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How do 5 chapters answer thirtieth after all thing

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2533 words, update at: 2020-03-14 15:48

The report that does not receive a nurse strictly a little while is hasty go, will some doubt ask a nurse downstage ” who looks for me? Will some doubt ask a nurse downstage ” who looks for me??

The nurse is developing lateral to discharge two people on the chair to point to then, see actor rice is in strictly later look at oneself, having on the face vinegary.

Strict terrified, restored to taking away light smile to go towards actor rice as one used to do on the face next, just wanted a mouth to see actor rice extends a forefinger to be put in the signal on the lip not to talk strictly. Close the mouth strictly immediately knowingly, the look still has a person to be in behind him alertly, stand by strictly, look at actor rice face of that balsam pear, “How? ” indissoluble strictly, work this piece of face.

Actor rice has invited a body, point to the person that points to back ” she got hurt, you hurry to wrap up. You hurry to wrap up..

Look at the woman on the chair strictly, the eyes is a little complex see actor rice again, that woman side is worn the head shuts have sth in mind, the hair holds off her side face, look not clear her face, left hand is blood presses the arm in the right hand to go up.

Does the private parts crouch to examine before going up strictly rapidly ” how to get hurt? Remained so much lifeblood? Remained so much lifeblood??

Actor or actress Mi Gang wants to explain, blood gradually open open one’s eyes raise a head, look to talker.

Raise a head strictly to see the face to the woman likewise, 4 eye are opposite, doing not have utterance is the sincere feeling among is in only secretly flee hither and thither is worn…

Blood strong strict and faint laugh ” severe doctor, we met again. We met again..

The before looking at an eye blood that feels distressed strictly, does brows pressed closely ” how did you get hurt? Who hurts? Who hurts??

Actor rice listens the dialog of two people, “Are you known? “Are you known??

Also do not have justifiable actor rice strictly, uprear blood go toward oneself infirmary, actor rice is in by air place, mutter say: “After all who is your brother! “After all who is your brother!!

Strict blood by go up in the chair, take medical case quickly next, blood unlock a hand to also do not have conversation, come to the side of him, oneself put down psychological vigilance eventually, because this man always is saving him, when danger, when getting hurt, when awkwardness…

Cut off blood strictly with scissors the sleeve on the arm, see that cut, some are deep, cut still is in all the time ooze blood, seeing blood, closing double eye, frown is worn beautiful eyebrow, there is a redness of skin on pale face, strict one feels distressed, she so be afraid of ache, was hurt again actually, root of strict small gnash one’s teeth.

Cut is too deep, must oversew, she still is afraid of ache, sigh in strict heart, without method.

“You are bearing a dot, very won’t painful, want to make drug, because cut is a bit deep, must want to oversew, ? ” strict look chains closely blood expression.

Blood nod, strict immediately face about goes taking a tool, give blood first washed cut hemostatic disinfection, give blood next made drug, see blood strictly sweat had seen on forehead. Hold a hand strictly to take needle and line, begin to help blood suture, stitch needle crosses blood the flesh on the arm, dare pledge strictly what oneself did not feel to gash the patient’s body from cure for years is a how cruel thing, but oneself feel to be in now suture blood when cut so cruel, thinking her to be in bearing ache not throat, no matter be now,on the body still is a heart in not utter a word…

Strict forehead also saw sweat, clipping is in in last needle line, altogether seamed 11 needles, put down the tool in the hand strictly to blood say: “Had been seamed, I help you clear now cut wraps up next. I help you clear now cut wraps up next..

Blood hear strict word gently spat at a heat, oneself are biting a tooth to be being borne all the time, dare not let discover strictly, be afraid that he is done hard.

Listening to blood strictly saying energy of life asply, bearing in the heart.

Cleared strictly the bloodstain all round cut, next the medicine on besmear, take gauze gently pester cut on, blood is looked at after the package is nice hang down in aside blood is completely on left hand, take cottony towel strictly to soak gently the blood that brushing a hand to go up.

Perhaps be to bleed too much some collapse blood slept, look at blood strictly shut have sth in mind to relied on on the chair to sleep, a few messy hair silk climbed on pale face, feel distressed strictly extend handle to poke silk of those a few hair softly, the tender feelings that caution was full of in eye eye and feels distressed…

Strict gently blood dust coat is taken off gently hold a blood in the arms on the single bed that is put in oneself to rest, had built a quilt, looked deeply again sleep on the bed not the person with firm ** , remember the doorway still has one the individual is waiting, rose to went out to close the door gently next.

