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Fiftieth 2 chapters are overbearing广州夜生活娱乐GFD and unjustifiable

” Xue Ying is passed ” 22 months of cloud / , this chapter in all 2107 words, update at: 2020-04-27 22:36

“Graceful Shi Bai, how can you are opposite Yu Shibai is so inurbane, yu Shibai enters Ling Shan first than you, play have… circumference, repair for excel in, our behoove listens his. ” Wang Lingying stammered, be like is to wanting how to should say.

Xue Ying hears ” play in the right way is round ” the laugh that does not give outer part come out: “That makes play in the right way, what plays in the right way is round, do not understand why outfit understand. Do not understand why outfit understand..

Wang Lingying has delimited on the face embarrassed, grasping fist, want glare Xue Ying but be afraid of however expose oneself, gave birth to unripe hold back forcedly to live.

Had the word that Wang Lingying fawns on one paragraph this nevertheless, yu Changlu on wings rises, pretend to be profound look doctrine: “Brother’s son of Ling Ying division if really sensible, really good compared with certain person how much to know. ” say shoot a glance at a Xue Ying.

Xue Ying move a few paces, openly Wang Lingying.

She comes now can not be to quarrel with this Yu Changlu, nevertheless Wang Lingying is compared however former and clever many, what Yang Daixuan teachs is pretty good.

“Which say I am profligate? Take testimony rapidly! If you are not taken give evidence, that apologizes to me immediately! ” Xue Ying has been swept from a few person one by one.

“A lot of people saw you and cuddle of palm door cuddle are held in the arms, can have a holiday how. ” that child path.

“Is your saw with one’s own eyes seeing? ” Xue Ying.

Road sheng often is met really lay a finger on she, those who pat a head to hold a face is commonplace, but road sheng is not the person that does not tell proper limits for speech or action, outer head is not met such, it is gally gally only at most she stopped.

Mo Dian’s person followed road sheng for a long time, she does not believe them to be able to send this kind of thing, although A He followed a few his months only, dan Ahe is not the person that can make this kind of issue absolutely.

Then she wants to know very much, a lot of person see that say in her mouth are what person.

“I am to do not have saw with one’s own eyes to seeing, but somebody is seeing, that can be Mo Dian’s person. ” that child path.

Xue Ying goes to that person before, look is worn this piece of face has some of look familiar, thought one time, hum. . . . . . Also be Yang Daixuan’s attendant, cry… Shang Lanchun, it is the Ling Shan that comes before a few years, position in the family hierarchy is lower than Yang Daixuan however one generation, nature is lower than her also one generation.

“Oh? Where individual of Mo Dian? ” Xue Ying raises eyebrow slightly.

“A lot of people had said Mo Dian, I did not remember, this is a fact, you deny do not drop. ” the eye also does not blink Shang Lanchun to.

Xue Ying laughed a few times, jest, what they say is jest simply!

” with so a few words thinks defile treats unjustly me? Cannot enough! ” Xue Ying is approached step by step.

“What how you prove you say is true is is your without foundation concoctive? The person that you do not say to give those Chinese ink halls already is who does not have see of saw with one’s own eyes again, by what to say I am profligate? Come again, I am your Shi Bai, my master is door of approach hill palm, how, it is clear to when listening to custom at the outset, did not listen? Is approach hill custom what still needs me to tell you the 3rd? ” the Xue Ying’s fierce wrist that grabs Shang Lanchun.

Shanglan spring body trembles, some stations are flabby.

Xue Ying turns and look to Wang Lingying, drop Shang Lanchun’s wrist.

“King division brother’s son, do you say? Do you say??

Wang Lingying thinks in what keep what Yang Daixuan wrote in the letter all the time, be asked by Xue Ying some are flurried so suddenly.

“Say not to come out that for me. ” Xue Ying does not know Wang Lingying glazy what thinking, to everybody path: “My graceful jade-like stone jade-like stone never had changed state of mind to his master! The entirely that Wang Lingying says is false! And of this thing only then the person that make tomb figure, namely Wang Lingying, I won’t be let off, I meet this responsibility from beginning to end tells a palm the door mixes 3 carefully presbyterial, I what spill sewage toward my body also do not want to run! I what spill sewage toward my body also do not want to run!!

