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Below the baby i 广州夜生活娱乐NFDn the castle

” infinite meet charitable person of on 10 ages when the system ” it is a Xiaobai only / , this chapter in all 3896 words, update at: 2020-08-11 16:40

The Xiao Xiao that sleeps very well in the morning rises, be put on by lackey Chinese li of clothes that take, retreated in succession, and resembling a little while is the ducal belt that running to come over anxious hurried breaths stand in the doorway ” hope I was not late, beautiful Miss Xiao Xiao. ” Xiao Xiao shakes shake one’s head ” not, it is good that you can call me Xiao Xiao. ” the word falls, go with respect to what see ducal excitement, he still follows several lackey after one’s death, there are all sorts of jewelries in the hand, clothings and all sorts of small act the role of article. Duke lets them drop the thing go out, he is in that rub wash one’s hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water not quite have the nerve, taking excitement however ask ” I, can be I worn to you build? ” after all the men and women has not, but he thinks too, want to the individual can make him informal dress up too, still can talk with him, can of the activity best.

Xiao Xiao did not see wicked idea in his eye, automatical inclination ” of course, I can be not worn. ” although Xiao Xiao often is regarded as by family the leading role of game of transhipment of through cargo, besides a few simple ground, too too complex is servant helps apparel, resemble Chinese take. The duke that receives nod approval resembles excitedly childish jumped a few times, see the eyes of cruel of the play that be like dawn, feel embarrassed cough Suo. Begin to admit to be worn to her really subsequently put up come, that recognizes true appearance, inarticulate is good-looking. And additionally those people also rose, after coming out, see so much lackey asked in the doorway sentence knew duke is in Xiao Xiao room, everybody shows barpque expression.

Crossed door of a hour to leave eventually, and the everybody that stood one hour insensibly is stupefied be stupefied look at the person that opens the door, how to say that (the author is Xiaobai, won’t write) , chinese baby of the standard, delicate and lovely, heart of 3 when look old old man was changed, more do not promote a woman of beauty of plain be apt to.

In the back that be like dawn contented feeling explodes the line of sight that the duke of canopy looks at someone else cannot help proud, no matter how they think, xiao Xiaogang rises by so do sth over and over again, but she is very hungry, want to have a thing now, providing these a few people, the steer clear of that be like dawn they, followed footman to take dining room. On table already filled up with cate, of the too impatient to wait that be like dawn sit to oneself locally, begin to enjoy cate.

And they also enter the Piao Shanmei that comes subsequently in succession, the Xiao Xiao that duke looks at him to had dressed up looks more glad, do not live go seeing her. And see enough a few talents discover them at this moment among little a person. Laisite cannot help asked ” person of Miss Hui Zi? Why didn’t we see her? ” , and at this moment does duke express very anxious say ” how? Be what to person disappeared? So need not to need me to let lackey help you be searched. ” look at all over the face anxious duke, although Laisite has the suspicion of a silk, but did not speak out however. Place the watch that place a hand to show, we ourselves can search her.

The Xiao Xiao that has a thing all the time looks up saw eye duke, gently shake one’s head the food that goes eating to did not eat. Ate breakfast, a few people and duke said, begin to seek Hui Zi’s sign in the castle. Searched very long did not find, a bit disappointing, and at this moment they arrived a big dining room, here is the place that footman has a meal. Sending out in whole space bizarre flavour, piao Shanmei they on the spot complexion change, this kind tastes they are familiar with very much, because there can be this kind of taste now and then in a little advanced field, this is. . . . The flavour of person pork. Expression of article of plain be apt to blocked a footman stiff to ask them what this is. Lackey replies gladly ” the flesh that this is the newest delicacy that chamberlain buys in the morning, chamberlain is too good really to us ” the lackey on the side praises chamberlain in succession.

Piao Shanmei cannot help doing vomit, ask ” is that flesh of our breakfast also chamberlain buy? ” but footman shakes however,shake his head say ” either, those flesh are the game that they come back from the hunt in mountain forest ” hear this answer, a few talents of beauty of plain be apt to leave a heart. Had come down certainly, the meat that people place eats fall forward is him Huizi. And the murderer stewards very likely namely, a few people tell him to want careful to chamberlain beware of in the bottom of the heart secretly, it is how dead really otherwise do not know.

