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” Xue Ying is passed ” 22 months of cloud / , this chapter in all 2683 words, update at: 2020-07-16 10:05

After the Chi Hongze is the same as Wei with road absent-minded sheng talked about a few excuse leaves, wei Chi Hongze won’t bar naturally road sheng, after all without how much he is open-armed also, do not have one minute.

What inquire after sb’s health, affection of what father and son, really funny.

Road sheng returns the house outside palace in, this house and differ somewhere else, it is night obviously, however a lamp is done not have, and in so big house, besides road sheng, do not have other people unexpectedly, never mention it person, it is kitten doggie, also do not have.

The common people that lives by this house thinks nobody stays in this house before, but unlike, if do not have a person to live, how the meeting is so clean, as time passes, say to there is an eccentric in that house with respect to somebody, everybody also was believed.

If they know, this is one country emperor child the ground that stays in, do not know to still can spread such rumor.

The first responsibility that road sheng returns house is charm to graceful frost they answer a letter, to them one sets his mind at.

Was to decide Xue Ying is fortunately be taken away by the person of Wei Chi Hongze, won’t have the concern of life at least.

Otherwise with his enemy home, he does not know where to search on the road.

He burns an one small cup candle, faint candle power enlightens fitly a piece of table, enough he is used in light of write a thing.

There is a small wooden box on the edge of bed couch, he takes next hair clasp on the head, open wooden box, what be inside bizarre gem, fold paper and a few broken books that do not become model however.

He paper a piece of Zhang Fang is on the desk, these he goes to the thing to his be written greatly as a child, have a plenty of longing to die the mother’s word, some were to keep the job that he produces at that time.

A child is such longing mother mostly.

Expecting all the time in his heart actually can what method can save her, make her new return this worldly, see this flourishing, so although just now he says to Wei Chi Hongze in palace she is answered did not come, just also hope Wei Chi Hongze does not use so grossly unjust method to save her to come back.

Calculate her to be saved to come back otherwise, knew oneself are such regain are worldly, also can be overwhelmed with sorrow.

Road sheng careful scrutiny thing that he wrote once upon a time, received its again, take out a piece of new paper, carry a pen to write:

“After the mother, 16 years, each days each quarter, the son is in alive suffer in anguish, arrived late night, I feel lonely all the more and doleful, thinking this return on the world can somebody, more alone than me. But the son encountered a person, she calls Xue Ying, it is a girl, be a son exclusive prentice, she resembles the sun that is the sky, after you go, the son never feels so warm… “

“After the mother, if the son did not save you, can you blame me? Can you blame me??

He is like all words in thinking a heart to be written on this paper, a piece insufficient two pieces, two pieces insufficient 3 pieces, but how to also still write insufficient.

Till the late night, everybody fell asleep he just stays a hand, after waiting for Mo Gan, put into wooden box to be locked up afresh.

Common people knows his identity is exalted only, want wind to get wind, want rain to get rain, again who knows how to think in his heart, common other people gets the most easily, it is his this lifetime is in however beg.

The next day

Tian Gangliang, road sheng rises go going to suburban, the rate of those people is not slow, xue Ying should get on for Ling Guo.

Meanwhile, xue Ying is sitting inside a carriage, preparation enters Ling Guo.

Before Xue Ying inky, those people obscured with list her eye, nevertheless this list should not be common list, the beautiful on tactility, should be the thing of good material make it.

A softness also is below her foot, besides both hands double foot is bound by cord firmly some are unwell beyond, return somebody to feed some of thing to eat to her from time to time, and also not was in the thing envenom, this lets Xue Ying is strange very.

Press a truth for, these people won’t be so nice to her, be they bind her those who come? Return treat sb with courtesy unexpectedly.

Do not cross Xue Ying or want to escape, the day knows the what heart that these people install.

“Out but is somebody in? I think change clothes. ” Xue Ying compose oneself, explore.

Xue Ying word falls before long somebody comes in, xue Ying laughs to sensory that person by the feeling: “Can deny the cord that goes up for my unlock hand, it is good that myself comes. It is good that myself comes..

“Princess for the moment is borne, arrived very quickly. Arrived very quickly..

The sound of a woman passes into Xue Ying in ear.

“What princess, there’s no one who doesn’t or isn’t of this elder sister is the person that catch a fault, I am not a princess. ” Xue Ying heart beats, calm way.

That woman does not talk again, dan Xueying knows she still is inside carriage.

Such dialog is to make Xue Ying heart crawly really, have no alternative.

She how with respect to the princess? is she long resemble a princess it seems that? How this is likely, she is snow country but the princess’ thing also does not know even road sheng, how can these people know.

Abrupt, stopped in ongoing carriage all the time, what Xue Ying feels that woman sits is some closer from oneself.