Xue Ying stopped a little while to continue: “You is becoming aware my aggressive it may not be a bad idea, overbearing and unjustifiable, but woman name red-letter day has many to want to need not say you also can understand again, do not have even if do not have, my look does not get other people to talk at random! My look does not get other people to talk at random!!

“Still have. ” Xue Ying looks to Wang Lingying, slightly path of the eye since narrow one’s eyes: “If be known by me you were to suffer whose directive to do this thing, I also won’t let off that person euqally! I also won’t let off that person euqally!!

Wang Lingying stops up in the heart, double leg hair is soft, on the body of the person that leans beside, she is true some were afraid of, busy path: “Division brother’s son, not Shi Bai, it is misunderstanding, be my talk rubbish, I am wrong, I ought not to say your claver, beg you not to tell a palm the door is presbyterial, beg you. Beg you..

She so take soft, many people showed despised expression, do not cross more dread that are pair of Xue Ying.

They did not think of graceful jade-like stone jade-like stone a child of 13 can have interest of this share firm, home Na Man is what kind of other people, can teach unexpectedly piece so a daughter.

If this thing changes the person with a some softer strength, those who press a root to won’t be troubled by before so much person is so big.

Do not cross Xue Ying as palm door child, the firm with strong backstage supporter, wang Lingying can be this to kick iron plate.

“Last your defile I let off my elder sister you, also be I am answered then presumably too softhearted, just call you to feel I am good bully advocate, spread my gossip before my face, do you think I will be foolish arrive to let off you this again? ” Xue Ying cold track.

Nearby, road sheng stands below a tree, look at Xue Ying have a verbal battle with group Confucianism, kill all directions greatly, lazy lazy lean aside, tonight moonlight as it happens, can see a such good play, beautiful!

“This is misunderstanding nevertheless, brother’s son of Ling Ying division also is not intended, why cannot you put her one horse, compensate not was to stop. ” more than long way.

His heart closes very if previous Wang Lingying says, want naturally to help Wang Lingying now now, and he is not believed, xue Ying does not know who he is, true meeting a minute of face also does not give him.

Yu Changlu says, the person on the side assentationed a few.

“Be ah be, calculated, in the future was passed no longer is. In the future was passed no longer is..

“Yes, according to your meaning, also do not say again but good? Also do not say again but good??

“Very need not such reluctance, you love to say, say do not belong to solid I meet each be accused oneself. ” Xue Ying pulls corners of the mouth.

Anyway who says trashy, wang Lingying does not want this to run, as to from by a few that when assist her, punishing nature should be punished, just want some lighter, but Wang Lingying is not first time.

“Your what meaning! Not too aggressive, even if is palm door child also cannot bully a person to stop so! ” the child anger that helping conversation.

“What meaning, do not know me to say bout again, no matter who be, in every case wants to go to my graceful jade-like stone of water of the bedabble on jade-like stone body, of the charge that brings a few fabricated, my all won’t be let off! ” Xue Ying in a stern voice.

“You! “You!!

“Aggressive! Be rampant! Be rampant!!

“Yes, I am aggressive rampant, knew the head that does not bear me comes up! ” Xue Ying is not able to bear or endure.

Echo sb child hand is pointing to Xue Ying, do not say angrily to give a word to come.

Late graceful frost was seeing this one act, sucked a tone.

Xue Ying is in Xue Guohuang palace such, do not understand circling a dot to also do not agree to take soft, every times she hears Xue Ying says some of word heart that will go continuously continuously to be able to jump, she can offend for fear that angry those 3 a tall weight person, fortunately she suffers bestow favor on, otherwise what where can she live in palace is arbitrary in that way.

Hasten then before going up.

“Jade-like stone. ” graceful frost shakes his head slightly to Xue Ying, be afraid that she continues to these what say I this overbearing word, be afraid to moment snow jade-like stone rational also can become did not manage.

Xue Ying knows the meaning of graceful frost, feel wronged and act rashly in a low voice hum.

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