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Eleventh chapter: Happy蒲友论坛广州2020 New Year

” see Xiao Lang by accident all one’s life ” Liu Ameng / , this chapter in all 851 words, update at: 2017-10-20 17:26

The time that returns the home always passes very quickly, shu Qing livings a life of ease and leisure in the home everyday, pass very satisfiedly, face close the end of the year, do special purchases for the Spring Festival to shop with mom together, sleep in the evening also have to follows her sticky together. Mom everyday very enjoyment move be coveringed by small cotton-padded jacket, instead is young man follows father not willing. Two people last aggregate sleep in a house.

Arrived year of 30 in the evening, everybody eats meal of the eve of the lunar New Year together, appear especially other and lively. Shu Qing is pulling a hand from the doorway with mom, saw run to the side of grandmother immediately after grandmother, played her hand. Chatted shortly a long time in the parent. The person arrives neat later, began serving to have a meal. Toast each other between, always have so 9 people became tall sound, red complexion. You come to everybody my go toing, good not satisfied.

Shu Qing secretly run to room back room, made electrify word to Xiao Ze.

Feeding is me

Favour, he says, be in do what?

The family member eats meal of the eve of the lunar New Year, they are chatting, I come out to breathe freely fully. You be in do what

I ah, talking about you.

Talk about me? Who to follow, she indissolubles ask.

The mother-in-law that did not come with you. There was a smile in his sound.

Were troubled by, too early.

Not early, he says, I 27. They want to hold grandchildren in the arms.

Shu Qing whizs below red face, you talk well.

See she is a little awkward, he no longer jokingly, identify true say

Think me?

Favour, shu Qing nods heavily, since he also did not see again after be being fastened last.

Your job everything is successful still. He asks.

Not bad, how do you want to ask this?

Draw near right now at 0 o’clock, firework was put outside the window, she is flashy did not hear him what to say.

Ask he answered no longer however again.

Finally, he says to Shu Qing, girl of Happy New Year,


Favour good-bye.

Shu Qing hanged a phone, this sky that bestrews firework is looked at outside passing through a window. Had clinking hope for to his future.

Hang a phone to return a room, elder of relationship between cousins of the same grandfather or great-grandfather people wine Bi Zheng is chatting. She stealthily go to the side of mom to sit down.

Call with who, a little so long.

With the friend, she says.

What didn’t mom say, continue to chat with the sisters-in-law on the side.

Very fast feast ended, the Shu Qing after returning the home washs gargle to be gotten into by the nest, the side side that leans in mom said Happy New Year.

Mom also says, happy New Year. My home daughter blossoms old girl.

Shu Qing laughs,

Mom pures colors, talked about a boy friend.

Had not hidden the truth from her as expected, shu Qing nods.

She is to do the mom of what to ask

He is in Hainan, become an editor, go out to enjoy recognition last, the answer of Shu Qing conscientiously.

Favour he is how old

27.Shu Qing did not plan to cheat her.

Mom’s brows was knitted, but what to say again. For her assist assist quilt.

Say, sleep.

Shu Qing looks at mom’s complexion, there is bit of perturbed in the heart. But this time feels embarrassed to ask more again.

can give u.



The 28th chapter gives her the 广州品茶论坛SEDsurprise

” float is unripe have bud ” curtilage 99 / , this chapter in all 2278 words, update at: 2017-11-28 18:22

