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” original meet by chance ” city of half world Chinese ink / , this chapter in all 2704 words, update at: 2017-03-26 08:07

“Thank your Xiaoning, you help me at the back with Xie Qing, I am met certainly of win victory in the first battle. ” Liu Xiaomei says, some are holding Jian Ning in the arms excitedly, resembling is celebrating ahead of schedule.

“Small beauty, I still have the job to want to do, you also go first busy, or the editor should say you again. ” the hand that Jianningsong opens Liu Xiaomei, forward one pace goes to oneself locally.

Liu Xiaomei hears Jian Ning’s word, nod to her, walk into editor office gladly subsequently.

Jian Ning opens the computer on desk, click the Baidu icon on the desktop, the name of person eminent top gem loses in searcher, press next affirmatory.

Not a little while, search page appeared Zhuo Hang’s name follows a photograph, he on the photograph is clean-fingered Yan Xiao, the appearance of one face gravity, she is pulling rat punctuation to enter his detailed introduction.

Jian Ning sees his introduction quickly, next a pair of incredible look, so these a few years he so outstanding, so outstanding!

Although he casts the major that issues his, abandon a law from business, also do not block the aureola of his oneself.

Be in these a few years, he stands firm quickly in business circles, from ordinary person knows commercial wonder to one individual person. Probably he gives a lot of effort, probably he is in each respect is very gifted.

Jian Ning looks at his photograph, bemused, subsequently she is like so that laughed deridingly, look in others probably, she follows Zhuo Hang to part company in those days, it is a foolish decision.

But that how, what she takes a fancy to together with him is his this individual, the fortune that is not him follows talent. Although his in utter destitution, although he is an Everyman only, she also is met of honor permits no turning back be together with him, because this is love.

Lovely to finally, she still fails to continue, in face a problem, she chose to escape, to finally she lost him, turn him into the passing traveller in life.

Jian Ning looks at the Zhuo Hang on the photograph, some mouth sighed helplessly. Subsequently she puts out a webpage, take skill machine to gave piece of secretary to make a telephone call, ask him eminent when to the top gem comes off work afternoon, after coming off work, be to come home directly, still go to other place.

Zhang Bi book is a little hesitant in the phone, later of in full detail tell Jian Ning, because his intuition tells him, zhuo Hang concerns with Jian Ning not general.

Every time after Zhuo Hang sees Jian Ning, the humor is very good, now and then still meet one individual titter. In his impression, zhuo Hang is an earnest and not risible person, can be in after seeing Jian Ning, changed apparently a lot of.

Wait for piece of secretary to say, jian Ning said with him sound is thanked, next ring off, not be to a word cries, the bosom friend tells the other, square can 100 battle do not danger.

Jian Ning puts ace machine, a pair very confident appearance, subsequently she goes up in the net again search the information of search eminent top gem follows a data.

Although be together with Zhuo Hang before her,two pass, not little also to his understanding. Can pass 7 years after all, he has many change for certain, although he does not have change, she also was not sure to be able to let him agree.

“Zhuo Hang? Xiaoning, won’t you be right does he have fun at? ” Liu Xiaomei does not know to appear from which come, see Jian Ning seeks Zhuo Hang’s data on the net, think she has fun at to Zhuo Hang.

“Small beauty, you think much, how can I have fun at to him, I seek his data, it is to want to understand him more, good let him promise to interview quickly. ” Jian Ning says, some are turning over a webpage bored to deathly, she searched almost in this fast one afternoon, look at the word on the webpage, not pretext rises greatly.

Liu Xiaomei hears Jian Ning’s word, some develop her helplessly to shake one’s head. “Xiaoning, your find sth useful so go all out? Consider you final to did not persuade good, chief editor also won’t blame you, said to come off work immediately again, you are cleared away quickly clear away accompany me to date. You are cleared away quickly clear away accompany me to date..

“Did you call to Xie Qing? Wait for met me may be not accompanied how long. ” Jian Ning says, put out the webpage press next involve machine key, cleared away a table, taking a bag to prepare to come off work.

“Hit, she says to wait for us directly. ” Liu Xiaomei nods to Jian Ning, the hand that pulling her walks out of magazine company.

They walk along roadside to waiting for a taxi, at this moment, the illicit home car of a gray stops before them, the person in the car is shaking the window of driver’s seat.

“Do you go? I send you to go. ” Liu Shen comes forward from the explore in driver’s seat, look at the Jian Ning on, asking them.

“Need not. “Need not..

“Good ah good. “Good ah good..

The answer that Jian Ning follows Liu Xiaomei all with one voice is worn he, they just said, liu Xiaomei is glad pulling Jian Ning to take a car, said acoustical address with the Liu Shen in front next.

