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Castellan of the 60th chapter has p广州桑拿信息lease

” Xue Ying is passed ” 22 months of cloud / , this chapter in all 2531 words, update at: 2020-05-07 22:25

The cut that Xue Ying looks at Bai Yi is silent a little while, mouth path: “Bai Yi, you fall need not again such risk one’s life save me, if Na Yijian pricked crucial point to be in, my this all one’s life is not quiet still you. My this all one’s life is not quiet still you..

Listen to this to struggle in vain rise, opening a body with elbow, the cut that just has been wrapped up by Xue Ying was cracked again come, incarnadine of blood general gauze, xue Ying between the eyebrows jumps continuously.

“Once upon a time is I am opposite you, if can be helped,to us naturally is willing to do. If can be helped,to us naturally is willing to do..

Xue Ying is helping Bai Yi up to lay down, remind him to be not moved in disorder again, this ability sighed to at a heat: “Bai Yi, my what don’t you owe, you wait for me already was wonderful, where to have I am sorry I say, these a few months produced too much job, my not sensible once upon a time point also has introspection to pass, I make a bottom of the heart wish you can well, do not do so dangerous thing for me again. Do not do so dangerous thing for me again..

Bai Yi is agonized laugh, pillow is on pillow, closed a key point, a tear slides from his canthus.

In Xue Ying heart bad to suffer, do not know how to comfort him, can sit in him all the time only beside.

A long time, bai Yi is opened open one’s eyes, side head sees Xiang Xueying: “Jade-like stone, the master is my only family member, he did those things I cannot be his absolve, but if I can persuade to urge a master worker, probably nowadays won’t such. Probably nowadays won’t such..

He remorses inside all the time, also have under the counter had asked about Wang Chang where to often go to secretly, just do not have what message from beginning to end, so he is thinking constantly, if he is so not cowardly, so not right his word always follow sb’s advice, often go in Wang Chang however slant when can come out to persuade him, also ought not to be being met nowadays is such.

Xue Ying tightens close lightly lip, start to talk subsequently: “Bai Yi, this is not your fault, you need not so compunctious, say sentence ought not to say, although you persuaded him really, he also can not listen to you, from him month of doting Wang Liu rises off base. From him month of doting Wang Liu rises off base..

“He loves the master greatly the wife of one’s teacher or master, this ability… ” Bai Yi wants purposely to often dispute for Wang Chang, discover this also does not persuade even him however.

Xue Ying nature is the appearance that discovered no less than going to to this says Bai Yi, if change others,she can cannot help probably again acid a few, but to Bai Yi she says to be not exported, took bedding course twice: “Good, you first go to bed, I go boiling medicine, do not think too much. Do not think too much..

Nod slightly in vain, closed an eye to sleep very quickly, now is indeed.

Xue Ying exits a door, with respect to discovery castellan stands outside house, did not know to stand how long.

“Do not know castellan here, discourteous. ” Xue Ying saluted to that castellan.

“Girl need not polite, that childe experience is weighed, taking care of him is should, because,be such, I just can not call you, this does not blame you. ” castellan empty was helped up snow jade-like stone, of smilingly mimic one honour Maitreya Buddha.

“Many thanks castellan shows sympathy, but is castellan occupied want consultative? Can deny service irritated you wait, many people sufferred serious injury, I must search. ” Xue Ying.

What she learns is with poison art is given priority to, handle what she still considers this kind of thing not superior actually, can saying only is common, what is more,the rather that she must take care of Bai Yi, do not have time to do not have energy to see the person by again.

“We just had called a few doctors to go, reckon is worn be about to look, girl and be at ease. ” castellan slightly sideways gives Xue Ying get out of the way a way, genial eye light looks at Xue Ying.

Xue Ying raises eyebrow gently, this is to should ask her to go, but why to go,look for road sheng, the leading person that road sheng is them should can see.

“Castellan is inferior to search first look for that, I am an ordinary pupil only, some of thing is afraid of was to be not done advocate, delayed want a job but bad. ” the back path that Xue Ying points to road sheng.

Road sheng is drinking tea downstairs right now, near that one table that he takes unexpectedly neither one person, approach hill child auxes would rather squeeze on a few pieces of small tables to also not be willing to stand by road sheng, interesting to road sheng female child also dare not stand by even a few.

“I already had asked, that childe says to look for a girl you, the girl can be done advocate. ” castellan embarrasses.

He cannot forget the about of inhospitality of sheng of the road when he goes looking for road sheng, like place oneself ice house, such feeling he can not want to be experienced again.