The Su Meng after arriving home and Gu Fu are born to be embraced and Mian, one night good dream. The person that opens the Su Meng of double eye to look at the heavy that still lies beside to sleep in the morning a smile since extensive of corners of the mouth, fine jade points to fine to had stroked Gu Fu to if side colour is gotten like sculpture,be born gently. He in sleep wants than ever it seems that downy a lot of Su Meng looks at Gu Fu to be born with respect to so slow-witted slow-witted move, “Am I very handsome? ” beside lying Gu Fu is unripe shutting eye say, su Meng sat from the bed cannily ” you, woke? ” Gu Fu is unripe open an eye to laughing to see Xiang Sumeng ” hum, when you touch me, I woke, did not think of you like me so? ” word Bi, in considering float to be born to pull Su Meng him bosom ” you are intended! ” Su Meng toot removes what small mouth subdues to look at Gu Fu to be born ” hum, I am sincere. ” Su Meng rises from inside considering float to give birth to a bosom take advantage of an opportunity pushs him ” I should wash gargle. ” ” together. ” consider float to be born to holding her in the arms to walk along toilet to her opportunity far from unexpectedly. The Su Meng after ten minutes and Gu Fu are unripe wash gargle to end two people are pulling a hand to because,move toward dining-room together plum aunt had come home so in the morning can two him people start work cook breakfast ” you go to Su Meng sit down etc. ” ” why I not! ” ” good, you are at ease, a little while I finish the meal goes out to won’t be eaten stealthily with respect to end. ” ” oh. ” Su Meng nods agree and walked along dining-room to moved a chair to put backstairs mouth one buttock sits down ” good, you cook, I look at you in this. ” word Bi Su Meng still does not forget to make a mask used as a toy to considering float to be born. “Good. ” Gu Fu is unripe laughing to should. After ten minutes, be born to put by Gu Fu on table full beautiful description but the food of eat, su Meng feels to wanted to flow from personal saliva ” the egg wraps sandwich! ” Su Meng takes an egg happily to wrapped sandwich to eat to rise ” very delicious, every time myself is in when the home is done, that egg is met be done to rot by me. ” the edge eats to be born to the Gu Fu that fills congee of food grains other than wheat and rice to her by the side of Su Meng praise ” slow place has. ” Gu Fu is unripe those who cannot help remind Su Meng she is in for fear that suffocate. “Hum. ” Su Meng uses spoon dip again congee of one spoon food grains other than wheat and rice puts the entrance in ” hum, drink well, congratulation you, gu Fu gave birth to you to capture my stomach. ” after Su Meng eats breakfast, pat approvingly take small gut. “A little while I have a surprise to give you. ” the mood say that Gu Fu gives birth to to taking mystery slightly. “Good. ” on the channel that Su Meng takes a sitting room to open TV to move his to love to look most usually next will from before the mickey mouse that bazaar buys holds pillow in the arms to be taken from sofa put oneself the giggle on the leg rises, he says to the surprise sends her, what can you be? Good expect, is today year 30 can you be delicious? Think Su Meng got those delicate cate not self-consciously to laugh again. “I go to Su Meng time of company, come back a little while. ” Gu Fu gives birth to a shoe a shoe is worn to come by ark ” oh, good. ” Su Meng looks at what TV head also does not answer to should. “You are like Su Meng forgot what thing. ” after Gu Fu is born not to know when to already appareled to stand trimly to the sofa that Su Meng takes. Su Meng has twisted a head to just consider float to give birth to the face of enlarge to going up, gu Fu gave birth to the head of Su Meng of left hand button to kiss, had kissed what turn back float gives birth to satisfaction to unlocked Su Meng to walk out of a door. “Scampish. ” little face scolds Su Meng reddish in a low voice.

Department of the secretary inside edifice of carat financial group, had gone to work the working rate that the Ma Chunqiu of half many month got used to fast rhythm already, this wants in the efficiency when los angeles jackarooes than her tall, this is headquarters probably was in badly. “Ma Chunqiu, next you are responsible today considering total coffee, small Lin Jiali is occupied asked for leave temporarily. ” ” good, old minister. ” ” hum. ” Chen Jiang stands up by the mouse that goes to the side of equestrian age desk to will pile a data to put her ” before coming off work these data completely collect arrives in computer send me with mail form again, I crossed at present to file to you finally. ” ” it is old minister. ” Chen Jiang was taking the rest data to move toward a president to do. Ma Chunqiu stretc[……]


The 27th chapte广州水磨SPA水疗r cries for you

” float is unripe have bud ” curtilage 99 / , this chapter in all 2037 words, update at: 2017-11-27 15:22

