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Husband of choose of the 21广州桑拿夜生活论坛BGRst chapter needs great think

” Xue Ying ” 22 months of cloud / , this chapter in all 2548 words, update at: 2020-04-01 10:05

This believes her to send graceful home, mark is worn above symbol, graceful family looks to be able to look for an opportunity to send into palace oneself, also need not worry can expose.

Still have even if, her tomorrow should go half half way up the mountain chooses an individual to come up, frank meeting cooks become, daily should look for a person to cook to her belong to real trouble.

Remember song of that 1000 hill again, want to become aware more more get oneself musical instrument art is too sodden, time is still early, she plans to drill again, fortunately the cement group of road sheng stayed to her, also need not worry can disturb other people.

Arrived snow of the period of the day from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. go off of jade-like stone ability.

The next day

Road sheng comes to Xue Ying courtyard in same yesterday time.

“Teach you yesterday can you remember? ” road sheng path.

Xue Ying sees blue of a suit of road sheng dress, there is a Yu Pei between the waist, lower his head to see oneself, also wearing a suit blue now, skirt places embroider to wear a few to spend.

It is division apprentice as expected, those who wear is same, look, she and master have tacit agreement more.

Xue Ying looks up: “Remember, apprentice play a master to listen. Apprentice play a master to listen..

“Hum. ” road sheng nods, look at Xue Ying.

Yesterday one day, xue Ying already recorded song one paragraph this clearly, because this bounces,will not to calculate so that urge life demon music, just this melody turn is bad, one day learns to won’t do.

Xue Ying is played, see Xiang Mo sheng.

” better than yesterday a lot of, I first will from the back teach you, you yourself drill. ” road sheng nods, rise sit in Xue Ying beside, teach Xue Ying the song that remain.

“It is a master. ” Xue Ying should.

“When playing this, the right hand is held in the palm, thumb, roll stroke, left hand chant, a kind of monkey mentioned in ancient literature, ample, wait for all sorts of ability laws to all want hep, you say you will be trifling musical instrument art, but listen to you to play music of the demon that urge a life, want to the intention is done not have when contact day learns, the musical instrument of die young China that I give you is to be tasted clever implement, you want to drill well surely, not want disappoint this musical instrument. ” road sheng is played at the same time say at the same time.

“Yes, apprentice sincerely abide by. ” Xue Ying whips corners of the mouth, urge life demon music? ? ? Master you as to so solid sincere. . . . . .

“Although Hua Qin of this die young does not have the person of internal force to also can be used, suit you not to pass most, when I am absent, it can protect you. ” road sheng path.

Jiggle of eye of Xue Ying eyebrow, suit me not to pass most? what did he see…

“Your years is still young, need not absorb clever gas to write law of result of internal force of be used to now. ” road sheng swept Xue Ying gently.

“Yes, master. ” be because,only such? Didn’t he see the seal inside my body really?

Although saw,do not pass can how, if he saw really also did not drive her to go out right now, she is confused what.

“You will try. ” road sheng music stops.

“Yes. ” Xue Ying both hands is put on string, what the model has kind learn to rise.

Road sheng is teaching Xue Ying with same yesterday way, so wait for, arrived again towards evening, bai Yi brought a food.

“What within puts is a fish, I do with special method, you had been tasted eat. ” Bai Yi opens hamper, aroma is tangy and come, hand Xue Ying a pair of chopsticks.

Xue Ying just should issue chopsticks, think of to there still is road sheng to be in inside the courtyard again, eat to be fed alone seem bad.

“How? Don’t you like? ” Baiyi sees Xue Ying did not issue chopsticks, the mouth asks, slightly crooked head.

“Either, the nature that you do won’t be poor, it is the master still is inside the courtyard only, I am thinking so delicious fish, cannot eat to be fed alone. ” Xue Ying shakes his head.

“Be my carelessness, of one mind is wanting to send a fish to you, forget summary pays a formal visit palm door. ” white together.

“Need not much ceremony. ” Bai Yi one’s voice in speech just fell, the sound of road sheng was passed.

Although road sheng so say, but courtesy still wants, bai Yi is lying between the door, saluted to road sheng.

“This fish ought bring you when midday board now, just occupied now delayed. ” white together.

“Senior fellow apprentice worked hard, still fatigue is irritated you deliver designedly, next time what did you do to say deliciously, myself comes. ” Xue Ying is blinked wittily blink.

“What I am afraid that you go is too tired. ” white together.

“Go not tired more, always cannot make you total be bothered so. ” Xue Ying.

“Of do not matter, although this fish is delicate, but fish bone is much, I think winkle comes purposely, but be afraid of bang up cruelly oppress, when you eat, take care some, the fish sends, my foregone ” Bai Yi exhorts.

“Good, I will be careful. ” path of Xue Ying laugh.

After waiting for Bai Yi to go, xue Ying is taking hamper to return a courtyard inside, fetch another pair of chopsticks.

