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The 80th chapter begins to premeditate

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1921 words, update at: 2020-03-22 16:27

Severe grand weather is cold face comes to group of severe family name, sitting private elevator goes upstairs.

“Bite… “

66 elevator is opened, an Na is accurate attack the form that holds severe grand day.

“Grand day ” severe grand day did not manage her, had gone beside her directly, an Na an awkwardness, the secretary of secretary area is frightened not dare utter sth, look at a piece of severe grand day is black face to know Lian Anna greets sb not to see the president carries with him eye, everybody is cautious for fear that does not take care disaster and oneself.

Since this Lin Xieer day of occurrence Yan Hao is fine face also does not give him, want to install the clench one’s fist of graceful firm firm, eye ground glide crime of a firm…

Severe grand day sits on office chair to help frontal skill up to have each times single-handed beating desk, the hold in mouth or eyes that thinking the appearance corners of the mouth of wool of Lin Xieer blast is casual this morning is worn smile, what replace for an instant is cloud he remembers blood the shoulder that because cry,go up in the bed and trembles is distracted.

Lin Xieer eats breakfast to return a room, wanting to want to face severe grand day every day, severe grand day is so right oneself, want how to just can escape his evil hands; “Bite… ” the phone wanted suddenly to pullback blood fretted heart.

“Hello, “Hello,,

“Blood what do you do in severe home? Your husband ah don’t you know the company that is aimed at Home Lin everywhere now? You think way rapidly, persuade severe grand day to receive a hand to be heard rapidly? ” Bai Youhui is pulling voice to be in the there strong blood of the phone clamour.

Blood sneer ” is aunty had given Yan Hao day me? Did not reach consensus to help Lin resolve the crisis? Did not reach consensus to help Lin resolve the crisis??

“Your this word what meaning, lin also has the painstaking effort of your father, you also have share, should you look at Lin to break down? It is who raises you big adult for years so besides, how are you ungrateful? How are you ungrateful??

“Bring up me to be brought up, after I grow up, be oneself make money raise oneself, still have my share, you divide me every year it how many money compares me in your heart is much clearer how many money compares me in your heart, feel I return those who owe you? This I replace allow marry Yan Hao day, our heart knows abdomen bright why, because I look to go up in the uncle’s face,that is, on the face of that close uncle that is having kin with me. ” blood what the hand that holding a phone trembles because of excited mood is fierce.

“Marry does to Yan Hao the day let you subdue? But he crosses the president of century group, others wants to marry do not have that opportunity, do not know good to go back on one’s word. ” of Bai Youhui shameless it is to let blood really be surprised.

“Life work also can be not aunty to not be belonged to only to shameless state. ” say blood the gibberish that also does not want to listen to Bai Youhui hanged a phone directly. The room blood that swings for nothing sit feebly in the gangmaster on the ground to be buried in knee to be in, this world is really terrible still, the dear one is right your be ruthless, the person that element did not seek a range can save you however at an abyss of suffering in…

“Dear is graceful, do you think elder brother? ” the frown that the one aspect of the matter of the phone transmits the sound of special ** to let An Na can’t help.

“The thing that I allow you to do how? ” the asking with impatient sound of An Na depress.

“Be to have good news of course, how dare call to you otherwise. How dare call to you otherwise..

“You say quickly, I do not have time to follow your gibberish. ” An Na does not wish to say with the other side apparently too much.

“Old at 7 o’clock in the evening place disappears not to come loose, do not see to you you also cannot get what message. ” the laugh that says to accompanying ** hanged a phone. Close lightly wears An Na lip, the hand emphatic that holding a mobile phone is hoar, eye ground float removes cloud.

In the evening at 7 o’clock

An Na is punctual appear in auspicious time hotel a certain room, back-to-back mobile phone knocks a hair of a few words to go out, differ conference room is transmitted knock sound. An Na sees through cat eye the person opens doorknob person to be put immediately, the double key point that is put into comer to growing evil spirit of a pair of evil, big and tall figure, thorn blueness is on the arm, looking at is not what good person, this person calls An Dongsheng, ampling howl spends a snake, it is the foster son that An Na’s father receives, this person once had saved An Qiuyang’s life, be valued by An Qiuyang so be able to put sb in a very important position, help An Qiuyang get ready oneself business, but An Na does not like him, he likes An Na very much however.

“How can you say now? ” An Na not quite of patient ask him.

“Graceful, you so treat your elder brother? Anyhow we also are to be the same as a bed in all pillow passes, saying to use him the face that that coarse hand touchs An Na. Saying to use him the face that that coarse hand touchs An Na..

“You shut up, will not let me be fed up with you. ” go out fully in the hand key point that brings graceful spank to pat beautiful snake detest.

“Travel, that my foregone. ” saying to stride long leg to go toward the doorway.

“You stop, ” An Na sees beautiful snake move really.

Of evil spirit of beautiful snake evil ” good, that satisfies me to say again first. ” this is the condition that spends a snake to put forward to An Na every time, he helps Guo Anna square a lot of things include her to stay beside of severe grand day now.

An Na has some of launch an attack look at beautiful snake, in the heart although loath but need him now, also can smiling face photograph is greeted. Beautiful snake also knows to install graceful heart to be worn greatly, can like oneself sincerely far from, do not pass, can from time to time the body that seizing her is very satisfactory also.

As always…

After the event wears dress edge to ask by the side of An Na: “How should you return a responsibility with my in the final analysis, I can follow your bad news to wear without time. I can follow your bad news to wear without time..

Beautiful snake is ticked off tick off the mouth, a smoke since the dot ” the old that she displeased Qing Longbang, qing Longbang’s old is kicked by her now a disabled person, qing Longbang is looking for her to revenge now, do you say this is a good news? ” beautiful snake says to spitting eye socket to carry eye looks at the An Na that get dressed to say.

Does An Na eye ground have some of smile eventually ” it is good that according to your meaning we need make use of other person to get rid of an enemy only? Does An Na eye ground have some of smile eventually ” it is good that according to your meaning we need make use of other person to get rid of an enemy only??

Lying between aerosol to look at An Na still is the beauty in the mist in the dream really, beautiful snake is obsessed with temporarily, the eyes is blurred and essential did not hear An Na what to say.

“Hello, what to think, do I ask you the word? ” An Na is a little vinegary raised voice.

Beautiful snake has answered a god ” it is good that we help a Qing Longbang, what problem also calculates the head that is less than us to go up, although day of his Yan Hao is ill-affected what also can look for Qing Longbang only is troublesome, do we sit is Weng Zhili receiving fishing bad do you say a little sister? Do we sit is Weng Zhili receiving fishing bad do you say a little sister??

An Na carries eye and beautiful snake photograph are inspected laugh reach consistent, eventually of Shu Xin spat at a heat. “You are at ease, severe grand day does not like her at all, although she has what thing, grand day also is met only formally does Lin to look, want her to disappear only went. ” say to had delimited in have sth in mind complacent, for Yan Hao the day is it may be said really the ** that encounter Buddha encounters a person to commit murder.

The firm crime that spends a snake to look at the thrill through in bringing graceful key point not by is the smoke that say an opening encircled ” the love that how has are you Yan Hao day? Knowing severe grand day is such also to you… “


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