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The 94th chapter was away on official business

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1560 words, update at: 2020-03-24 16:17

The day gets 7 meat or fish too 8 element, blood in hospital the last day, can deal with afternoon leave hospital came home, actor rice of one old early in the morning run, for company blood have breakfast…

“Do you no hurry today? Of old early in the morning what to run to do? ” blood drank a congee.

“I today thing of it doesn’t matter, ” actor rice head also not quite those who carry say, it is a fart actually, should want to go originally today after France attends the transcribe of a program to let Andy delay directly, it is good that for this Andy gives him scold suddenly. Actor rice is thinking this blood came home infer is more troublesome, he regards her as the little sister will cherish, he does not know she follows there is what thing between eldest brother, but so the individual says how suddenly to be married eldest brother is married eldest brother, and whats are done not have, guess not hard what there is among this, he also does not want to ask but looking at her is so sadness…

Do not make a sound strictly placed fast agaric to be put in blood on ladle, blood fill the mouth immediately in, a congee of a dish eating, for a short while 3 people do not make a sound eating breakfast, having respective small idea severally. Had eaten breakfast, plum aunt is being cleared away, start to talk strictly eventually ” digest a little while digest, I am helping you do a general physical checkup, if thing of it doesn’t matter can go. If thing of it doesn’t matter can go..

“Oh… ” blood a little small lose, return that home to cannot see thoroughly strict, oneself present identity also does not have law privately to see them.

“Hahaha, how are you returned not happy, such you can go out engorge sea eats, you the good thing that place of this paragraph of time has takes completely come back. you the good thing that place of this paragraph of time has takes completely come back..

Blood tick off laugh what tick off reluctance of corners of the mouth, turn suddenly bright double eye ” how be inferior to waiting for us to go out to eat a lunch together? ” blood entreat immediately look at strict.

Laugh strict and helplessly ” cannot eat particularly hot, seafood has bit of fish also cannot be hot, still basically be with be being given priority to delicately. Still basically be with be being given priority to delicately..

“Am I to you can leave hospital? How cannot that still eat, it is good that you see me, do not have a thing, do you let me take a place good? ” blood the suppliance of grievance is worn strict.

Sigh strictly, “Take you to have spot fish, there is a spot fish seat of government around. There is a spot fish seat of government around..

Blood the doctor room of ramble that walks into an examination strictly accordingly, blood look at pitiably strict ” you should wait for me in the doorway, I fear. I fear..

Laugh strictly suddenly pat send blood shoulder, “Do not have a thing, you are good, it is routine the examination is very agile not, do not be afraid that I wait for you in this. Do not be afraid that I wait for you in this..

Blood nod, return what do not abandon to looking round strict, why, perhaps not be to fear, it is one kind is depended on…

Look at blood go in, the low head on the wall behind leans in the bag that strict both hands inserts into white unlined long gown, there is a sincere feeling on the face…

Wait for blood examine the body, remand him strictly ward, let her change clothes, the anteroom that also returns oneself strictly changes clothes, actor rice is dialing the telephone of severe grand day in the doorway, “Eldest brother, does young today elder brother’s wife leave hospital don’t you plan to come? Does young today elder brother’s wife leave hospital don’t you plan to come??

Severe grand Tian Chuanlai is not on is An Na’s sound, “Actor rice? The president is opening a very important meeting, and we are absent home, we are in H country. We are in H country..

“Oh, feel sorry. ” said to hang a phone directly. Other one side is thinking the word of actor rice, appearance has some of ferocious, the hand emphatic that holding a phone is being grasped, eye ground Cheng Man is killed meaning; The time of this one month she left hospital, I do not believe you all the time so good life…

… …

“Young mistress of the house, the childe said to let me receive you to leave hospital today, such you go having a meal, I wait for a result in this, next I am going back. ” plum aunt is saying.

“Need not, you come home have a meal, it is good that we eat a meal to come back to take a little while, you need not wait. You need not wait..

Blood resembled what remembering again ” that… ” plum aunt interrogative looks at her. “Do not have a thing you go. “Do not have a thing you go..

“Is young mistress of the house to want to ask a spoilt son of a rich family? He was away on official business yesterday evening, specially is returned to bade when going I had taken care of you. Specially is returned to bade when going I had taken care of you..

“Be away on official business? When to come back? When to come back??

“Come back today, what I look at a childe to go is very urgent, saying is tonight can come back. Saying is tonight can come back..

“Hum… ” blood a little small disappointment, this person knows perfectly well him to leave hospital to still be absent today what! happy will care, not happy and essential pay no attention to?

Blood thinking some at odds, but still go changing clothes, the shirt with yellow lemon, jeans of a white is built outside, take a straw hat, appreciably looks fine long hair on pale face lacklustre, take oneself from bag bag most endearment lipstick besmears gently to the mirror, look round move plum aunt asks ” plum aunt, how? Unlike patient? Unlike patient??

Plum aunt laugh, “Young daughter-in law is constitutional beautiful qualitative, applying powdery black also is beauty. Applying powdery black also is beauty..

“Hahaha… “

The door was accompanying a play laugh to open, blood oneself canvas bag on the back looks up to see 4 people that stand in the doorway, actor rice makes fun of that forever the smile of cruel, strict it is the smile that there is warmth on light eye smooth mouth, still have two very grave eyes; Blood double go out to stop offal pace suddenly to looking round person of that black clothes says: “If you follow us to sit down together have a meal, how doesn’t or follow? How doesn’t or follow??

Wood and the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces high two people looked each other, “Young mistress of the house, the childe lets us be followed closely to you. The childe lets us be followed closely to you..

“Good, have a meal. ” said to take the lead in going out…


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