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One chapte广州花社区上课r broke thirtieth one cut is in earth

” my demon animal cat is small black ” dreamy Yin Lin / , this chapter in all 2049 words, update at: 2020-06-19 15:00

Dream appearance this conveniently unplugs those who come out is a big chopper, knife body has very strong evil spirit energy of life.

Dream appearance does not have a consideration, insert to it again went back.

Do not like.

Small Hei Nuo has the looks at that ** to go back knife handle of the thought, pay no attention to subsequently, lazy bend over lazily to go up in the shoulder of dream appearance.

Knife handle trembles gently, it is it seems that wear in narrate oneself dissatisfaction.

Dream appearance narrow one’s eyes has an eye, “You resented to also do not alter your ugly fact again “

Knife handle shake shake, did not react later.

And the knife in having land of mergence of half knife body only originally, the crucial point with knife handle and wide palm is remained only after be being inserted to go back by dream appearance.

Before dream appearance tries again, those people unplug the Dao Jian that does not come out, she pulls out one by one come, give again insert went back.

What think with her as expected is same, such word is not she wants those who obtain weapon to approbate, however the weapon that she will come to choose her to like.

Dream appearance looks at the moor of stretch to the horizon, some be anxious.

Small black resembling is to know what dream appearance is worrying about, small claw is patted pat her shoulder, “Close an eye, go experiencing attentively, look to be able to be mixed your resonant spirit implement “

Dream appearance nods, “Good “

Saying, closed an eye, it is good to passed a little while ability is goggle.

The smile is looked at completely small black, “There “

After thinking very close dream appearance was going one day originally, just arrived eventually probably seat.

Should know this is close condition open 3 days, now already one day went partly, better person begins anxious.

Nevertheless dream appearance is calm.

“Seeming is to be near this ” dream appearance not quite care about, “Also knowing is what kind of spirit implement “

Dream appearance took a few steps, look at all round confused bald a bald, some him suspicion go wrong.

But feel right.

Thinking so, dream appearance saw alone, by the hilt in embedded earth.

Have hilt only really.

Edge by whole be inserted into the ground.

Dream appearance tries, before comparing, those conveniently can unplug the Dao Jian that come out wants laborious, she used a few minutes of effort again.

Dream appearance: “. . . ..

Look at the spirit in him hand implement, she should suspect she is too violent, broke one cut to be in earth.

Clever implement edge half arm is so only long, bosseyed edge, it is a pretty good clear knife.

Dream appearance is looked at grow than dagger in the hand some, edge a little some wider clever implement.

Hum, accepted constrainedly.

Be thrown into the space by her conveniently next.

Still one day time, dream appearance is a little dull, thinking it is good that otherwise gives close place.

Small Hei Nuo has an idea, follow in dream appearance beside, “Seem to be able to take a spirit only without the regulation implement “

Dream appearance is heard, want, laughed, “Also be “

Next, in the last day of close condition open, dream appearance begins to reaping all kinds of spirit implement.

Also do not close completely, do not look to go up she of the eye was disregarded.

Throw the sword with one pretty good handle into the space again, calculating in the number in the heart at the same time.

This gives violet night just right appropriate, looking to still have what spirit implement suit young prince, go back next time can bring him.

Thinking so, have a flock of people of ten, jiang Mengyi is surrounded.

Those who take the lead is a young man student, he takes a person to stem the outlet of dream appearance.

Lin Tianhao looks at dream appearance, ferocious path, “The spirit that dare steal me actually implement, clever implement hand over will put you one horse “

Dream appearance saw him, some are like, did not plan to manage he, “Get out of the way “

“Aggressive what? ” a wife beside Lin Tianhao is resentful, “Do you know forest what person is childe? The spirit that dare steal him implement, you think you are returned can living leave here “

Dream appearance raises eyebrow, “What identity? Royalty person? Royalty person??

Some hold back bend that person: “. . . Either “

Dream appearance again: “The later generations of half god overmatch? “The later generations of half god overmatch??

That person: “. . . Also not be “

Dream appearance is a little disappointed, “Oh “

Lin Tianhao sees no less than going to, “You and her gibberish what? Do not be willing to hand over come, was being killed is “

Dream appearance is laughing to look to him, “Do you say to kill kill? “Do you say to kill kill??

Lin Tianhao sneers, “Do you think who you are? Calculate you to have some of interest rear, you died, they also not dare me how. I can be drug is met rear “

Dream appearance down him ” hum ” , be about to leave.

However Lin Tianhao does not give her ‘ desert ‘ opportunity, a flock of people so go up together, the plan teachs her a lesson.

Be in so when giving close place, had so one act, covey ten people, individually a bloody nose and a swollen face, some walk not agile.

After now, everybody is a little awe-stricken to close condition, close condition within has some of hidden crisis, one does not take care to attract the person that ought not to attract likely, black-and-blue a bloody nose and a swollen face, still do not know who the other side is.

This, a hotel searched first after dream appearance comes out, changed a suit clothes, wanting to go to those who eat buying a place next.

After eating, dream appearance just considers the issue that drug meets, the decision goes looking.

What just think with dream appearance is different, dream appearance takes the door, the person that drug meets sees she ran with respect to face about, the edge runs return an edge to cry, “You stand that, do not want to move “

Dream appearance stands in place, “. . . ..

What circumstance?

“You, you you ” see dream appearance into the door, lin Tianhao one face is panicky, “How can you be here? I still did not look for you, you are good, oneself search come to come. I tell you, you were decided to death “

Dream appearance looks at him, perfunctory a few, “Hum, I am good be afraid of “

Lin Tianhao looks at him such, gas does not make one part, “Hum, you are waiting “

At this moment, see the Li Chang that comes out from jian hou mian is old, some see Xiang Mengyi surprisingly.

Cannot think of, taking out what taste skin dew is a such girl.

Li Chang often has not started to talk, lin Tianhao talked first, “Master, it is her steal my spirit implement, you help me teach her a lesson “

Li Chang often hears this word, some are open-eyed, “Do you steal his spirit implement? “Do you steal his spirit implement??

“Not ” the answer with dream optional appearance.

How long should stand in this after all? Or else come back she went.

At this moment, the boy that just runs just comes back, often be deferential very to Li Chang, “It is her “

Lin Tianhao is a little interrogative, look at a boy to run, very excited pointing to dream appearance, think what dream appearance did to offend the person that drug meets again, frown.

Some are vinegary in the heart.

Li Chang often sees Xiang Mengyi ” the recipe that skin shows, from where you get? From where you get??

Dream appearance is not very the answer that care about: “Oneself match “

Li Chang is old one face shakes, this, how likely?

Lin Tianhao refused to obey, “You think who you are, you say you match match with respect to you? Do you think the vulnerary that tastes match? You are blown “

Dream appearance also is disinclined to say more with them, “Do not believe calculated, the proof of medicaments do you give do not give? The proof of medicaments do you give do not give??

See they were not moved, so the station is worn and his glare, dream appearance has some of feel snubbed, “Calculated, I went “

These Li Chang often was moved eventually, “The proof gives of course, can do with mixing I say you are how of dispensation? Is the process of dispensation how? How do you think, can you deserve to give this kind of drug? Can you deserve to give this kind of drug??

Look at barring oneself Li Chang is old, dream appearance did not talk.

Li Chang is old also without giving thought to, of grinning cheekily pulling dream appearance to go backyard drinks tea.

Stay in the Lin Tianhao of place: “. . . ..

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