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” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1252 words, update at: 2017-05-03 20:20

Koma was carrying guitar on the back to be on scenic midpoint.

It is to play guitar so, what spy is fastened?

The stage issues the catcall that transmits, audience people do not think a guitar can bring a person the feeling with special what, can have how special music.

Instead is Mu Xiaomeng, slightly have sth in mind of narrow one’s eyes, a pair of satisfied appearance. Mu Xiaomeng begins to maintain in the heart, this man, very not simple.

The music of quietly elegant is poured out of from the finger tip of Koma, it is the sort of extremely soft tone, white of Koma a suit, appreciably slants long black hair obscured his frontal eminence, look of a pair of heavy eye does not leave the musical instrument in his hand.

The female below the stage is mad, music does not calculate very special, but give a person a kind of comfortable and satisfied sense however, give a person a kind of extremely gentle artistic concept.

Mu Xiaomeng observes many people closed an eye, silent listen respectfully is worn music, natural, also somebody is in below enclasp fist, one pair should make the appearance of the thing.

A chord, musical sound stops abruptly. Some girls a pair of meaning still unexhausted appearance, of some sharp-eyed, had rushed forward. The speed of Koma is faster. But still be given to surround by that group of girls however.

“Koma, I am your faithful vermicelli made from bean starch, can you combine a film with me? Can you combine a film with me??

“Can you sign to me renown? Thank! Thank!!

“Koma, do not listen to them to blow, still feel you are no good before them coming. . . ..

Be surrounded in the Koma among the schoolgirl slightly frown, this group female, be bored!

But be ticked off however before the girl,had corners of the mouth, dump of face of a piece of person or event associated with evil or misfortune all living creatures. The organ of Koma is full of magnetism, sound of special sand blown by wind, “Feel embarrassed, I made an appointment with a person today, be afraid had not enough time. Be afraid had not enough time..

“Koma~~ “

Girl people the instant is mad, can be helpless the someone said so, loving others to also cannot be pestered too much. Be forced get out of the way road, answered a seat angrily.

Bar, of need is soft music not merely, need more, it is enthusiastic.

So, the melody of Koma ends, rock-and-roll rang on the horse.

Most the rock-and-roll of common, in addiction night unluckily so insanity letting a person.

Mu Xiaomeng helplessly looked at Koma to upstairs be moved toward, raise of corners of the mouth, stand up, also collapsing pace was on a building.

Got on a building, between the bag a lot of.

Only one differs. This is in of corridor most at, and with other the door between the bag is lain between so that leave quite.

Mu Xiaomeng stands before the door, have a bit worry.

Also do not know this one is. If be, that says fortunately; If not be,can be, is that not awkward? ! Here is bar, even if be in addiction night, bar the place of this kind of good and evil people mixed up, what person is done not have? What thing cannot happen? Besides, now with respect to Mu Xiaomeng a person, boreal is absent, in case gave what thing how to do, she can have married! !

Hesitated for ages in the doorway, mu Xiaomeng did not knock after all.

Just, very artful is, him door opened.

Say exactly, koma opened the door.

Open the door, seeing is Mu Xiaomeng. Koma slightly pursy brows. Mu Xiaomeng is one face bright the appearance that is like a flower.

“Hi~ hello, we met again. ” Mu Xiaomeng is very enthusiastic making call with Koma.

Koma casts aside twitch one’s mouth, ignore Mu Xiaomeng, also did not close, went in again directly.

Cut, what Gao Leng to install? !

Mu Xiaomeng distains the ground is cold hum, if it were not for because bang up the family’s musical instrument, she just is not willing to go so compensate is worn smiling face. Though Koma says need not her compensate, but, is Mu Xiaomeng also the person that the sort of love gains extra advantage by unfair means? !

After all the person has husband now, have money ~~

Went in, mu Xiaomeng this ability plaints inside capacious.

Inside house very capacious, can compares downstair dance pool.

Each corner in the room is filled up with musical instrument. Mu Xiaomeng dials the string that used harp curiously, soft tone is poured out of from finger tip. Mu Xiaomeng is blinking bizarre joyance in eye eye.

Koma sits in aside, look at the woman of this have an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities’ wanton musical instrument that using oneself, cold sound starts to talk, “Did I allow you to touch? “Did I allow you to touch??

Mu Xiaomeng casts aside twitch one’s mouth.

Do not touch do not touch! !

Finish one second, mu Xiaomeng raises a head, the look decides case to be on Koma face, very serious say


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