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The 86th chapter Is am sorry I come late

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1942 words, update at: 2020-03-23 15:40

Blood with a rustle quiver in this dark cabin, she does not know can somebody will save his, she skips in brain now piece strict that warm eyes skips again a Yan Hao day the eyes of that iciness, no matter be everybody does not know everybody is caught,arrive this, somebody of more impossible meeting will save his. In the heart dark sigh, oneself want to leave severe grand day to but this is planted,leave this town parting be chic really!

Each dock that Wu Deyi’s pedestrian is in T city, defeat storehouse look about, longing discovers a person rapidly, lin Xieer a girl is caught by the person of this group of ferocious hole is bode ill rather than well surely.

Blood hear the sound little of somebody is stood by outside, blood fear extremely, oneself still do not think dead, age gently how can yearn for well living.

Of part of speech one glottal be pulled open, back-to-back move comes in a few people, blood smelled the effluvial flavour on their body, they resemble themselves ceaselessly relying on to come over, blood fear resemble from the back dillydally. Suddenly a person took the lead in growing a mouth

“Turn on the lamp. ” blood listen to this sound to be familiar with very much.

Lamp of bang shined, blood the gap that showing unconscious eye cloth felt a light, the tear off blood with back-to-back curt somebody the unconscious eye cloth on the face, for a short while blood the eye that is poked by light is not opened, waiting for her to stretch an eye to mirror those who be before slightly is the one face that Zhang Xieer does not miss to see, that is Qing Long.

The anger of green longan bottom lets blood swallow saliva, “Be you really so. ” blood reason outfit says composedly.

Qing Long pulls blood hair ” smelly ** , you also have today, how battling severe grand day is protecting you you do not have care is! How battling severe grand day is protecting you you do not have care is!!

Blood pain bite gnash one’s teeth, the appearance that looks at Qing Long with a ha bursts out laughing suddenly, qing Long looks at blood this pair of unusual appearance, carry the hand gave blood spank, of this spank force big, blood direct deaf an auditive what is inaudible also, raised head corners of the mouth to also give blood. The blood below dim lamplight be how enchanting, qing Long is unidentified so look at blood strong still him move laughs. “Of Mom, smelly ** , give you the face, I let you know I am how dead today. ” saying to rise directly to blood played a few bases, that steel boots is kicked in blood on effeminate body, want to kick her meaning dead namely at all.

Clang blood spat a blood to go up, qing Long looks at blood the raise on the shape face that is about to die then smile, “Brother, this woman gives you, you are looked at play, do not play me dead to return useful point nevertheless. ” say face about to go backward, the smile that leaves a flock of person ** is passed into blood in another ear…

Gust ring broke their movement, of Xi of Qing Longxiao Xi receive a telephone call, “Hello, the second, ” Qing Long right now humor is very good.

“Elder brother put that woman quickly. ” voice of green boa depress is saying.

“Put, why, I want kill she, ” saying Qing Long kill since the extensive on the face meaning.

“Eldest brother, listen to me, our hall mouth was carried a lot of, severe grand day is to should follow our knock after all, eldest brother there will be ample time, put her first.

Qing Long’s impatient brandish waves, everybody stops signal the movement in the helper, look at the Lin Xieer that is about to die on the ground, the hand chuckle that grasping fist makes sound. Coarse old hand stays in clutch blood neck, force she and oneself to inspecting, the smile of your life vomit is shown on homely face, “Our there will be ample time, you are living one day with respect to for the moment, next time I still can catch you, nevertheless next time you so won’t lucky… ” say hand firm firm press the person in the blood on cabin feel the head is thrown dizzily only.

“Go quickly, they came we also have risk. ” say one pedestrian to leave cabin quickly…

Severe grand day is informed specific place to drive to go directly that dock, wood receives an announcement also immediately thereto is driven, right now the helicopter on the sky just should prepare to rescue the person in cabin to was informed to recall by.

Severe grand day sits to shut have sth in mind on board, the thrill through in the heart countless pictures, so long, they had been been opposite she… he dare not continue to think downward, hope to see that woman quickly only, “Leave quickly, ” severe grand weather is cold commanding to white tea.

On the road of the late night basic that’s all right car, white tea steps on oil after all, he knows severe grand day is true be angry, this rich and powerful family trades after all is what kind of destiny, unidentified so…

Severe grand day arrived dock five heart had arrived already first one situation has looked for mosquito craft, severe grand day is black facial umbrageous pupil is developing hematic silk, get off directly go up like the boat run, narrow one’s eyes of severe grand day is worn black eye looks at far to drift afloat a boat, the heart had mentioned voice eye to go up, although the marriage of two people is a humourous,trade but getting along with hers is a young woman that cannot allow his to ignore however. Not, the person is me this I am avenged to hers it how is OK to had not begun so gave an accident, raw or cold food of the whole body of small gnash one’s teeth of severe grand day, burst forth all over piece kill meaning every nerve that is full of him, he is afraid that those who see is an icy body…

Rely on to go up when mosquito craft that boat, severe grand day was helping a boat up to jump, god of double have sth in mind is ceaseless like torpid cheetah searching for prey, he is looking for blood be in after all, see with the door left unlocked of a door is worn, double of severe grand day goes in.

Blood faint listening to a flock of footstep to stand by, the boat shakes slightly, zhi Zhi makes sound, it is a flock of Azrael are walking over to oneself it seems that…

Hearing footstep closer and closer, blood open tumid eye hard, see a pair of shining leather shoes half step goes to oneself.

Severe grand day opens the door to be searched for everywhere, saw the circuit that crouchs then in the corner eventually, double goes, look at blood be blood all over the face lie on the ground motionless, heart of severe grand day is tightened, projecting hand does not suffer pilot shiver rise, stretch his hand gently put blood there is blood below nostril breath, feel blood day of that faint breathing severe grand loosened suddenly at a heat, blood is held in arms before going up calling gently. Blood heard sound to think the response does not have effort to open the mouth at all, “I am sorry, I come late. ” hematic blood faint listening to this word to be asleep.

Five heart draws out dagger rift blood immediately the cord on hands or feet, severe grand day looks at blood the coat lid that was felt distressed to be fond of oneself by the dress of avulsion on the body is in blood on the body, hold a blood in the arms directly the stride goes outside, the look looked gloomy and coldly aside Wood and Luo Xuan, two people are frightened so that a cold sweat flows.

“Call to 2 childes, let him go to a hospital waiting. ” say double, on the body that the person beside can feel severe grand day kill meaning…


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