“Highness? How can you be this? How can you be this??

“Highness, we are the act that give purpose, still ask you not to want embarrassed follower. Still ask you not to want embarrassed follower..

“Highness you cannot go in! “Highness you cannot go in!!

Xue Ying is heard only so a few later, the curtain of carriage is lifted, a flower of familiar Chinese flowering crabapple is sweet was full of whole carriage immediately.

“Master! Be you. Be you..

Xue Ying surprise.

“Hum. “Hum..

Hear the response of road sheng, these days astatic all the time heart installed Xue Ying to come down eventually, whole person loosened at a heat.

Road sheng stands by Xue Ying, stretched his hand to take the list on Xue Ying’s eye gently.

Avoid inside the car light is wonderful, just pick next list or some offending to the eye nevertheless, wait for her delay to come over, road sheng had gotten on her hand, the cord on the foot was solved.

When proper Xue Ying wants to talk with road sheng, looked at aside the woman still is in, a suit civilian clothes, knowing is what identity, look at road sheng all the time, this makes Xue Ying a little unhappy.

See hold back of Xue Ying small mouth come down, desire the appearance that character stops again, road sheng immediately strabismus saw that woman.

That woman is stimulated all over clever, saluted to leave carriage.

Xue Ying this ability starts to talk: “Master, how can you be this ah, which is this. Which is this..

Outside saying her to give head sound carriage, see the person of an a dense mass of, the Yan Yan scenery block is solid, where is looking to give this at all.

Xue Ying is not had of language shrank the head go back, surround into this appearance, return block what eye ah, those people connect her is what identity knows, also should know she is what actual strength, send this why a lot of people look at her, of quite wasteful hand.

“Alas… “

Xue Ying sighed at a heat hind lean on car wall, a pair of bound feet put in across go up, very satisfied.

Road sheng looks at Xue Ying comically to: “Look is worn what you pass is moist, I should come again later. I should come again later..

Xue Ying turns the head sees Xiang Mo sheng, had not lain a little while, rise again: “You come again later even, if you come again later, can not see me. Can not see me..

Say, turned over a supercilious look.

“I should be then some earlier come, the fault that it is division, assure to do not have next time. ” road sheng is acknowledge a mistake the manner is wonderful, fooled Xue Ying’s satisfactory hum lay down again.

Passed a little while again, xue Ying turns head path: “You how still do not talk. “You how still do not talk..

Road sheng drank aqueduct of a tea: “What to say? “What to say??

“They call you highness, does the master become me auditive and bad to won’t do? ” Xue Ying said to lose a fruit toward road sheng.

Road sheng does not hide, that fruit is bungled into road sheng bosom, of perfunctory, of girl home home make fun of strength to stop.

“Arrived you knew, go to bed of much go to bed, jian hou mian still has inquire for of jackal tiger leopard. ” road sheng brushs fruit, send Xue Ying mouth edge.

Xue Ying ask for a favor bites next fruit, saw eye road sheng strangely.

Actually she already had the capacity of road sheng some be guessed.

These people that arrest him should be the person of Ling Guohuang room, those people call him ” highness ” , the emperor that road sheng is Ling Guo probably child, just knowing is which emperor child.

These people know out her identity, that road sheng. . . . . .

“Master, you know not to know… “

“Know. “Know..

“When do you know? “When do you know??

“Arrive from you of Ling Shan that removes me to know momently. “Arrive from you of Ling Shan that removes me to know momently..

Xue Ying blinks, emphatic gnawed a few fruit.

What, road sheng unexpectedly early the identity that knows her, do not have debunk however nevertheless she, this should have road sheng to know only.

Know what Xue Ying is thinking, road sheng: “You are at ease, only I know, bai Yihe 2 presbyterial not witting. Bai Yihe 2 presbyterial not witting..

“Master, you issued a legendary venomous insect to me, I think whats you know. ” Xue Ying.

Road sheng shakes shake one’s head, crooked head: “What do you think, guess not hard. Guess not hard..

“This is guessed not hard still, on my face a bit expression also is done not have, a legendary venomous insect below your except, then you are a devil, can understand popular feeling the sort of. ” Xue Ying says to still nod, feel oneself this view is very good.

“Why be a devil, not be an immortal. ” road sheng neighed, hold tight removes the soft flesh on Xue Ying face to.

“Look at with respect to unlike good person. ” Xue Ying is unwilling give the impression of weakness, both hands the face of sheng of the road on clutch, the face road sheng of clutch changed form, be like empyreal god as before however general Jun Lang.

“Little girl enunciation is bright, return discomfort to unlock for division. ” road sheng is enraged again laugh again.

With Xue Ying he had not talked normally, quarrelling like two child child every time, tighten babyishly.

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