“Do you go what does circumference market work? Square together. ” Liu Shen looks at car ahead, next the appearance of a pair of the Eight Diagrams is asking them.

“Ramble bazaar. “Ramble bazaar..

“Date. “Date..

Subsequently, jian Ning has some of awkward Liu Shen that looks at front seat, she says to ramble bazaar, it is to be afraid of cause needless misunderstanding, can look now, she does not have tacit understanding very much with Liu Xiaomei.

Liu Shen hears them to want to date, have on the face a tiny bit of grouchy appear, shine subsequently and pass, did not leave a bit mark.

“Otherwise wants me to go together with you, if encounter hellion, my it may not be a bad idea protects you. My it may not be a bad idea protects you..

“General manager, you go some are improper, basically be I am afraid that the other side can be misunderstood. ” this, liu Xiaomei is done not have so frank agree, taking the mood that feel embarrassed to reject Liu Shen however.

“Good. ” there is some of lose in Liu Shen heart, he wants not to understand a little, why Jian Ning should date, his be not a patch on the object that those dating?

Meet too, liu Shen parks the car in bazaar doorway, look at the back that they leave, hesitant without shunting leaves, since she wants to date, then he helps sb to fulfill his wishes she!

Jian Ning takes bazaar entrance with Liu Xiaomei, after touching above with Xie Qing, come to coffee hall according to it, it is the time that come off work right now, there are many people in coffee hall so.

Liu Xiaomei looks at the photograph on the hand, before taking side of the other side, sit missishly, laugh she is very mannerly to the other side next, in the heart not by rise tensely.

Later, they are mutual self introduction, next very natural chatted to rise.

Sit in nearby Jian Ning to follow Xie Qing, see this one act, in the heart not by the pine at a heat, after all Liu Xiaomei is date, they are afraid that she will be incommensurate.

Jian Ning saw the time on the mobile phone, said with Xie Qing, rise walked out of coffee hall, she stood in roadside to bar a taxi, said acoustical address with the driver.

Meet too, the taxi stops in the bookshop doorway that Zhang Bi book says, jian Ning pays good money to get off, pull open the door of the bookshop, go toward 2 buildings directly next.

Before, zhang Bi book tells her in the phone, after Zhuo Hang comes off work afternoon everyday, can read meeting book to the bookshop near the company, just come home next.

Jian Ning takes 2 floors, looked for him next, discover he is sitting inside to rely on a window finally locally, lower his head to admit to look at the book on the hand really.

Subsequently, she goes by cautiously, sit down opposite him, look at him not to talk next.

“Brief young lady, you very idle? ” the book that Zhuo Hang puts down a hand to go up, be like so that look at her deridingly next.

“Since eminent always does not want to see me, why doesn’t that promise to interview earlier. ” Jian Ning says, changed a comfortable pose to sit down.

Zhuo Hang is taking the book on the desk, do not leave the laugh of the trace next, she is this to want to defy after all with him? “Brief young lady, you should know my answer, waste time here with its, still be inferior to abandoning earlier. Still be inferior to abandoning earlier..

“Eminent always, this is my job, how be wasteful time? ” Jian Ning says, a pair of his disapprobation, she bilks the appearance that be here.

“Brief young lady, I should have dinner now, do you want one case? ” Zhuo Hang rises replace that book, asking the Jian Ning on next.

Jian Ning strokes belly, he this says to still have bit of hunger really, she rises taking a package, follow in him to walk out of a bookshop after one’s death.

She stands self-consciously in roadside, wait for him to drive come over, do not have to open the door hesitantly next get on a car. She looks up look at in front driving Zhuo Hang, do not understand what he is holding to, be one is interviewed, promised to not be over, she must follow in this stronger!

Anyway she has a plenty of time, she does not believe him to be able to spend time to follow her bad news in this.

“Brief young lady, get off please. ” Zhuo Hang stops in mouth of shaft door of a Western-style food car, next pair of very polite Jian Ning from the back saying.

Jian Ning hears his word, some feel extremely flattered, next she opens the door get off follow in him to walk into Western-style food hall after one’s death.

This is like is last Han Tong, ask the office of that Western-style food that she has a meal, she sits in the position that relies on a window, nodded a vegetable salad, subsequently she turns the head looks to the window outside.

The sky outside gradually black rise, the street lamp all round also shined slowly. Remember her liking to promise to ethereal star very much before, waiting for desire implementation the following day next, every always can say to here Zhuo Hang she is foolish, she follows one case later foolish rise.

“Gentleman young lady, on the thing that you order neat, use slow please. ” at this moment, the interruption of clerk callosity her after-thought, let her awake from inside after-thought.

Recall follows him to experience a variety of things that produce together before now, always feel very good, want to return very much at that time, before everything of course happening, new redo.


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