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[medicine expires a month ate to do how] how does _ handle _

Article introduction

In life daily life, the meeting in a lot of homes is a few more necessary remedial cold, have a fever, the medicaments of武汉夜网论坛

gastric bowel disease, but what there is fixed and cleared remedy in very rare home is chronic, bring about consequently ” stock keep long in stock ” of a lot of expire medicine. Already crossed the medicaments of storage life, it is to expire one day no matter Zuo is to expire a month, the law ensures its are invalid or not was mildew changes, does medicine expire how does a month eat this to do?

Medicine expires a month eats this how to do

Medicine expired to return can eat

Do not suit to take.

Treating what the period of validity of medicaments points to is medicaments fall in certain memory level, can keep the within a definite time that keeps a volume character, once treated medicaments to exceed this one , mean expire already, and overdue medicaments not only its efficacy of a drug can decrease, it and even the component that because the meeting is deliquescent,give a few harms likely also, the part that causes curative content and construction produce a change, the body is taken after feeding may not only can not have cure effect, possibl

e also meeting causes poisonous side effect, cause massive harm t长沙夜品茶网o health of body and mind, the medicaments that expired consequently is decisive cannot feed with be being taken again.

Medicine expires a month eats this how to do


Eat overdue medicine what to have bad influence

Because of the person different.

Eat expire what the undesirable effect that medical place causes reachs this person body quality according to the type of medicaments is different and different.

If general vitaminic kind of medicine, edible quantity is very few and itself fitness has compared a word, divide efficacy of a drug to decrease beyond, the likelihood can not create remarkable and unwell sense.

If Chinese traditional medicine prescription kind, wait like paddle of fluid of profess to convinced, candy, sweet bolus, after this kind of medicaments expires mould of very easy develop, the body is taken the unwell sense such as disease of bellyacke, diarrhoea, vomiting, lack of power, perspiration, low calcic blood may be created after feeding.

I重庆夜生活论坛f expire sulphur amine, penicillin kind wait for curative content body to 重庆夜品茶网take skin allergy, breath may be caused after feeding not free and even bring about shock.

Medicine expires a month eats this how to do

Medicaments of a few cure, like tetracycline kind the meeting after medicaments expires causes ill other people, the body is taken nephritic function may be caused after feeding acid of sex of harm, metabolization is toxic etc.

And a few curative content, zun of the Mi that be like third kind fight spi武汉夜生活论坛der drug, the component after expiring produces a change, also have the certain fetal deformation, carcinogen, effect that causes abrupt change.

Eat to expire how should a lunar medicine do

1, water more. Take fed expire no matter the medicine of a month gives report of unwell feeling, dou Yingxian closes take, and drink water or edible gram congee in great quantities, drive medicaments metabolization, avoid to appear unwell feeling disease or disease aggravate.

2, spit. Take fed expire curative content wants, can use finger or excitant pharynx and larynx begins wooden chopsticks spit, assist not complete digestive to treat medicam武汉夜生活论坛ents to come from body eduction as early as possible, prevent disease farther aggravate.

3, go to a doctor sendin重庆夜生活论坛g exa佛山夜生活论坛mine. Expire the curative other people of a month is very old t东莞夜品茶网o body harm, if be fed by accident, before going up, horse of the proposal after giving unwell feeling to mirror goes to go to a doctor of hospital outpatient service, the cure using drug such as travel gastric lavage, infusion, cause more serious undesirable effect in case.


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