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Snow of thirtieth chapter cloud is Caesarea广州花社区上课n

” my demon animal cat is small black ” dreamy Yin Lin / , this chapter in all 2024 words, update at: 2020-06-17 19:00

The time of 3 months, dream appearance sees land again eventually, some cannot help jubilate.

Ghost knows these 3 months what did she experience, she also did not think of her actually seasick, good later suited not easily, because be trade caravan, give sea route road to have distant, aboard has solid food only, it doesn’t matter is delicious.

Short-term inside not be to want to be experienced again very much.

The boat stands by land slowly, dream appearance has some of too impatient to wait to think go ashore.

Also decided to want before some more low-key, made motion on appearance.

See she is combing now only head of two a round mass of food, the skin is a little black, there still is freckle on the face.

Lose what have an eye none in the crowd the sort of.

“Reach a place ” on the boat one makes a right-hand seat, stand by dream appearance, “Do you plan how to do next? Your body is bad, it is a girl is in an unfavorable situation easily in this “

Dream appearance laughs, “Hum, I meet what notice more “

Xieshu knows dream appearance is seasick, the body is frail still, look at her afraidly.

Dream appearance looks at his hint given with the eyes, also can laugh only.

The dream departed with Xie Shu after appearance go ashore, looked for a hotel, go out next go for a walk turned circuit.

Instrument of very fast dream is basic understood cloud snow mainland.

The clever force on cloud snow mainland is very strong, what go up than city of the Milky way is dinkum also, xiu Lian rises also get twice the result with half the effort.

On the mainland half clever completely clever everywhere is so visible, instead is medical skill city of backward the Milky way is not little, the red medicine that just a little tastes is very rare, the price of herb is more expensive unusual.

Dream appearance also is to know Yun Xue between the mainland and city of the Milky way, those who do is the business of herb and red medicine, the medical skill that just did not think of here is so backward.

Additional, in city of the Milky way very rare demon animal, here everywhere is visible, can say only, an animal that sees incidentally, it is demon animal, instead is common animal, see at all do not wear.

There still is an apocalyptic wood on the mainland, evidential mainland the area of 2/3, freely of within demon animal, same treasure is much also.

Still having 1/3 is the place that the mankind lives, without the country, have an empire only, yun Xue is Caesarean.

Cloud snow empire is divided again for three-layer, most a that outside, it is common friar, an intermediate friar that is some actual strength and scholastic businessman, most a that inside, those who live is the person with royalty and celebrated identity.

Dream appearance is in now most outside that one.

Dream appearance looks at this backward medical skill, there was an idea in the heart.

This day, dream appearance is being taken small black go field go for a walk, the herb that looks at full ground is regarded as fireweed.

Look at this herb of full ground, dream appearance hint given with the eyes gives off light continuously, these things are in city of the Milky way but disadvantageous appropriate.

Small black look at her such some are comical, “Dig, there is scoop in the space, the space after my repairing is promotion also greatens many, do not be afraid of do not install “

After dream appearance receives small black permission, dig herb happily, and small black also helping dig together.

Transient person looks at dream appearance digging fireweed, return very happy look, it is to cold-shoulder completely in the eye, circling go.

Dream appearance ability no matter they, this digs ability to know, originally very infrequent clever medicine is here everywhere is visible, still be some a particular year.

Dream appearance goes toward more devious place again, see clever drug, some do not control oneself, do not think a hotel really.

In succession several days, dream appearance just discovers his a little poor problem, and here stuff is expensive still, be forced to go the market sells drug.

Those who sell is hemostatic medicine, it is direct herb molar be installed, pried the value, fix a price finally 12 silver.

Next dream appearance stood one day to did not sell.

Her unwilling to give up continues to sell the following day, or nobody is bought, in succession a few days, dream appearance begins to suspect his.

At this moment, a woman that sees no less than going to and dream appearance say: “You this is unidentified essential nobody can buy not white drug, you should go first drug can apply for a proof, wait for drug to be able to decide medical effect next, after taking a proof next, you can provide remedy, drug can be met help you sell “

Dream appearance: “. . . ” good trouble.

This applies for one by one, so much medicine, should arrive when?

The dream also comes out without expression on appearance face, laughing at say however: “Good, I knew, thank “

Saying is so say, dream appearance will to drug meet, the hemostatic drug that before applying for, sells, taste skin dew, sell compared with the first day, added drug of a few gout again, the cut with very serious if it were not for, wipe on immediately hemostatic.

The person that drug meets should not return a responsibility, next month of appearance letting a dream comes again, give a result to moment, gave dream appearance sign of a wood, let her go back.

Dream appearance went retreating hotel, thinking it what this one month does is good that what this one month does, hear them to talk about when have a meal remove a close condition to want open.

Dream appearance it may not be a bad idea is strange, wanting to look.

Across, after drug can give Li Chang to often send the medicaments that delivers today, retreat.

Li Chang is old nevertheless not urgent also, did not pay attention to those medicaments that deliver, he does not feel this periphery circle can have the medicaments with fierce what to appear.

Here, dream appearance has come to close condition, as it happens is close today condition open, many people were surrounded all round, have 9 paragraphs, have half spirit, still a few Quan Lingxiu are.

One open of close condition, after confused dispute fears everybody first, dream appearance looks at them calmly, not anxious also.

“The word says, ” dream appearance is a little interrogative, “This is close condition how one and the same? “This is close condition how one and the same??

Small black introducing: “Cent is the grade of brother to go to 9 paragraphs, half spirit is after, completely clever, natural, empty sky, half god. It is OK to went to 7 paragraphs flying Apsaras, the speed of half spirit can achieve at a tremendous pace, completely clever word can one Rimoli “

Small black, continue: “Arrived after nature, OK little space is mobile. Empty sky is very short time can be arrived at anyplace. If brother repairs refine to arrive half god, can defeat a space, create oneself world “

Dream appearance was stupefied, “So this one’s own little world that close condition is overmatch of that half god? “So this one’s own little world that close condition is overmatch of that half god??

Small black: “Be also not be, before can saying only, be, general fall from the sky of half god overmatch, maintain without master effective power, his space also can disappear accordingly. Unless, there are many spirits inside implement, this also formed the close condition that they say “

Dream appearance is lazy lazy laugh is worn, there is a ray in the eye, “Look have many treasure, go, go in look “

After entering close area, convey randomly, brimless moor looks before dream appearance looks at an eye, still can see the Dao Jian that inserts the ground from time to time.

Dream appearance is a little curious, listening nearby the dialog of a few people.

“Saw these sword? Unless must be approbated to theirs, it is to unplug otherwise did not come out “

Among them one person tries discovery to unplug really do not move, someone else also does not believe unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, the ability after trying one face is amazed.

“Be worthy of is close condition, so fierce “

“Do not know to be able to be obtained approbate, in close condition, can be good thing “

“Good, do not waste time, we go trying another “

After waiting for them to leave, dream appearance is a little open-eyed also, shi Zhongjian? Look at the hilt before next, conveniently unplugs.

Pull out came. . .

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