After bender of tall family name rings down the curtain, cheng Jiasi mouth and Gu Jiasi mouth just encounter in the parking lot hard to avoid is a little awkward between each other ” Yuan Yuan, I wait for you in parking lot doorway. ” Cheng Pengjie takes a car directly subsequently to Tangyuan Yuan say inside, after Cheng Na and ** close therewith get on a car to leave. “I and children also go old Gu Na first the car is good then you chat first. ” Gu Tai also the belt of know how to behave in a delicate situation is worn the car on Gu Haoyu and young daughter Gu Mengyu ” mammy, does father meet Mrs Cheng? ” year only Gu Mengyu of seventeen years old asks questioningly ” ah right, she is the ex-wife of your father. ” ” that elder brother you ” ” children does not ask so much, sitting to waiting to go in this. ” ” cut, I want fast year after year immediately, do you still think I am dot? ” malcontent Gu Haoyu is opposite Gu Mengyu some make fun of her manner of small strength grouse. Be immersed in inside the parking lot brief silent ” Lin Qin, you change a name. ” Gu Qinan takes the lead in starting to talk ” hum, after divorcing with you, I changed I also am not surnamed now forest, notice your name later. ” ” you, you so hate me? The last name that follows Mom repeatedly was changed by you. ” ” be, I hate you namely, I am as a child by your Mom adopt I follow before she is surnamed also is should, nevertheless, this surname after parting with you always makes me disgusting. ” ” can we meet to want to quarrel every time? ” ” quarrel? I what the time passes now is very good I just just am to see you remembered again sink year of sodden millet thing just. ” ” forest, not, mrs Cheng, I think you also just saw our son is unripe, are you treated unripe be born with to remorse without ashamed? ” ” does ashamed remorse? ” after Tang Yuanyuan sneers, continue again say ” so say with you, I am delivered of him is a mistake, early know you had conceived a son with that fox essence outside, I destroy him with respect to this! ” the Gu Fu that Tang Yuanyuan’s sound just falls in back to walk over is unripe with Su Meng in ear, “Su Meng, you wait first issue me. ” ” good. ” Su Meng one pace 3 turn round take parking space. “Mrs Cheng, the agreement that before you forgot 9 years, we sign? ” the speech that Gu Fu gives birth to iciness rings behind Cong Tangyuan Yuan the body can’ts help terrified lived, a word that she did not think of she is inadvertently was heard by him actually. Face about looks at Gu Fu surprisingly to be born ” unripe, what meaning is the agreement that you just say? ” ” what meaning? Don’t you understand? ” Gu Fu gives birth to frown to ask. “Unripe be born have misunderstanding among this, you are listening, if mom says, just be to enrage you of pa you must not go in past heart. ” Tang Yuanyuan’s flurried explanation path. “Lin Qin, what thing did after we divorce, you do to our son after all? I just listen give birth to the meaning that gives birth to that word but unlike is the meaning that you live together all the time! ” Gu Qinan is furious to Tang Yuanyuan doubt rises, of course more be pair of sons is ashamed. “I. ” Tang Yuanyuan thinks of so old no matter pay no attention to for a short while,do not know how to reply to have even unexpectedly to what Gu Fu is born some of fluster and compunctious. “Look Mrs Cheng does not want to reply, speak out for you as me how? ” the speech that Gu Fu gives birth to iciness rings again Tang Yuanyuan’s body trembled those who rise to crouch a private parts closely to be transmitted then is to cry loudly what desultory him confess begins to be born to Gu Fu in the mouth is compunctious. “Unripe, unripe, be mom, wrong, mom, not should, so small you send, go orphanage. ” Gu Qinan stands in Tang Yuanyuan beside the hearing this woman confess that one face astonishs. “Went, do you cry to you can treat the thing as ended? You such can too false? Mrs Cheng, the agreement 9 years ago still has a backup in my computer, otherwise wants me to let a person help your v come now. ” Gu Fu is born to crouch a private parts chilly to will return the Tangyuan Yuan uprear that crying. “Unripe, what agreement did she give you? ” Gu Fu is unripe look at Gu Qinan say ” actually also it doesn’t matter resembles in those days you are taking that child book of waive the right is same, just that birthday present that she gives me is close child disengage book just. ” Gu Fu was born to accentuate intentionally during conversation birthday present these 4 words. Yuan of Yuan of that thing the Later Tang Dynasty is spoken to wipe tear to also be considered at once in what hear son mention lightly do not get eye makeup to already was wiped to spend by her ” son, you hear mom explanation, mom also is have no way out really, mom wants[……]


The 156th chapter all th广州夜网MHGe way south row

” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1861 words, update at: 2017-11-25 17:25

When the boat enters great river, mix in the canal sail a boat is completely different. Because be boat of travel of against the current, although be the boat that takes sail, also must rely on boat tracker to pulling wooden vessel hardly slow advance.

“Little little brother, still have many to Kui city far? ” groups what I ask one hauls a boat is small. Because see him, because of,I thought of at a draught yuan little brother.

“Kui city returns far move, that has entered the Chanjiang River. That has entered the Chanjiang River..

But because of yuan the little brother has been absent Kui city. Used and because of yuan make an appointment to want to take a ship Kui city, go playing in little brother home, it is to cannot come true apparently.

“Cling to Where is city? ” I remembered tall in relief elder brother again, that I gave his brilliant son of a feudal prince or high official first time. Continue to ask, “Still have many from here far? “Still have many from here far??

“Cling to city? Cling to the administrative division is further, the city that compare Kui is far still. ” the boy answers, “How does this elder sister ask about these the place? “How does this elder sister ask about these the place??

“Because there the friend that has me, I do not have has seen friend a lot of years. ” I say.

“Look is the elder sister come from very far place? “Look is the elder sister come from very far place??

“Far of course. ” say of king elder brother, “This a beauty elder sister is from the day there those who come. “This a beauty elder sister is from the day there those who come..

“How? ” little little brother looks at me amazedly, “Is elder sister a fairy? “Is elder sister a fairy??

“Do not listen to his talk rubbish, little brother. ” I laughed, “I am from outside state comes, it is a foreign country. It is a foreign country..

“Outside state? Where is state outside? Where is state outside??

“State is the place that the emperor here cannot run outside. ” I do not know how to ought to give a little brother the explanation, “Resemble elder brother of that eldest brother saying really, be in the day there. Be in the day there..

“That elder sister is fairy really. ” the little brother also laughed.

Saying a word with little little brother, imperceptible in surface becomes broad rise, a lot of places had lost sight of the bank on almost. Also begin to change as a result of current delay, was pulled naturally with respect to boat tracker of not need reoccupy. Woodiness caique is recumbent the wind-force of river side, the speed of the travel before was being accelerated. Boat tracker people on all boat, sit rest on boat board.

“Elder brother, I want to take what the place has to them. ” I remembered again with Gao Yang’s elder brother that time by ship, small jade elder sister took a lot of carbonado to eat to the boy that plays a boat. “Do not know to have carbonado. “Do not know to have carbonado..

