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Wolf of day of snow of t广州喝茶资源he 46th chapter

” my demon animal cat is small black ” dreamy Yin Lin / , this chapter in all 2063 words, update at: 2020-07-12 17:00

The amount of demon animal is too much really really, cloud snow empire was immersed in the crisis very quickly.

The injury of the injury, those who die is dead, some straight successional house by beaten, and some, abandoned a battle directly, escaped.

Look at this occasion, the use that dream appearance is without reservation is main.

When her hair turns crimson into color, feel apparently low rank demon animal is scared to hers.

It is those high-ranking demon animal that Quan Lingxiu is, when seeing her, as if see the eyes with common prey.

This is, the phoenix blood inside the body of settle on?

Very fast, dream appearance with respect to dry two high-ranking demon animal, came very quickly nevertheless again any better, come this, still have the demon animal of a few natural initial stage among them.

Dream appearance looks at a few round oneself high-ranking demon animal, still far is opposite here of eye covetously in rank demon animal, she slowly spat at a heat.

Such it may not be a bad idea, someone else should be met a few more relaxed.

After 3 time pass, cloud snow empire has been a blood red, no matter be demon animal or friar, kill red eye.

The apothecary that meets even drug people, also joined this war in, supplying all sorts of red drug to everybody.

Here, dream appearance had killed ten demon animal, some are tired.

Differ with brother, flesh of demon hide coarse is thick, attack means is multifarious also, claw benefit ages the tail is their weapon.

Some are having bodily form advantage, some speed are splitting, more some in hiding waiting for her to be captured aside, attack directly next, get the gift that get a dream must hour is cautionary.

She also is not to had not tried envenom, be opposite it seems that nevertheless them these, taking the high-ranking demon animal with superior spirit grown medicine, do not have too big impact, just also have initial velocity a few slower.

Nevertheless, restored very quickly to come over.

Luo star here, because mix demon animal fight closely, be infected with on the body on many blood.

It is his eyes only, unusually sober, in this fight closely, he ases if is a Wang Zhe general.

Be in at this moment, resembling round his demon animal is what to be aware of, be retreated one by one.

The wolf of bicephalous snow white surrounded Luo star, the white wolf with a subsequently a few more largish bodily form forward Luo star goes, apparent it is wolf king.

When seeing the pupil of their orange, luo star is stupefied.

Demon animal spends adult time in unreal, exclusive and changeless, it is their eye.

This momently, luo star answers the eyes that remembers maternal tenderness, with eye of her that pair of orange.

It is the one claw of wolf king only, broke the think back of Luo star.

Luo star is sheered at once, the dress before the bosom still was caught to defeat, wind also nods bloodstain a bit.

Luo star at once cautionary.

At this moment he already can animal turns whole arm, see his both hands changes wolf claw only, and his double foot also unreal was changed.

Present Luo star not only muscularity is boundless assault force is striking, link rate, not poor also.

It is nevertheless before wolf king, still fell lee.

Two are gone to, the bicephalous white wolf on the side just also is looked at, did not want the meaning of skill, this makes Luo star loose at a heat.

Mix with all one’s strength subsequently wolf king argue.

When two people are enrolled too, in Luo star bosom, the dimensional Buddhist monastic discipline that dream appearance gives him child swung not carefully go out.

At this moment Luo star also is considered do not get wolf king, hasten go taking dimensional drop child.

With respect to this neutral, his hind the back is stupefied is be hurt by claw of ground of firm of wolf king firm, faint and OK see character.

As to dimensional give up child it is by among them a white wolf is grabbed, white wolf saw wolf king, licensed hind, be stupefied is so bite, crunch Buddhist monastic discipline child.

And Luo star, because of the aching wallop of backside, he is stupefied is trip slips gave ten meters, look up to see white wolf destroys Buddhist monastic discipline child picture.

Luo star two one red, because of dimensional give up child bad, the thing inside also is dropped directly.

The bow that dream appearance gives, the red drug that dream appearance gives, still have, the demon nucleus of his woman.

When 3 white wolves see demon kernel, it is to be stupefied, still do not have reaction, that bites bad space give up only child white wolf, by Luo star one claw is patted fly, was to leave blood-red claw to imprint more on the face.

Luo star at once a place of strategic importance of nucleus of pick up demon enters a bosom in, the arch one’s back that sends dream gift again is on the body, caught casually finally fill in red medicine into the mouth.

Of Luo star is red eye look to wolf king, as theroid eyes, staring at wolf king to death to death.

Wolf king looks at him to carry upbow on the back: “Do you plan to carrying this on the back to be hit with me? “Do you plan to carrying this on the back to be hit with me??

Such word rate sold at a discount greatly, when attacking much also block up.

Luo bit did not say, answered it with attack directly however.

The bend that goes up personally brought an influence to Luo star really, when no matter be,avoiding charge, he got restrict, to finally, he can defend to death to death only.

Large volume is minor on the body of Luo star nevertheless having better cut, during the battle, he is protecting demon nucleus of the mother not only, also protecting an old unit of length for measuring land that dream appearance sends.

This bend is to do not have a thing, he sufferred an injury however.

Making dozen of move, ko later, wolf king is more and more impatient, skill is heavier and heavier also, be without apprehension.

Be in at this moment, wolf king attacks to bite the neck to Luo star readily directly.

Luo star wants instinctively to hide, but think of one but hid, this bit wolf king to go up in bend readily, so he just did not hide fight fell.

Final, wolf king should be in on the right hand of Luo star, see state, luo star left hand attacks the neck of wolf king directly.

Wolf king is sheered at once, still got hurt, the neck remains lifeblood continuously.

Wolf king sees Xiang Luo bit, the view is mixed, “Issue Gong Fang, I am affirmatory you do not destroy him, if you win me, I am taking these demon animal to leave “

The right hand of Luo star remains lifeblood continuously, look at it calmly, did not talk.

“I, king of wolf of snow day wolf, ” wolf king is saying: “Apocalyptic one of 5 king, do what one says “

Luo star is learning eye of dream appearance narrow one’s eyes, admit to look it up and down really, resembling is the reliability that pondering over this word.

Finally, luo star the bend that gets on the body, baby is put commonly to to compare safe place, just come back after put away, the plan does his best and wolf Wang Lai fights.

Chaos caused by war still is continueing, drug can rush about everywhere in the battle, to person cure the injury sends red medicine.

Everybody is worn in effort, especially presbyterial people, desperately refine medicine.

Aside, what Zhu Yuan circle looks at cloud snow empire is miserable besides, look on coldly is worn.

“Round, ” Zhu Jiajia advocate watch Xiang Zhuyuan circle, “We go, the boat is already ready “

“Good ” saying, zhu Yuan circle and child of core of Home Zhu minority went aboard.

They decide, leave here to avoid this storm.

“Is Zhu Yuan round? ” at this moment, a person called Zhu Yuan round name.

Zhu Yuan circle looks at this one 3 people, drive a dream out of the people of appearance together with her that day just about, concern with her at ordinary times pretty good still.

Just, at this moment Zhu Yuan circle does not have what good look to them.

“Zhu Yuan is round, you how can such? At the outset when you persuade us to drive drug out of to meet dream appearance, sentence sentence disclosing you to be consider of Yun Xue empire more, dream appearance is how dangerous existence to the empire, look now, it is nonsense at all ” a say.

Another unwilling also give the impression of weakness at once: “Do you look who is now after all fighting for the empire? It is desert of whose face about, ignore Caesarean safety and danger, is disaccord empire concomitant? Is disaccord empire concomitant??

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