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” Xia Xiangjiu is peaceful ” L/ writes S lavender, this chapter in all 1225 words, update at: 2016-11-05 16:06

After a few days, what all things prepare is about the same, yu Long’s different can have been aroused, waiting to will a kind of sweet grass only depend on rescue came.

“We all things are already ready, find only now a kind of sweet grass depend on the place that is shut. ” Qiu Cheng and everybody respecting.

“This thing need not worry, I make me old pa, employed the person with emperor familial cattail, will find the stay that feeling to nod me to believe to be able to have a news very quickly with all one’s strength. ” Ningxia says this word his mobile phone came with respect to the ring since the noise, say: “Circumstance how, “Circumstance how,,

“Favour, good, I knew. ” alleged hanged a phone, continue to say with everybody: “Dongguan of the city zone abandons an area, wrong way the 7th. Prepare to set out. ” everybody took the thing that has gotten ready to go. After everybody goes there, see the doorway has a lot of people to guarding, look wanting to go in is very difficult issue, ningxia is being drawn with literary work say oneself and Yu Long arrive from the back, let him guiding other people to arrive in front draw away their.

They gave before Qiu Cheng moves with the instant one unawares, they have a person to notify among them, “Master, somebody is attacked outside came in. How should we do, how should we do,,

“Go, we go out to look. ” they go to the outside, the person of that mask sees very much person has been hit, he lets the person from the back continue to atttack with finger brandish, oneself felt was decieved, walked into at once inside.

Ningxia and jade dragon they searched inside very long, found in a penetralia eventually a kind of sweet grass according to, they see a kind of sweet grass to lie on the bed according to dizzy all the time move, before they walk along a bed, making a kind of sweet grass according to, a kind of sweet grass according to heard someone calling her, she opened an eye, say infirmly: “Ningxia… elder brother, you… crack with teeth in mouth… you… how to come. You… crack with teeth in mouth… you… how to come..

“A kind of sweet grass according to, we will save you. ” Ningxia says to will a kind of sweet grass according to a kind of sweet grass according to held in the arms rise, but at that time that individual of mask came in, say: “Want so went, it is so easy to do not have. ” Ningxia will a kind of sweet grass according to gave Yu Long, let him leave first, oneself go be being hit with him, he wants to be able to atttack jade Long Hexun to depend on with different, but was barred by Ningxia however,come down. Ningxia knows he has not hit that individual, oneself can have mentioned different highest, but then the individual’s energy is so tall, how may he be him is right suffer, so he fastened his gold energy to be released, then the individual sees such respecting: “You are the five elements first what guard the person that do, gold fastens the person that guard. Gold fastens the person that guard..

“Be how. ” say Ningxia to see a kind of sweet grass according to had left, oneself use instantaneous shift to leave likewise, go helping Qiu Cheng, he says: “A kind of sweet grass according to had been rescued to come, cannot love war, we go. ” say to leave with respect to He Qiucheng, in the home wait quickly mad, they see Yu Long will a kind of sweet grass according to hold in the arms came back, everybody is exceedingly happy, put her the room, let her rest, taking care of her by Laosun.

Ningxia is same also came back, everybody sees Ningxia came, but Qiu Cheng is done not have however,come back, very strange, ningxia and they say before is Qiu Cheng had left, he does not want to disturb her to rest.

“I a moment ago went in look a kind of sweet grass according to, a kind of sweet grass according to say she does not have what problem, but I am felt pulse to her, discover she became medium a kind of poison, but she does not spread however. Do not know this is why. ” Mu Xi and everybody explain a kind of sweet grass the circumstance that depend on arrives.

“That you need not worry, she is done not have any thing. Some things are to should be mixed a kind of sweet grass depend on Hunan saying blueness. ” summerly father says.

“But, i… ” the idea that summerly father saw summerly mom says: “A kind of sweet grass according to should choose to want how to do, we should value her option, she had been brought up. Should have oneself idea. Should have oneself idea..

“Pa, mom, I do not worry about her body, can be her depressed disease is spent in having, I fear she knows this thing can do the thing that what our expect is less than. ” Yu Long says, actually everybody does not know this thing, jing they.

“What do you say? How likely? Is she well? How can you have depressed disease? ” Ningxia enrages respecting with the mouth that does not believe.


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