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The 13广州夜网SN论坛WKH7th chapter

” princess of diabolical president spirit ” fall month of Mu Zi / , this chapter in all 1033 words, update at: 2017-06-27 21:25

Mu Xiaomeng wants to ask why, but unluckily boreal does not give her opportunity and time.

He begins to kiss her.

This continous kisses inchoate time longly, it is very tender, but as Mu Xiaomeng defy, become overbearing insolent rises.

What does boreal get in the agog mouth that misses Cong Muxiao dream, he begins to sweep across, do not give Mu Xiaomeng the chance that any breathing.

Mu Xiaomeng feels lightheaded only, her labellum is given to be contained by boreal , his crude it is apparently very give her lane ached.

She is enraged so that exert all her strength with fist hammer is worn the chest of boreal , but boreal is,do not let off her.

Think in Mu Xiaomeng oneself are fast cut off the gas when, boreal unlocked her.

Breathing fresh oxygen again, can give a person the sense of a kind of renascence. Mu Xiaomeng’s brain is dizzy still dizzy, there is blush on cabinet cheek. Her look is blurred, because because,dizziness still is,knowing is in the heart confused.

The look that she sees northerly begins to become lax, she cries softly, “Boreal . . . ..

“I am in. “I am in..

Boreal entertains beloved wife into the bosom, sweep past the hair silk that is stuck before her forehead with the hand, of one continuously, cautious.

“Ease boat died, ” pharynx of stalk of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair, “I am thought up really. “I am thought up really..

Mu Xiaomeng did not await the answer of boreal , bury the head in the chest with boreal clement gently loiter loiter.

Of boreal softhearted.

He loves Mu Xiaomeng very much really. He knows because,she is met Lin Yizhou this thing and self-condemned, because his Mu Xiaomeng is too kind-hearted, she can feel certainly is her complicity Lin Yizhou.

Boreal eats suddenly removed vinegar to come, he thinks those who if die,know to change him, how is Mu Xiaomeng met then?

Is she sad and sad for him?

He wants to know.

“Mu Xiaomeng, you tell me, if, be being changed is me, you, how to meet? How to meet??

The sense with boreal very clear is conceived the person in body one deadlocked, he dare not think a result, expecting a result again however.

Mu Xiaomeng raises a head to come, clarity of tear of the brimming in orbit is visible, quivering sound path, “I do not like you so say, if,do not have. If,do not have..

The raise with boreal glad corners of the mouth, kissed Mu Xiaomeng’s cheek gently,

“You go, want caution nevertheless, breakfast is answered. Breakfast is answered..

Mu Xiaomeng raises eye, sticking up the appearance that mouth is about to cry. The tear that worries about oneself slides really, mu Xiaomeng hastily face about developed a toilet.

. . .

Mu Xiaomeng achieves what one wishes left Gu Bao, her mood begins little to ameliorate.

She is OK and affirmatory, having north is in his heart, although ease boat is the good friend with him old acquaintance, but Mu Xiaomeng still cannot be hated because of this,go up boreal . Now him be clear heart, mu Xiaomeng is god-given tick off again had corners of the mouth.

The person of downtown always is very much, addiction night is located at downtown the busiest street, every night greets stream of people of countless of all kinds, of course, still be person name money.

Mu Xiaomeng wants to go addiction night, it is to seek a person only—–Koma, although do not know he still is in,be absent, but infer of dream of dawn of wash one’s hair sees him.

And in view of last time boreal gave him one fist, because,still be she, so Mu Xiaomeng more feel oneself go should actively an apology.

But, the moment of truth, mu Xiaomeng hesitated.

Because apologize,she is like last time also is, next with respect to occupy hospital. . .

Mu Xiaomeng is a little hesitant, frown removed good-looking the top margin of a page, keep on driveway edge stamp one’s foot is worn foot.

be in by transient person look at this good-looking girl, do not know her to be why bother angry.

A fine white form flits beside Mu Xiaomeng, mu Xiaomeng reacted,


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