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The ground of competition of the 44th regulation is nodded

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1985 words, update at: 2020-03-16 16:02

One big early blood get up with respect to preparation, developed a bath simply, does check look up cut what to thing should not have? Blood frown stretch one’s hand caught next hairs, conveniently winkle T-shirt of a white, the ham with slender the lower part of the body wore to be fastened at the same time exceed short miniskirt, show the perfect unsurpassed of the figure. The skin that Bai Xi is too busy shows light pink fully, thin thin double lip if rose valve is delicate and charming be about to drip.

The move that oneself had checked before systemic lens is installed, face about looks for a dust coat to wear from the chest of systemic dust coat again, the finger with long minute stays to be in repeatedly on dust coat, finger nods the dust coat appreciably of that cream-colored to stop, blood look at dress laugh, “With respect to this. “With respect to this..

The care that my actual strength adds you what I can stand in the match is final, child, cheer for the elder sister!

Face about leaves a floor, blood the plan that should not have a meal goes towards porch directly.

“Didn’t you have a meal? “Didn’t you have a meal??

Lin Tianci calls blood suddenly.

Blood stop say: “I am occupied, you eat! ” say to also differ Lin Tianci nods, walk out of directly.

“Make day of mystery do not know to be in do some of what thing, ” Bai Youhui show the whites of eyes distains say.

“Mom, can she want take flight in preparation? ” Lin Yuner appears suddenly a such your everybody if appreciably is nervous.

Bai Youhui drops the egg in the helper, “Desert? Won’t! ” turn tensely next the head looks at Lin Tianci.

Lin Tianci is low head is eating breakfast only ” be at ease, she won’t. ” Lin Tianci nature is to take accurate blood disposition, it is one has take on, slave girl kind-heartedly again, she won’t make the sort of issue.

Change short shoe of white, swinging pitch-black hair to go towards the garage, sit into the car to open fire next strung safety belt. Abrupt somebody is beating car window door, blood slightly open-eyed look up see piece of Mom there is a case in the hand, blood press next car windows, “Young lady, give you breakfast, ” piece some asthma that Mom runs.

“Piece Mom, you… “

“Do not have breakfast bad to the body, again busy also should have breakfast, ” piece the box in Mom handle goes forward one by one in the car.

Blood had received breakfast, some choke with sobs even if such choke is in guttural, “Thank piece of Mom, very sweet… “

Piece the view that Mom is taking affection pours blood nod, “There are you to love eating fruit vegetables sandwich most inside, still have a cup of sour milk, still have an apple, remember wanting to eat. Remember wanting to eat..

Blood red orbit nods, it is next below the watch sb go away of piece of Mom the entrance door that opens Home Lin.

This home is having the person of care exclusively to oneself, blood sneer firm step on the gas…

Agreed to want to be in with actor rice Boer this hotel entrance sees, blood the car is stood by gradually Boer this hotel. The staff member had begun to busy, the Logo of the match still has placard to had been placed in hotel entrance, good not lively in busy move. Blood see a luxurious car sails to the parking lot, blood one step on the gas also jockeys rapidly, do not have a car late probably a little while.

Blood the breakfast that sits in the car to look at piece of Mom to prepare, there is the laugh of some of feel sad on the face, take sandwich or that taste, in one’s childhood that tastes, blood of some yearnings tasted…

Dong Dong…

Blood look up look to the window outside, just touch the eye eye of actor rice black, corners of the mouth is swinging the smile that the person lets close like just like spring breeze to looking at his, blood face one red, resembling is to be caught the pet that eating stealthily is same;

Blood press next car windows, next sandwich that go still are swallowed in the mouth, corners of the mouth returns some salad sauce, actor rice looks at so lovely blood when, burst out laughing actually.

“With a ha breath out… good ah, carrying us on the back actually so much person a person secretly have breakfast, ” actor rice spins intentionally sound.

Blood feel embarrassed hastily the sandwich in get down mouth, look round rapidly look think from the back have a lot of people, the result actors or actress him rice, what some get angry became white actor rice.

“Dry frighten me, my within an inch of is gone to by choke. ” blood grab the yoghurt on the car drank suddenly.

Actor rice looks at blood the white of the corners of the mouth after drinking yoghurt suckles be soiled, shake shake one’s head distain a little say: “You go with respect to this figure the match, how can commissioners look? How can commissioners look??

Blood break up questioningly drive the mirror that go up looks, feel embarrassed grab paper takes the paper in careless brush, next white an actor rice ” still you are not frightened. Next white an actor rice ” still you are not frightened..

Blood open what still resent in door mouth to grouse get off, lock up a car to be considered oneself next from go outside, there still is the sandwich that did not eat in the hand; Actor rice looks at blood slender back has some of cannot help laughing;

“Didn’t you eat breakfast? “Didn’t you eat breakfast??

“Hum, it is to do not have time to eat, a moment ago thought you had not come, so I want to eat in the car! So I want to eat in the car!!

“Hum… ” actor rice nods.

“You? Eat breakfast? ” blood just just remembered rice asking actor has a meal.

Actor rice is pouring blood show the whites of eyes ” you say, we rise early greatly will which prepare to time eats breakfast! We rise early greatly will which prepare to time eats breakfast!!

Blood stop offal pace suddenly, remnant returns in looking at a hand the sandwich of 1/3 sees actor rice say next: “I still have these doing not have to eat, you… “

Actor rice looks at blood the sandwich in the hand, the mouth one hold back, a pair who is so rare that eat what you remain; Blood does meaningless laugh laugh ” is there still an apple on my car do you want? Blood does meaningless laugh laugh ” is there still an apple on my car do you want??

Actor rice pretends one pair some say sadly: “Calculated, a bit sincerity is done not have. A bit sincerity is done not have..

Blood what shrug laughs is a little inflexible.

The two walk intoing that the individual says to josh laughs are Boer this hotel, outside passing what luxuriant old hall comes to the hotel, the environment of be worthy of the name is beautiful, landscape is laky build photograph confluence with half hill, the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, charactizing a fine spring day; On establishment, meal, recreation, very all ready. There is Western-style food office in Chi Pan, other one side is SPA, recreation is integrated at a side; The hydrotherapy house of constant temperature, and what those clients trust serve the most enthusiasticly with what help somebody attain his aim for a long time; Listening to the introduction of actor rice, blood laugh some bandit smooth, how he resembles is to be like the hotel that introduces his. There still is the feeling like presumable lake in another side, can swim on man-made lake boat; Blood down actor rice how-to see this is belonged to Boer this hotel the swimming-pool outdoor, it probably how many meters do not know is good to have probably how many meters do not know big, really ostentatious still. Light of the wave on pool face is crystalline wear with dawn apply colours to a drawing; So luxurious and perfect all ready Boer this, the hotel of Lin seems to be not surmounted forever, these services of luxuriant Shu Xin of the service that what Lin lacks is this kinds of many denaturation and client place need.

The competition ground of original match is set in this namely more than 10000 of smooth rice swim on the side of the pool, simple and easy sunshade canopy had been put up on the side, in the canopy that a lot of players had entered that to set, actor rice and blood inspect laugh laugh happen to coincide while raise a hand, blood in the brachial turn that circles fine long arm into actor rice, go in the person that face that group of dance.


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