“I go looking, fine elder sister. ” small chrysanthemum stood.

“Na Xiaoju goes looking. Want those who eat what to have, also take a place to us, incidentally reassume some wine. ” the brother says.

“Do not have bishop regrettablly. ” Eve says.

“Eve, since you come to China, be about to be used to Chinese life. Drink for instance, have to drink Chinese wine. ” I say.

“How unaccustomed. I had lived here so long. ” Eve says, “I am to say to still miss French vinous to taste a bit. “I am to say to still miss French vinous to taste a bit..

“Right, we can carry Chinese silk to France, also can carry French bishop to China. ” I say, “Elder brother, this thing ought to do immediately. Brother Xiezhi can do this business. Brother Xiezhi can do this business..

“Wait for us this south after itinerate Beijing, go further discuss. ” the brother says.

Saying a word, small chrysanthemum already fetch the carbonado that a few glossy shine, with rice wine of one big pot. Outside the boy that plays a boat besides deal out, we a few sibling also play knife and fork rises.

“Fine, you know, ” the brother says, “Since entering palace, also do not have this kind of footloose environment again. Drink like bowls such ground are big today, chunk eats fleshy lofty sentiments, make I remembered those my two times in pagoda tree mountain. Make I remembered those my two times in pagoda tree mountain..

“Yes, that is the days that how is wor[……]


Beggar of h0757佛山js论坛unger of the 134th chapter

” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1845 words, update at: 2017-11-04 09:19

I attempt to struggle, but all over wead and limp, the feeling is the muscle on the leg vibrated slightly merely.

I look all around, ten pairs of blood-red eyes, all is ticked off continuously tick off the ground to staring at me. I feel I am like is the move that be surrounded by a flock of beasts. And all beasts ** is worn body, mud of all over the body.

Looking is a flock of beggar, a flock of hungry beggar. I know to be mixed like falling in prison of a criminal awaiting for execution at the outset, can be eaten in turn by this group of beasts again.

But the effort that I had been without revolt, the consciousness that also does not have revolt. I am asleep befuddledly, sufferring carnal pain, the wanton on him body absurd such as allow Er is.

When everything is attributed to calm again again, I try to leave child. Not bad, the feeling of the body still is in. I am asleep mistily, continue to pursue the happiness in the dream.

It is hunger wakes up me from inside sleep. I turned slightly body.

I see by my body, putting cake of a few faces.

Apparent, that group of beggar stay to me. Look still have bit of conscience, the pay that is me. I grab a pancake, begin to be chewed greatly rise. Because I am too hungry really.

“The old calls us to give you. “The old calls us to give you..

I hear the voice of cowardly of a cowardly, ring in my backside. I raise a head, see a dirty child.

“Your old? ” I am thinking them to also be mixed the bandit is same, still have the eldest child.

“Yes, he calls us to leave face cake to elder sister. ” the child says.

“Which can have elder sister so much ah. ” I say, still the whole body is faint, “Little little brother, you eat these cake go off with. You eat these cake go off with..

“I am satiate. Him elder sister stays eat. ” the child says, “I must look for an elder brother they. “I must look for an elder brother they..

“Ah, where do those your elder brothers go to? Where do those your elder brothers go to??

“Their nature is to go beg for food. ” the child says, “Nevertheless they still can come in the evening. Saying is to give elder sister to send eat come. Saying is to give elder sister to send eat come..

Can they still come in the evening? The meat that still eats me presumably? I can not want to see that group of wild animals again. I was struggling to stand.

“Where should elder sister go to? ” that dirty child asks.

“Is the child in charge of so much dry what? Elder sister should go piddle. ” I say at the same time, go to the brook at the same time.

I crouched in river side to sprinkle one bubble make water really, feel it seems that at a draught comfortable a lot of. I lower my head to see the bilge of all over the body, disrobe, systemic duck. I am looking at a child to go far gradually, just stand up from water.

I am pondering over myself to ought to go toward where. But the silver that that young young son gives also cannot be found. Had been burned to do not have likely, the person that perhaps is watched the scene of bustle by which is collected. Look true can go only beg for food. That is to say, must with those beggar associate with. Hey, can wait for organic meeting to say again only.

Think of these, I am obliged to return that lot again in straw, waiting for that group of beasts to send to me eat feed come. My lie low is above haystack, warm warm sunshine is illuminated on the body, as if feel what never pass is comfortable. Think of to resemble the life like the sow in prison of a criminal awaiting for execution, doesn’t my nowadays also resemble a sow. The people of carefree nature, can be in than the life the human happiness in this world of numerous and complicated became much. Wear crankily in the head, was asleep again insensibly.

“Little little sister, fast rise had a meal, wine has the flesh. ” I am pushed to wake, turn over sat.

I see a few people stand before me, there is rice earthen bowl in the hand.

“The wine flesh that which come to? “The wine flesh that which come to??