Go towards hospital doorway, he should ask that blamed actor rice, came back how suddenly, and still mix below this kind of circumstance blood appear before oneself together, blood how can get hurt again, how be together with his agitate again? There is one to string together interrogation to want to waiting for actor rice to give his the answer greatly in strict heart…

The left and right sides looks, where does the person go? Go strictly to the park of the hospital again, see him himself as expected a person sits on that stone stool to becoming warped both hands of cross-legged or with ankle on knee is handed in hold whole on stone desk person syaring blankly, go by strictly to sit down opposite.

“How did she get hurt, ” strict expression asks gravely.

Actor rice has answered a god, carry the expression that eye looks at 2 elder brother still has eye light medium serious, chuckle ” when 2 elder brother also meet chiliad petrochemical care so to a woman! ” having in actor rice word provoke dye-in-the-woodly.

Object strictly to his word, “Staying to come back how suddenly well in your recreational company? “Staying to come back how suddenly well in your recreational company??

“See the news of eldest brother this morning, I hurried back hastily came. I hurried back hastily came..

Look at him coldly strictly, remember the reporter is right this morning the biting query of severe grand day, “Is the news announcement that you come back mixed in the home eldest brother?

“Without, which there’s still time, left a plane midday I did a thing, came back to help a person again next, give then send you this, had not drunk even water now! ” actor rice is complaining.

Strict eye is smooth one cold, “Is you say her what you save? “Is you say her what you save??

“Be, ah, 2 elder brother, you say lot is really strange still, when I handle affairs today, we go up in trestle together travel, I drive time a bit, but she is blocking me in front of me, it is one-way, I am impassable again, press a horn all the time next, she just does not let me go more than, our rate is very rapid, I accompany her to play simply meeting, whirlwind a little while I saw time have not enough time quickly I exceed the past. ” what actor him rice says is very excited, also did not see strict that impatient expression.

“I want to hear a focal point, ” say coldly strictly.

Actor rice sees strict look, distained hold back issues the mouth, some complain malcontently ” ask for help is so fierce still. Some complain malcontently ” ask for help is so fierce still..

Strict save one’s breath, he also does not think and he bickers do not think lose time more, want to know blood quickly only why to get hurt.

“Because now is her,be my patient. “Because now is her,be my patient..

Actor rice feels he a moment ago seemed to see the mood that a moment ago shined strictly in eye light and passes, eye light is on the move a bit, some do not know the reason why.

“On the road that come back, I see roadside is parking her car actually, because with her whirlwind crosses a car to remember her car so, the my curious the truth of sth. that wants to see her, get off go looking. Discover she is not in the car and the mothball box of the car still opens, but I looked to be done not have bad,at first I still think her car became bad, I discover her later should be to just was bought carry mineral water, nevertheless nearby actually a bottle of mineral water that just drank two still is in on the ground, when I still am suspecting this is how to return a responsibility on the side the way that the boss of convenience inn comes out to side with car head looks, what there still is to meet bad person in the mouth. I asked with respect to curiosity ability knows to a moment ago two men are chasing after her fro to run over, I also did not want to also chase after the past more at that time, when waiting for me to go, she is in with two men deal with but had gotten hurt. ” the show that actor rice is saying to remember her face the music suddenly, eye light is tiny twinkle, “2 elder brother, that is sober when you do not know she faces those two men, I have some of appreciation. Nevertheless, say really, the sense that becomes a hero for the first time is quite good still oh! ” actor rice has some of narcissism. “2 elder brother, you say I call a hero to save the United States so, hum? Hum??

Actor rice is mixed excitedly show off strictly, do not know completely strict right now mood, “2 elder brother, 2 elder brother, are you listening to me to talk? ” actor rice sees strict it is a piece of cold face also does not talk only, think 2 elder brother how more and more learn to rise with eldest brother, a piece of cold face is not very handsome really, so much like oneself good…

The double closefisted that is put strictly below stone desk is being grasped closely, hearing the word of actor rice, thinking at that time blood be how helpless, cannot ask for help can be mixed only their deal with, if not be actor rice so… have some of fear after the event strictly dare not imagine.


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