Xue Ying shoot a glance at road sheng, grouch with respect to grouch, the duty as palm door without any consideration, really…

Since such, that I make bold is done advocate, castellan is asked. Castellan is asked..

“The girl is asked. ” castellan does not know why to becoming aware backside hair is cool, wiped the sweat that appears forehead.

Xue Ying followed castellan to give the door, walked along a few paces to discover somebody of jian hou mian is in follow them, saying well and truly is to follow her, after all the flower of Chinese flowering crabapple that she makes that one share is sweet can mask.

How do also knowing road sheng make that flower sweet stay on the body, so several months do not come loose, what how doesn’t she write down so that she does is sweet can stay sweet so long.

Arrived castellan government office, xue Ying looked roughly, it is the furniture that wood makes everywhere, and without the least bit adornment, no matter be him castellan,still be a servent, what wear is about the same, if that coronal takes city commanding general on his head,she dare say, her certainly does not admit to go out which be advocate, which it is fall forward.

Nevertheless this also can explain this castellan is short of money really, anyhow also is one city advocate, can you become this pair of appearance thoroughly how? The official of snow country is more than also hereat.

Castellan feels embarrassed path: “Let girl laugh at, my this building is some sparer, girl put up with sits. Girl put up with sits..

Xue Ying sits on the seat to: “Can I ask you a question? “Can I ask you a question??

“Girl but ask just as well. ” city main stem.

“Why do you want much in that way lackey, raising a few times less is not OK those who pass is some more relieved. ” Xue Ying cannot help.

Lackey is much really, reckon must have hundreds of people, with respect to that paragraph of route that has taken just now, the person of come and go says less to also do not lay 50 people.

“The girl was misunderstood, the lackey of government office of my this castellan stopped 3 times only, those are ordinary common people, because calamity thes family broke up, wander outside city gate all the time, I cannot bear at the heart just closed, anyhow also calculates have a place that live. ” castellan draws the hoar clothing line that washs on the body.

Xue Ying one Jing, admire path: “Castellan if really kind-hearted, the common people in this city can have you this some castellan can be to go up really all one’s life writes the happy lot that come.

“Girl erroneous assist. ” castellan by Xue Ying of boast red face, he as a castellan, in its seek its job, ought to, also he is done with respect to this originally.

Xue Ying laughs: “Does castellan look for me to have why thing? “Does castellan look for me to have why thing??

“Oh right, do not know girl and other a few can be Lingshan child? ” city main stem.

“Just about. ” Xue Ying nods.

Having what child of better approach hill wears is Ling Shan’s peculiar dress, see they are approach hill child not hard.

“Child of hear approach hill each talent is outstanding, it is an it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times really if really, in imagining than me, still be close friends some. ” castellan double eye shines, before two days he receives an information,

Then him every day of nocturnal night expect Lingshan child to be able to come, want to be able to help those toxic people only, it want him what to do is OK to want him what to do.

“Many thanks castellan is spoken highly of. ” Xue Ying not arrogant not impetuous path.

“Hear girl poisonous art Oh, I this has a person of strange poison in the body, can deny fatigue irritated girl to look. ” city main stem.

Can he know her medical skill how Oh?

Xue Ying laughs: “Can you be the poison like city of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces? “Can you be the poison like city of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces??

“This I am not witting, just the symptom that I had listened to the person with toxic city of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, with my you home this one exactly like, should be same presumably kind of poison.

“Since such, still ask castellan to act as a guide. ” Xue Ying rises, rub the shoulder that acid bilges, white cat does not know to ran where to go again, was to look for a local put up for the night to wear for certain nevertheless.

Xue Ying follows castellan 8 spirit away go to 7 abduct before a house, the house in this house and city of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces has the beauty of different in approach but equally satisfactory in result, all be sealed severe severe fact, a bit light does not go in fully, what differ exclusively is this house neat insipidity path, this makes Xue Ying loose at a heat.

She comes front-page story prepares before this house that flavour.

“Castellan, I hear toxic person is in national capital, why you this meeting has, say toxic more than in national capital? Does other place also have? ” Xue Ying questioningly, did not go in instantly.

Castellan sighed, thick eyebrow slouch comes down, press on the eyelid of drape, shake his head: “Do not hide the truth from a girl to say, although we leave national capital so far, also have a few toxic people as before. Also have a few toxic people as before..

Drive up of Xue Ying double eyebrow, small open a lip, she did not think of this completely.

Do not say by, say size only, joining a state is the big country of before person group 5, here is a border town only, distance national capital can have in far, also have toxic person actually, grow in imagining than her what the hand of backside extends even.

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