“We encounter other people of a large family to prepare a feast today, natural leftover ort is very much. We are already satiate, the little sister eats quickly. ” the weapon that there is one canister wine in a hand says. Hear them affectionate little sister long little sister is crying shortly, in the heart unavoidable also some are touched.



Affection of danger o广州品茶上课资源f mountain fastness of the 75th chapter

” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1887 words, update at: 2017-10-14 09:20

The elder brother is mixed really our woman two waited for a lot of days. 3 people live happy little family life. Have Lin Dabai everyday one plans good life for us, have lackey of Xiaoying’s little sister again our dietary daily life. I and elder brother are taking by day in brook edge amuse oneself, loving a bed in the evening photogenic embrace and Mian.

“The elder brother is flat did not go back, with respect to me two belts wear it is much better to pass all one’s life. ” my curl up is in elder brother bosom, in hoping the move is already soporous, sighing with emotion to say.

“But the so much brothers on hill is returned waiting for me. “But the so much brothers on hill is returned waiting for me..

“The elder brother is the life that worries about for other really. That makes a little sister again much lackey elder brother period of time, the body that I want an elder brother is more good marvellous.

“Didn’t the little sister feel the elder brother’s body already very marvellous? ” the brother was saying to extend a hand.

“Yes, the little sister is early knew… ” differ my word says, had been pinned closely by the man. Two people enter Yi Zhen very quickly also in the making love of unreal, those who enjoy person desire is orgiastic.

“I think this all one’s life is met one individual Gu suffering is spent. But saw a little sister from wherefrom day, I know him can be saved. I know I belong to a little sister inherently namely. The little sister belongs to me inherently also namely. The little sister belongs to me inherently also namely..

“But I think the elder brother is a bandit really, just can bite you readily. Just can bite you readily..

“I that brother also too do not know weight. I returned firm firm ground to say him later. I returned firm firm ground to say him later..

“Want to also do not blame him now. He is to save his king. He is to save his king..

“The little sister won’t hate me, reave you beside your husband and son? Reave you beside your husband and son??

“Be hated of course! Childe of as it happens is occupied that day do not be in the home, or you can not reave me certainly. Or you can not reave me certainly..

“That looks I come is moment. “That looks I come is moment..

“Alas, I also be enlightened, the day is destined the destiny. So I also do not blame anybody. Say the elder brother is so good to me again, the little sister still has what what says. The little sister still has what what says..

“I also believe those who be destined to the life is a day. I can get a little sister, also be dim in God is in help sb to fulfill his wishes us. Also be dim in God is in help sb to fulfill his wishes us..

“Be. ” I am saying, had been asleep in elder brother bosom.

The following day weather is sunny. I two belts wear go to along brook go in hill. Also be deep autumn. Brook water has had some of cool idea.

“Father looks, mom, there is a lot of small fish there. ” the hand that playing me runs toward water edge.

“Call father quickly to give catch a fish. ” I visit an elder brother.

“This fish is too small. Etc see a bit bigger call me again. Etc see a bit bigger call me again..

“You do not catch big fish for certain. Do not believe after a while you will try. Do not believe after a while you will try..

“Have big fish? ” the brother also comes to the side of water.

“Look, father, that stone edge has a big fish! That stone edge has a big fish!!

The elder brother looks forth, stretch his hand gathered a stone to plunge into in water. I still come over without reaction, see that big fish has jumped to the beach. stretch his hand to be caught.

“Do not move, , let father catch. Let father catch..

“The elder brother returns true have real skill. ” I look at the fish in elder brother hand, say gladly.

“Father goes really. Mom had a fish to eat again in the evening. Mom had a fish to eat again in the evening..

That day dinner, xiaoying did boiling water of carp of a bowl of big boiled in clear soup to us.

“The elder brother takes a place more, a little while go to bed just has interest. ” I place one chunk fish and meat in elder brother bowl, say stealthily.

“In that way the little sister can be overcome, how can that do? ” the brother also says to my ear in a low voice.

“What private words is father[……]


Mother of the 7广州百花园登录1st chapter is beautiful

” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1741 words, update at: 2017-10-12 21:20

I follow before coming to vegetable plot. I am looking at overgrow shiny green vegetable vegetable plot, the times feeling in the heart is excited, returned again it seems that in one’s childhood.

“Mom, look quickly, that is the turnip that I plant. Still have this, it is the spinach that I plant. ” the hand that playing me at the same time, at the same time agitato is saying.

” really able. ” really able..

“Can mom plant dish? “Can mom plant dish??

“Mom won’t. ” me true as a child coddle since childhood, these are met live over there. Connect these dish to grow what kind ofly not to know in the ground.

“That mother lives a few days more here, let me teach you to plant dish. Let me teach you to plant dish..

“Good, mother lived not to go here. ” look at lovely all over the face happy look, I have to satisfy his desire. But my this word does not say casually again, want to need the place in this picturesque scenery really, leave subcelestial trouble.