A few people decide to act alone not simply as far as possible, on the road that go back, they came up against duke, does ducal and kind ground ask ” found Miss Hui Zi? ” a few people start to talk by Ervine to inspecting one eye hind ” Hui Zi goes out in her home finish sth, left first so. ” duke regrettablly ” that can not take compensation in their home, really regrettablly. ” a few people nod should be.

Be in at this moment, duke says to Xiao Xiao ” tomorrow evening we prepare to do dance of a welcome, can I continue to be worn for you build? ” be like Xiao Mo so called nod, get the smile of ducal satisfaction. The period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. looks at the carnivorous on table in, neither one person has appetite, ate a few vegetable simply, with the body unwell for, the requirement answers a room to rest, duke is laughing to let them rest well.

The woman always has so a few days uncomfortable really, scratch Piao Shanmei was caught up with however. Collywobbles adds the Piao Shanmei toilet of mood be agitated to come out to see flower bed went by, look at beautiful flower, the humor is a bit better. And at this moment duke appears from the side extremely tender say ” Miss Piao Shanmei is in this flowers, I still think is to spent faery to be driven. ” Piao Shanmei couldn’t help blushing to rise, ducal slowly stand by, stroke her cheek gently, say to her ” Miss Piao Shanmei, it is person comparing beautiful charming really ah ” saying to be stood by again a bit, be in at this moment, he is pulled open, look later, it is Xiao Xiao actually.

Xiao Xiao does not talk, so silent look at him, duke has some of fluster to for a short while ” I return some things to need to handle, so I, my foregone, you chat. ” say the move is not confused and escaped. After waiting for duke to leave, piao Shanmei regains consciousness suddenly come over, the Xiao Xiao before looking at an eye is abrupt very rejoice cannot help ” thank you, xiao Xiao, otherwise I may be dangerous. ” Xiao Xiao laughed, point to point to on the side over there Piao Shanwen is over there looking for her anxiously, on inner tube of beautiful eye of plain be apt to warm meaning, she this little brother ah ” calculate me this to owe you anyway, so I meet this carbon protect you well. ” say to run toward his little brother. Look at sister younger brother two frolic over Xiao Xiao also has a bit to consider the home, wait to be connected entirely closed, she also can come home, not urgent.

After waiting for them to go back, a few people gather said, these two days of message that collect in Gu Bao. The host of this original castle is the husband and wife of a pair of be matched for marriage, husband the rank of nobility gets a wife also is rich and powerful family later, very free-standing still, own oneself property, two people work outside, leave duke a person is in the home, the lackey in the home also because of grade idea, dare not talk with duke, there is his person only in deserted castle always is in the solilo-quize.

Old later chamberlain feels distressed duke took a beautiful baby to give him, since then, this baby became duke place, whatever word, he can say with baby, also can wear good-looking dress to baby, comb good-looking hairstyle, come back to see him till his parents this appearance, exceedingly angry, desertioned this baby the course that planned one caboodle to him, duke is very depressed when beginning, but as time elapse, he also began to get used to continuous study slowly he became the child in others members of a family.

Those civilian fear he as the noble, dare not be close to him. With his same noble, however because of his outstanding achievement, be worn in side side talk about again and again every day by oneself parents ducal good, do not be willing then pay attention to he. such, although was brought up he of a few, also be all the time a person.

Old later duke sought the wife of a be matched for marriage for him, originally he thinks such word is not him a person, but he follows his wife,respect only. Die in succession till couple of husband the rank of nobility, the wife that he discovers himself has with others actually catch, and be a lackey only then child, do this let him cannot help wanting to ask me so disappointing? Connect a lackey child be not a patch on?

But his wife tells him, yes, his every kind is good, those who grow is good, disposition it may not be a bad idea, considerate also to oneself, but do not have passion together with her, without love, I do not love you, because husband the rank of nobility is right,be together with you at the outset is of own home suppress, but he is already dead, the person that so she should love with her is together.

But should leave in her that day in the evening, she and her sweetheart disappeared. And be in a pretty chamberlain appeared beside ducal the following day. This, it is all things that they know.

They think but at that time Piao Shanmei tells them however,that chamberlain is a BOSS, she afternoon by ducal deceptive thing. are two people BOSS the doubt that this is everybody? The after all also was deceive to go today.

