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Fiftieth 9 chapters blow fre广州桑拿信息论坛KFDsh gale

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1000 words, update at: 2017-03-10 23:47

“Ease boat, this tree, is there the memory before us? ” Mu Xiaomeng looks at this tree, spoke oneself doubt. “This. . . ” Lin Yizhou scratchs his head, do not know to should tell the truth.

Look at Lin Yizhou desire the appearance that character stops again, what did Mu Xiaomeng remember suddenly. She remembered a girl, below the tree, still have a man, very tall man, did not see his face clear from beginning to end however, stand in her beside. The girl sits in tree edge, infatuate boundless and indistinct is full of in the eye. This girl, it is Mu Xiaomeng, just, mu Xiaomeng does not know who the man is, if she does not have a bad shot, this man, should have gotten along with her for a time time, just, mu Xiaomeng is written down not clear who is this man after all.

“I know, without, you cheat me! ” Mu Xiaomeng is a little grouchy turn overdo, lin Yizhou scratchs his head uneasily, hitting ha, “Dream, I go buying the flesh to eat to you! ” still be Lin Yizhou knows Mu Xiaomeng quite as expected, knowing those who eat to Mu Xiaomeng loves most is flesh of braise in soy sauce, differ Mu Xiaomeng agrees, lin Yizhou jumps again.

Look at Lin Yizhou far the sky with the back that go and this yellow ash, mu Xiaomeng has some of feel deeply ashamed, do not know Lin Yizhou really this fellow is intended, passed a little while to be able to rain again! !

Just as one would expect, had done not have a little while, begin to blow fresh gale, mu Xiaomeng’s skirt is flying in wind, expose his body already. Nevertheless Mu Xiaomeng also does not have a canal, anyway also nobody, stand up instead, in devoting into Yu Feng.

Wind is very big, without flying sand, only on the side exclusive a tree is in shake off every piece leaf.

Wind is blown go up in the body, a little comfortable still, the corners of the mouth of dawn dream is hanging wash one’s hair to be like have seem the smiling expression that not have. But, finish one second, wind begins to be blown even more big, mu Xiaomeng does not open an eye almost, at the moment dim, a blank in the head. Fierce wind still is in howl, just, mu Xiaomeng can be heard, do not experience wind however.

Awake again to Mu Xiaomeng when, the sky begins to clear, lie down of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair is on the meadow. The sunshine of golden color very dazzling, mu Xiaomeng is blocked with the hand it is before, propping up sit up body to come with another hand, this ability discovers incorrect interest.

Here, although still have big big lawn, but having a tree not merely however, and seat of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair, it is a forest, the forest of green of a green scallion.

Of cruel firm of Mu Xiaomeng quivered, mu Xiaomeng can do not have what good impression to the forest.

Everywhere annulus looks, mu Xiaomeng decides he is body part forest. Mu Xiaomeng stands up, helping a tree up, some suspect this is ease boat lane, it is oneself went first, wait for her next messy in wind, take her here again finally, what be to want to look to her?

In the heart that held Mu Xiaomeng questioningly, then dawn dream also does not consider wash one’s hair to go up fear, stepping pace boldly, cross in the forest.

This forest, arboreous and lofty, very much arboreous Mu Xiaomeng had not looked. Also have a lot of bush, growing bacca of some of not famous of all kinds. Mu Xiaomeng well-advised discovered a few colourful dawdle below bush, nevertheless, know by common sense, these dawdle are poisonous.

Passed a little while, mu Xiaomeng discovered incorrect interest eventually, it is a forest, also ought not to so quiet? Lian Diao cries to be done not have! Awake from Mu Xiaomeng to now, had not heard any voice, besides oneself footstep.

Mu Xiaomeng’s heart begins systole, horror replaced doubt at a draught.


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