“True? That too glad. ” attack at a draught in my bosom, still containing the glistening eye of tear, showed a smile.

“All right, will let small handsome aunt go back tomorrow tell you dad, say mom wants those who accompany to stay. Say mom wants those who accompany to stay..

“Come, mom, go with me. I take you to see the cornfield of our home. ” saying to go toward brook edge. Along brook edge upgrade You Wang goes, be continuous fluctuant corn field. The wheat seeding that just comes up out of land is mirrorring a pale green.

“Is this the ground of your grandfather home? ” I hold those who rose in the arms.

“Namely. ” the face that little face is sticking me closely.

“What person does your home still have? ” I ask in a low voice.

“Besides grandfather grandma, still have an uncle. My grandfather and uncle plant these wheat. My grandfather and uncle plant these wheat..

Those who mix arrive together brook bank, chan of clear brook water Chan makes sound. took off shoe to unload water in.

“Mom is fast come down, go in the ability in water comfortable. Go in the ability in water comfortable..

I shuck off shoe instantly, follow play in water, wan Re returned childhood again. laugh is ceaseless, I also forgot trouble it seems that, oneself complete place oneself arrived in the world.

“Mom is careful, the stone of this channel bottom is very slippery, go flabby to be able to tumble. ” enjoining me like an adult.

Woman two enjoying to the top of one’s bent in brook water hand in hand.

Aloof, I see small handsome walked over along brook edge.

“Madam, uncle asks we play a few days here, he is good prepare. He is good prepare..

“You tell uncle, say I did not go, should be here of for company. Do not cross uncle also not need preparation, I mix sleep one case. I mix sleep one case..

“True? Doesn’t that madam answer camping ground? ” small handsome shows shock slightly.

“You will go back tomorrow tell king, if think me,say him, arrive here will look for me. Arrive here will look for me..

“Also be, do not have again here much further. ” small handsome says, “Flat I also did not go back. “Flat I also did not go back..

“How does that go, king is returned so that somebody takes care of. ” I laugh.

“Is that madam here who is taken care of? “Is that madam here who is taken care of??

“Myself can take care of him. You tell king so. You tell king so..

3 people returned Home Lin courtyard all the way, uncle and a boy were greeted.

“Mom, this is my uncle. ” introducing enthusiasticly to me, “Uncle, my mom came, my mom will see me. My mom will see me..

“King madam is good. ” boy undemonstrative low head, making call constrainedly.

“What does little little brother call the name? ” the man before I am full of interest ground to look at an eye, have some of bookishness it seems that.

“The uncle calls Lin Quan, the grandfather calls Lin Yue. ” grabbing say.

“Father and son is good name. ” I say.

“Thank madam praise. ” the brother says, ” , I just caught a fish to you. You have dinner the fish ate. You have dinner the fish ate..

“Not, I should eat to my mom. ” very lovely son, I loved even more. Just enter room in, in the bosom that squeezed me.

“Mom… ” the face that looking at me. I[……]


The 58th Zhang Yindi th广州98场推荐JGDe fate brings lovers together

” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1884 words, update at:

“Look quickly, fine, our son grows with you exactly like. ” the childe is laughing to me.

I open an eye to see mammy conceive medium baby. Where looks reach who to resemble? It is a fleshy doughboy that has not finalized the design obviously.

No matter be,resemble me or be to resemble a childe going. But because of,ten million cannot resemble yuan ah.

It is to resemble me really, who is the father that does not know him then. It is article heart, because of,still be yuan.

But I think carefully, feel suddenly however, because of,actually Wenxin is mixed yuan grow so that some resemble. Look to have really from the figure at least some picture. Pardonable mom wants because of yuan identify a son.

Hey, these need not were in charge of. Is the childe to say the son grows so that resemble me. That is.

I feel only all over wead and limp, consciousness is ambiguous. Through the one do sth over and over again in the evening, I sleep well shut-eye.

Slept all the time afternoon.

“Where is my son? ” shut-eye awakes I did not see a son.

“The wet nurse is held in the arms go be being nursed. ” month says to me.

“What wet nurse? ” what I feel two my ** bilge is afflictive.

“Be the wet nurse that the madam gives young young son . ” month says.

I remembered myself in one’s childhood wet nurse. Don’t I eat what the wet nurse’s grandma is brought up namely.

“Be no good, I myself should feed my son. ” I am anxious rise, “Hold the son in the arms quickly to me come back, month. month..

“Come, my small ancestor, the son that feeds you quickly. ” it is mammy has adopted the child came.

Mammy made a mistake apparently. Not be me the son that this small ancestor wants to feed me. It is the small ancestor that I want to feed me. Look at the son in bosom be been in by my cuddle, a kind of happy feeling arises spontaneously.

“Later again also must not the child that other what wet nurse will come to touch me. ” my talk about again and again is worn, ” month, go quickly asking a young son, see a grandfather had taken the name to small Sun Sun. See a grandfather had taken the name to small Sun Sun..

