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Fetch of dragon of the 14th c南京桑拿夜生活论坛hapter

” my demon animal cat is small black ” dreamy Yin Lin / , this chapter in all 2144 words, update at: 2020-05-30 06:00

Nevertheless, apparent black Long Ye does not plan to let off dream appearance, fly directly, swung her one tail, dream appearance flew off old far, implicative move still struck several trees, before going up, subsequently Hei Long is one tail, take the person into the ground, one individual hole appeared directly on the ground.

Want dream appearance in every case to have the action that rise only, give with respect to one claw walk.

Dream appearance now also is bad really to suffer, far from dare goggle, side side also is noise, consciousness blurs gradually rise.

Saying her is this too proud really, because can bypass the immediate leadership commits murder, repair this rarely so put in the eye for grade, but ate,have a deficit this greatly.

Do not have for ages so helter-skelter, do not know, still can living go back.

Remembered again 100 those who think world is presbyterial, how to wear what also should pull a mat to carry on the back.

Still do not have the action, on body of dream appearance feeling one light, subsequently 100 think world presbyterial exclaim sound is transmitted, “How likely! “How likely!!

Dream appearance is struggling to climb, saw at the moment breathtaking one act.

Small black do not know when to come, though Hei Long is dragon, but without entity, it is Long Hun only, so by small black uniform, gobbled up subsequently.

Dream appearance and 100 think world presbyterial and deep be shaken by the one act before, for a long time cannot answer a god.

Small black after gobbling up Long Hun, a tired meaning, looked round dream appearance, return him himself subsequently in the space, the United States was asleep beautifully.

Dream appearance becomes stunned, seem just did she laugh at small Hei Chong?

Did not consider these more nevertheless, direct very quickly and case, bear down on continuously 100 think world presbyterial.

First dry enemy just is kingcraft, she likes those old practices that let the tiger run away not at all, the enemy that is born forcedly to let oneself unripely lived more ten market do not say, troublesome still.

In 100 think world presbyterial when still doing not have reaction to come over, before dream appearance been catchinging a silver-colored needle to go up, came.

Look at that to be plunged into finally of hedgehog presbyterial, a Gong Facai of dream appearance chases gradual change to answer black, lean infirmly beside a tree.

Remember to there also is a dagger that takes the advantage of a hand before oneself, changed a little brother with one handle dagger later.

What pass two later years again is very smooth and steady, brought about her to forget this thing, wanted to be short of a weapon that takes the advantage of a hand however now.

Look when the opportunity should consider this issue.

Did not know to rest how long, dream appearance again goggle, the day has had some dark, can say even fast in the evening.

If or else goes back,thinking, everybody this are anxious.

Dream appearance activity, the rate that discovery restores is compared former several times faster, the mephitis inside body although as before savage, however also before unlike painful in that way. Mephitis and effective power also did not appear particularly intense repulsion.

Dream appearance remembers again break through last, two kinds of force fight inside body, she is almost afflictive dizzy in the past, it is a very comfortable force entered her body later in, mephitis and effective power both are gentle come down, be a kind very tender warm mysterious force.

What be although do not know,.

When dream appearance returns earthy courtyard, atmosphere is unusual grave, everybody does not talk, the face shows appear to be reluctant.

This lets dream appearance think what to produce to cannot go against the important matter that turn.

But, also not should ah, though clever garden is presbyterial,some flesh wound some are weighed, the adviser child of clever garden people have more or less get hurt, but also not be what important matter, recuperate at most recuperate can good. More what is more,the rather that, 100 think world also the loss is severe, had retreated from, inside short time won’t stage a come back.

Dream appearance also did not ask too much what to produce, but also listen to small moon to say subsequently, be how one and the same.

Original, 100 when thinking of altar to disappear in Long Hun, shake very, dare not believe even. Be turned over to kill by the everybody of clever garden subsequently, of final not reconciled to hijacked clever garden garden to grow.

Feel puzzled in dream appearance this garden grows is a what character when, know that old man in earthy courtyard Ling Shuge to grow field namely with respect to the accused.

Dream appearance: “. . . ..

Well grow field, run should Ling Shuge manage?

In Ling Shuge everyday catnap, talk about her a girl so do not tell, sit does that old man that bookshelf top reads a book grow field namely?

Small moon catchs say: “He still is our earth courtyard is presbyterial, also be an adviser, still be the master of I and senior fellow apprentice “

Dream appearance is laughing to assentation miscarriage window head, “Hum “

Also not be to want to save him very much, let his preexistence the 100 introspection that think world had meditated. Two years whats did not teach, just let themselves comprehend, encounter a problem to go with respect to oneself Ling Shuge turns over a book, still be a good adviser really, good garden is long.

Went 3 days subsequently, dream appearance sees he restores almost a few, looked for everybody to discuss a decision.

Violet night shakes, “What, do you plan does a person go the 100 messages that consider altar to ask to grow field? Be no good, I do not agree “

Xia Xiaoxiao laughs, “I also do not agree, this can be a critical work “

Look at the expression that everybody does not agree with, dream appearance is helpless laugh, “With my present actual strength, it is the enemy that encounters completely clever actual strength, also can all over and retreat. Do not have a thing, had not hit, had still not run? I just make explore news, won’t come in disorder “

The spot quiet, look at the actual strength that dream appearance shows, everybody does not talk, dream appearance thinks they were considering, planning to increase an interest again, hear grind deep and clear tone is firm, “Be no good “

Look at the opposition of everybody, what did dream appearance say again, everybody also comes loose, this are dry dry go.

Fortunately Luo star is shut close, this assault he also got hurt, what hurt fortunately nevertheless is not heavy, was to be hit probably, taking an injury to be shut close, meet again next time presumably, of the little brother long entered to want essence of life again.

However, is dream appearance the person that can you listen to a person to persuade? Not be of course, she just wants to hear the opinion of other, she decides finally, do not adopt.

The 2nd day, a letter stayed to leave in the room. When the other of earthy courtyard discovers dream appearance disappears, already smaller part the month went.

Dream appearance is in interfuse 100 before thinking world, changed oneself appearance smally one time, change is not big, look at and have formerly some picture, but however different, still carried a mask additionally, as it happens obscures right half pieces of face.

so of quiet silence, 100 think world inside much a child, everybody arrives without the idea so a person.

100 think world inside, have 3 an ancient win vessel with three legs and a loop handle, be 100 think world the beau in the dream of numerous woman, not only handsome, actual strength also is appropriate appropriate,

Dream appearance hears these to just also laugh, whats did not say.

This 3 the rank of nobility are rich beyond respectively, bai Ran and Ran hope to could there be. Dream appearance comes 100 think world also before long, also had heard their name, had not seen oneself.

In 100 think world, dream appearance belongs the brim person of the sort of unknown to public, outer person looks, namely ordinary, obsequious, talk not dare loud woman.

This day, dream appearance is blocked up to be in by a flock of women wayside.

Dream present in the future shrinks, of Duo shiver Suo, “That, occupied? Occupied??

That eldest sister that be the first distains greatly look at her, “What do you say? Voice is so small. Do you listen be clear about? Do you listen be clear about??

Saying face about to ask the person beside.

A flock of her young join a regular shift or class hasten assentation, “What, talk so in a low voice, who listens clear? Who listens clear??

“You see her, what to install effeminate “

“So recreant but meet what be bullied, help her as us “

Subsequently so laughing to see Xiang Mengyi.

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