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Article introduction

Mole cricket, common weighs agrarian dog, pull pull Gu, gather up gather up cub of dog, earth dog (western area) , moth Pi (spend the) that compare a young, the; of Gu of the Wei that it is the ground that northeast area weighs also says to cut willow young (the platform language) of thief. Earthy dog is called in Sichuan child. That Zuo , what do the action of重庆夜品茶网 mole cricket and effect have? Below discusses the action of mole cricket武汉夜品茶网 and effect!

Earthy dog child effect and action

Mole佛山夜生活论坛 cricket is become with doing impetuous bug syste重庆夜生活论坛m medicine, have advantageous micturition, subsidence of a sw重庆夜网论坛elling, the action of dispel poison. Make water of secrete of cure of clinical medicine in order to fastens mole cricket refuse to come down of ascites of cirrhosis of calculous, oedema, liver, chronic nephritis and uremia, afterbirth, the retention of urine after art and bowel and arm light pain or numbness caused by cold cause 2 jam, apply retreats fleshy nail, Mu Zhu and eyewinker to wait.

Earthy dog child action and effect

1, swollen disease of mole cricket prevent floods by water control (the abdomen is full, asthma is urgent, cannot lie in order to install) :

Square one: Mole cricket 5, 佛山夜生活论坛adust for end, boiling water take medicine with water is used before eat one money, with pee smooth for effect, add end of the root of gansui spoonful of juice of land of one money, business, avoid salt 100 day

Square 2: Summer air of collect mole cricket, separately, abdomen, end, had baked custodial, treat oedema of upper part of the body, with head end 7; study human body intermediate oedema, with celiac end 7; treat oedema of below half body, the end that use remaining part 7, take before eat, wine sends.

Square 3: With mole cricket, red promote a heart 7, dolly, s西安夜品茶网how one night, air, grind in all for end, wine 西安夜生活论坛wine. Square 4: Bother the person that jam, bake with the cut

below mole cricket grind, water magnetism takes half money, stand.


Earthy dog child action and effect

2, mole cricket treats toothache: With mole cricket, in wrapping old be pickled with grains or in wine, wet paper packs good cook over a slow fire anxious, go flooey, levigation apply injury is in.

3, mole cricket treats big abdomen 西安夜生活论坛oedema: With mole cricket blazing, daily eat 10.

Square: With the root of Beijing euphorbia, lilac daphne, Gan Sui, the rhizome of Chinese goldthread each 3 money, grind in all for end. With mole cricket 7, add the green of dolly, adust on new tile, get rid of the wing is sufficient, each cut the left and right sides two half. When retreating left oedema, already the left with bug bakes 7 pieces grind the medical end that adds place to narrate 2 money, when matutinal dawn, arouse tone to take with henon bamboo leaf, lucid asparagus decoct. After 3 days, the right side that takes bug according to this kind of means 7.

4, mo

le cricket treats afterbirth refuse to come down: With put in mole cricket ‘s charge, water simmer in water leaves 20 times, rinse falls namely.

5, mole cricket treats nose disappear water () of swollen lay particular stress on of face face breast: With mole cricket. Light pink two, grind in all for end, every time is taken little plan, into bazoo, go out to be effect with yellow fluid.

6, mole cricket treats on the toilet jams: With mole cricket, dung beetle each 7, male head extraction bug, female body extraction bug, bake on tile anxious, grind for end. With take medicine with water of juice of Chu skin decoct. Extremely effect.

7, mole cricket treats Shi Lin to use painful: With mole cricket 7, salt 19, adust on new tile, grind for end. Every take spoonful, hot wine sends. Oedema of big abdomen of mole cricket in order to, pee not the true illness such as free, can wait for collocation with the root of Beijing euphorbia, lilac daphne. If use,treat anuria, can bake with mole cricket anxious, taking the advantage of hot dolly, take with rice wine or boiling water attune.


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