“Had been taken early, be a moment ago for the childe, but elder sister was asleep. Saying is taken by class generation, call day bless, pet name flower. Pet name flower..

“Flower? What flower? ” I another Jing.

“Be heroic hero flower, visible grandfather is right of small grandchildren love. Visible grandfather is right of small grandchildren love..

Came really as expected a Yu Ying, just be a pet name merely. The ancestor that is Yu Ying really.

Look at flower be brought up gradually every day in my bosom, feel clinking pride naturally. Imperceptible already full moon. Still never mention it, true flower grow more and more resemble me. I am being fed that day morning flower when the grandma, the childe was entered suddenly come in, a pair of elated appearance.

“Fine, your cousin came. Your cousin came..

“Where? Call him quickly. ” I also am shown hard low-key is excited.

“Because of younger brother, speed comes, your elder sister calls you. ” childe to crying outside the door.

Not a little while, because I went from outside,come in.

“Elder sister, hear I had young nephew, congratulation elder sister. ” the appearance that is radiant with happiness because of younger brother, appear more brilliant.

“Elder brother, we take a little brother to have a meal to the restaurant on the street, lest bothers mom again. ” I say to the childe.

“I also think so, then I am arranged, fine chat slowly with your little brother. ” the childe walked out of a house.

“Come, good little brother, sit quickly to the side of elder sister. ” my accost is worn little brother.

Because younger brother sits to bedside, ground of fix eyes on looks at me, two put light.

“Little brother, elder sister wants to ask you a thing. ” my general son is put to the bed, building small quilt to him.

“What thing, elder sister? ” on the ham that the little brother’s hand had extended me.

“Does the little brother marry? ” I ask.

“Without. Character 8 has not been cast aside. Character 8 has not been cast aside..

“That is good. Let you see a person after a while. A beautiful little sister. A beautiful little s[……]


Mountain area of the 2广州98场推荐3rd chapter lives

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“Good. ” army the brother is saying a word, the body relied on to come over insensibly however.

“Each one sleeps your become aware, squeezing a little sister. ” elder sister pushs an elder brother, one held me in arms, “Come, little sister, we sleep. We sleep..

I have really some tired, was asleep very quickly so, although beside produce anything I also won’t know. Awake in the morning, my person is left only on the bed.

“Your elder brother goes chopping bavin on hill. Because he wants, get me to prepare some of Chai He. ” sister says, “The little sister will have a meal, we had eaten. We had eaten..

I ask elder sister after breakfast:

“Where does army elder brother chop bavin? We go searching look for him. We go searching look for him..

“Wanting to seek a person in this kind of hill is impossible, I two go be afraid of only also can do oneself lost, only to moment he looks for us. ” elder sister is laughing to say, “The little sister should work to help me make a fire, the pig feed that boils in boiler. The pig feed that boils in boiler..

I sit to the side of kitchen. What burn in kitchen is chop the branch that come from hill. Catch fire very easily, making a fire so is a very simple work.

“Elder sister, do both of you live inside this hill all the time? Do both of you live inside this hill all the time??

“Be. Liang Jun for generations stays in his home here. Liang Jun for generations stays in his home here..

“Go out namely here too no-go, living nevertheless still is very comfortable here, especially the scenery here is very beautiful. Especially the scenery here is very beautiful..

“We resemble anchoret a bit, ? ??

“Where is the father mother of army elder brother? Do you have a child? Do you have a child??

“His pa Mom is moment of that year of big famine due to crop failures is starved to death. Because,the likelihood also is in those days famine, we are not conceived up to now on the child. Hey, method having what. Method having what..

“Can have the child for certain, both of you are young still, the environment here so good. The so good natural environment that raises a person, natural meeting raises a few sons more. Elder sister waiting. ” I am to comforting elder sister it seems that.

A sweet elder sister went to the pig feed dip in boiler in a cask.

“Go, little sister, go seeing the swine that we feed. Go seeing the swine that we feed..

I follow elder sister to come to the piggery outside. Be my yesterday rolls the piggery inside in the evening. I am unavoidable some fear to rise, dare not stand by.

“Fast come over, little sister, the pig won’t bite a person again. ” who says not to bite a person? Yesterday tore my dress in the evening, kills so that I still am wearing A sweet elder sister now dress. Elder sister sees my indecisive look, laughed suddenly.

“Ah, you saw me forget the thing that went up last night. ” sister says, “Nevertheless last night is you what encroach a family first is feudal ah. “Nevertheless last night is you what encroach a family first is feudal ah..

I look carefully, altogether of A sweet elder sister fed 3 swines, all is the big pig that is about to grow fertilizer.

“To spend the New Year, we pull both ends to sell, oneself kill again. We had the flesh to eat. ” elder sister eats pig feed dip at the same time in groove, cleaning piggery with a big broom at the same time. Pig people the direct that listening to elder sister darlingly.

Clear away a pig, elder sister is taking away me to go toward hill edge.

