket extensive is red, tear is in the eye revolve.

Mo Cheng feels the heart is very painful, he wants to conceive Xu Qing invade at the moment very much in. He loves Xu Qing, perhaps say, xu Qing is already chronic those who made his world is all. But, at the moment, he is very clear already know, present Xu Qing does not want him. He auxes would rather go should speaking that individual that part company, become a person that abandon, a betrayer, come to those who assume all ashamed regret and external world censure by him.

“Xu Qing, we ended. We ended..

This happens in the story of a birthday namely.

That one evening, what Xu Qing did not imagine like oneself is flimsy in that way, she experiences the adamancy when she faces sentiment for the first time.

That one evening, mo Cheng’s accident also discovery, oneself are OK in that way indifferently, once if some day loses Xu Qing,he has imagined what kind of anguish, the meeting is acedia, but, so his world does not have collapse, destruction.

After 3 days, xu Qing is very fast in an alley near the company, leased an old building, move from.

One week later, before Mo Cheng also was moved, buy that still does not have there’s still time what decorate afresh is secondhand room.


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