The 3rd day in the morning, she did not see Xiao Xiao ducal, a few people had done not have the psychology that makes visit? Preparation passes the first task, participate in award to leave carbon. And afternoon when, duke appears in Xiao Xiao’s room, “Can I take you to go to a place? ” such ducal asking. Look at the eye that he deathlies stillness, xiao Xiao agreed.

Xiao Xiao, ducal and implicative move stewards, the place that is about to say toward ducal place goes, but Piao Shanwen fears Xiao Xiao wants to go together very much, was blocked by Xiao Xiao, the eye looks at them to leave, piao Shanwen, some are depressed, had said to want to protect her obviously.

3 people come to basement, stand inside full, wearing luxuriant dress. . . Person, perhaps saying is the sample that the the dead makes. Introduction He Xiaoxiao that sees ducal insanity having a place only is worn ” this is me exhibit a house, of baby exhibit a house, be exceedingly good-looking? I like these baby exceedingly very much, you see this child, are you very familiar? She is your Hui Zi. And the is me to the men and women wife here and her sweetheart, you see such word, won’t they leave? Be metropolis for company I? Such I am not a person, you see me have for company of so much person. ” that about is laughing obviously, follow however like crying.

Go to the side of chamberlain again subsequently, to Xiao Xiao ” know who he is? He is diabolical, she said that day, she wants and her sweetheart leaves together, such how she is OK is opposite I? Put my person to be here so, my not reconciled to, I broke up to collect books familially the book that saw that natural call devil, did not think of to succeed really, since that day, that devil stays beside my, accompany me, and that day, my wife and her lover became the first pair of my baby, next I think you also should know, how, now should very regretted to come here with me? Aha ha. ” saying with respect to guffaw rise, but climb on the face full tear stains.

And the shriek that be like dawn in this moment and does not have fear, also did not escape sheer, before walking up so however, come, is the duke that bursts into tears that held in the arms be in in the bosom ” very alone? Always in that way a person, they leave is them is incorrect, undeserved you such, you did not cry again, I what you cry wanted to cry ” Xiao Xiao’s a little sad respecting.

Crossed duke a little while to pushed her to run out suddenly, and the station of bosom of annulus of diabolical both hands is over there, “Don’t you follow him to go out? Do not continue bewitch him, how do you still stay be here? ” devil carries eyebrow to ” this fellow itself does not have qualificatory call me, he still does not have the sort of abominable degree. Just the ancestors of his home has helped me when I am very puny, so I just can stay beside him. ” Xiao Xiao crooked head ” do then you continue to stay beside him even? ” diabolical and coltish laugh ” raise so old, become him early son. ” say.

See Xiao Xiao come back Piao Shanwen just puts down a heart, arrived in the evening, did the Xiao Xiao that did not see duke seek the door ” are you to say to want to be worn to me build? ” of ducal eye pop look at Xiao Xiao, xiao Xiao was not cared about ” unhappy still dot, ball still has a hour to was about to begin, you remember inviting me to dance to moment. ” ducal mouth is small piece, the devil behind sees no less than going to, tapped his head directly, “Still do not dress up to the girl dress up, what to think you? . ” absentminded duke begins to dress up to Xiao Xiao rise.

Dance scene, a few players are foolish look at the Xiao Xiao that dances with duke foolishly, a dance jumps, be like the duke since Xiao La to come to the balcony. “You should know I was about to leave immediately. ” duke does not talk nod, “Do then you want to leave with me? ” duke astonishs raise a head cannot buy channel ” you want I and you to leave, you. . . I ” the duke with a bit incoherent conversation.

Xiao Xiao nods ” go with me, such won’t remnant your person. ” true before somebody can like for company I ah, duke is thinking absentmindedly. “I promise you for him, this boy estimation is already glad foolish. ” all the time the devil that they speak shows eavesdrop to talk personally, his or else comes out, reckon this fool did not know how to react all the time.

The sky tonight is beautiful all the more, but that gets the castle to disappear however below sky originally, that duke that has diabolical company only was taking the castle to disappear.

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The author sends word: Actually occasionally lonely can let a person catch really mad, I in one’s childhood often a person, always be foolish stay foolishly in gate mouth to look at outside, thinking them when to can come back. The time that wait became long also not extravagant hopes, the thought year after year that commits suicide in the heart grows, the thought of a few dreariness also is met increasing, simply oneself carry the past, did not do what hooey. But the issue that considers that time now, also can have asphyxial feeling.


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