“Our ground is there, the corn that plants now, had matured. ” sister says, “We this country cannot plant paddy, the rice that so we should have can be bought only to the town. Sold corn to buy rice again. Sold corn to buy rice again..

“Do then you eat one year quite? “Do then you eat one year quite??

“Still go, should not encounter God only drought. ” elder sister laugh, “We so two old living people, still should raise not vivid oneself, not quite incompetent. not quite incompetent..

Elder sister was taking my getting to take dense corn land. The leaf of corn has a few perversing people, add there is sweat on the upper part of the body, feel some all over scratchy. But I see elder sister did not have reaction however, wear in green forest like a child will be worn. It is with elder sister in this beautiful nature amuse oneself, enjoying th[……]


Fiftieth person of广州的夜生活文化 name of 6 chapters come across

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Su Qian 1000 bathe to come out, the mobile phone that sees Li Anan is taking him laughs which, brushing a hair to go by: “You are taking my mobile phone, in which giggle what that! In which giggle what that!!

Li Anan is looked at illegibly revive 1 million, laugh special hyperbole: “Dear, dear, return dear… “

Su Qian the 1000 appearance that look at Li Anan convulsions, the path that cold-shoulder: “You are sick ah… “

After Li Anan admires a day to burst out laughing, quiet to come down to laughing to pick eyebrow way: “Hey You, you two people are very disgusting. You two people are very disgusting..

Su Qian 1000 look at Li Anan to go up sentence do not receive below sentence if, knowing a likelihood immediately is Gu Ziheng answers him. Couldn’t help coughing awkwardly, run over to come to recapture of him mobile phone: “Your this individual oh, how to turn over my mobile phone in disorder. How to turn over my mobile phone in disorder..

Li Anan casts aside twitch one’s mouth to: “What it shakes in that all the time is ceaseless, it is such accost I, I have to swallow the bait do not give outer part! I have to swallow the bait do not give outer part!!

Su Qian 1000 face Li Anan’s shameless answer, silent not of language had taken a mobile phone, go at the same time at the same time goggle at Li Anan. Li Anan sees Su Qian the yock that appearance of that 1000 wretched cannot help, suffer Su Qian 1000 extend fist…

Since that Su Qian 1000 after be over a little with Gu Ziheng, what chat again rarely is so good. Su Qian 1000 all the day downhearted, connect the dish that grabs rarely in the dining room, give grabbed Su Qian 1000 still be then secondary issue does not close personal about.

Li Anan did not look to go down to a bit: “Return a responsibility how, you do not plan to go Gu Ziheng’s city read… “

“Go, ” Su Qian 1000 pulling a head to

“Go? Go you return every sky class to take a look, I discover I compare you now serious. ” Li Anan is taking stamp to wear Su Qian the head path of 1000

“Alas, encourage me without Gu Ziheng recently, I am bloodless. ” Su Qian the path of 1000 grievance.

“You say you a female fellow! What to want to encourage. ” the path that Li Anan cold-shoulders.

“What female fellow, do I have so Biao Han! ” how do 1000 goggle at plum install Su Qian.

Li Anan casts aside twitch one’s mouth cling to, do not talk. Su Qian 1000 also be disinclined to make a noise with Li Anan, have meal Islam room simply.

Classes are over Li Anan goes out to date with Li Dong again, leave Su Qian 1001 people come home alone. Su Qian 1000 crease this piece of face, the edge walks along an edge to carrying the scree below the foot, when be no good foolishly, on the book that thought of suddenly to look today, a word cannot help plaint: “Buy a town, involved all lamps… “

Su Qian 1000 had not said the word from the back, heard laughter, su Qian 1000 turn round surprisingly, see a handsome young man that taking watch for a chance however later, covering mouth is stolen happy.

Su Qian of 1000 awkwardness coughed, to the schoolboy path behind: “Hello, what do you laugh at ah… “

The handsome young man behind walks along Su Qian 1000 before, carry eyebrow to look at Su Qian 1000: “Did you just say to black out? Hum hum… “

Su Qian 1000 not quite understand, crooked head is slow-witted those who be stupefied blink blink an eye to: “Ah? ? ? ??

The handsome young man sighs at a heat, pat pat Su Qian the shoulder of 1000, the path with one helpless face: “Still black out, you want what to do… “

1000 abrupt seconds know Su Qian, before humane: “Either, what do you think that? ? ? ??

The handsome young man is appreciating the watch for an opportunity in the hand, answer lightly: “Think why you want to black out… “

Su Qian 1000 white a person year ago, drag satchel, say coldly: “You are in charge of me! Neuropathic… ” say Su Qian 1000 face about went, be disinclined dispute.

The handsome young man sees Su Qian 1000 went, run over to overtake rapidly: “Do not go, I look for you occupied. I look for you occupied..

Su Qian 1000 do not have good energy of life to bearer, extend extend fist line: “Smelly rogue! How to wear you want to work! How to wear you want to work!!

The handsome young man listens Su Qian 1000 so say oneself, the meet and discuss of accurate sends: “Either, you have had seen so handsome rogue… “