“You taste the master, bai Yi’s craft but good. ” Xue Ying.

Road sheng has taken a chopstick, tasted to put down a chopstick.

“Pretty good, is the relation of you and Bai Yi very good? ” road sheng is maintaining a head to shut with the hand eye, blurt out asks.

“Bai Yishi elder brother waits for me wonderful. ” Xue Ying is saying, the extensive on the face removes trifling blush.

Road sheng is opened open one’s eyes look Xue Ying’s about lazy lazy close.

“Although Ling Shan can’ts help the affection of the men and women between child, but your age is still small, choose husband needs great think, need not be eager to temporarily. ” road sheng path.

“Master why so say? ” Xue Ying picked fish bone, see Xiang Mo sheng.

This word says road sheng asing if is the person with an undeserved lifetime entrust in vain.

Bai Yizhao visits her for a long time, show loving care for to the utmost, it what have is good to what have thinking her, to her character, since has favour it is to have feeling.

She is clear to her emotional always, his mind disturbed understand in her heart, she never conceals her feeling, one’s mind disturbed even if his mind disturbed, like namely, had not wanted to mask.

She returns except those who have some of daughter home is bashful, look for Bai Yi to indicate intention early.

And she does not believe Bai Yi enchanted without half minutes to her.

“Bai Yiyuan is orphan, was done that 3 years old years by great presbyterial have sb in one’s care child, already had 14 years up to now, big presbyterial very regard highly him, and big presbyterial still have daughter of one one’s own. ” next if, road sheng did not say again, dan Xueying is clear.

Xue Ying slowly put down a chopstick, see Xiang Mo sheng: “That how, they do not have betrothal again nowadays. ” although so saying, but there also was a not famous sentiment in her heart.

“The word that it is division has not said. ” short desk of dub of road sheng finger.

“Apprentice listening. ” Xue Ying simperingly, she thinks what sheng audition road still can speak.

“White one goodness, wen Run, filial, the word to his master absolutely obedient, apprentice feel, it is you important, or is division order important? ” road sheng did not know when to open an eye, xiang Xueying is stood by, nevertheless from Xue Ying one fist is apart from, deciding surely look at a little glazy Xue Ying.

“I… ” Xue Ying looks up, however unexpectedly road sheng is so close from her, in the key point that hits road sheng, subliminal in the future falls.

Disease of road sheng eye pulls Xue Ying swift-handedly, wait for Xue Ying to sit firm, receive return a blow.

“Thank a master. ” Xue Ying casts aside begin.

“Good, chart of experienced musical instrument of yourself much practice, for division occupied leave a few days, wait for me to come back, what you should play this song is smooth. ” road sheng rises, shake the garment to place.

“Master don’t go yet. ” Xue Ying rises.

After the sheng that stay road goes, xue Ying closes the door, look at that fish on the desk, close lightly has the mouth.

Mutter: “Division life should know the person that does not have a few days this than me important much, 3 years old arrived big presbyterial that, should be a what kind of loving-kindness… “

“Without giving thought to without giving thought to, which go to this ability which ah, I am not be not him to be not married. ” Xue Ying shakes shake one’s head, sit down continue to have a fish, but there is road sheng from beginning to end in the heart a moment ago a word, those who eat is too fast, forgot this fish bone is much right-down.

“Cough cough cough… ” Xue Ying coughs madly, drank a few water, thought all sorts of folk prescription way, how to do however do not come out, fish bone is blocking her, gave birth to unripe hold back forcedly to give tear.

Xue Ying’s decisive selection goes looking for road sheng.

“Master… father, cough cough, fish… ” Xue Ying points to throat.

“Open the mouth. ” road sheng holds a Xue Ying the lower jaw.

Road sheng applied a law to unlock Xue Ying.

Xue Ying pharynx pharynx saliva, be aware fish bone was done not have, eventually comfortable.

“Apprentice is this how? Took fish bone unexpectedly, bai Yi is not said with you, this fish bone is much, should take care some. ” road sheng picks eyebrow laugh way.

“Many thanks master, apprentice what eat namely is a little urgent. ” Xue Ying explains, cannot help thinking show the whites of eyes however in the heart, the master is intended surely, know perfectly well her why to can eat into fish bone.

“Do not have a thing go back, want bath for division. ” road sheng extended a hand to turn Xue Ying a direction, look out doorway.

“Apprentice this goes. ” Xue Ying.

After Xue Ying answers a courtyard, look at that dish of fish, sighed at a heat, this is what thing, she one’ses mind disturbed 12 years for the first time, meet so problem.

She wants to be able to go all out for oneself to moment in vain already, but because she is mixed,also do not think big presbyterial be troubled by break, but what to return to did not happen now, probably big doesn’t presbyterial daughter want to be married Bai Yi? Character 8 does not have the responsibility that neglects, does so early concern rise very?

Think of these, xue Ying restored vitality again, dish chopstick abluent, put in hamper, tomorrow went returning these.

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