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The 86th chapter Is am sorry I come late

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1942 words, update at: 2020-03-23 15:40

Blood with a rustle quiver in this dark cabin, she does not know can somebody will save his, she skips in brain now piece strict that warm eyes skips again a Yan Hao day the eyes of that iciness, no matter be everybody does not know everybody is caught,arrive this, somebody of more impossible meeting will save his. In the heart dark sigh, oneself want to leave severe grand day to but this is planted,leave this town parting be chic really!

Each dock that Wu Deyi’s pedestrian is in T city, defeat storehouse look about, longing discovers a person rapidly, lin Xieer a girl is caught by the person of this group of ferocious hole is bode ill rather than well surely.

Blood hear the sound little of somebody is stood by outside, blood fear extremely, oneself still do not think dead, age gently how can yearn for well living.

Of part of speech one glottal be pulled open, back-to-back move comes in a few people, blood smelled the effluvial flavour on their body, they resemble themselves ceaselessly relying on to come over, blood fear resemble from the back dillydally. Suddenly a person took the lead in growing a mouth

“Turn on the lamp. ” blood listen to this sound to be familiar with very much.

Lamp of bang shined, blood the gap that showing unco[……]


The 66th chapter wiped a beautiful image to go then

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1859 words, update at: 2020-03-20 15:57

Yu Guang of that pair of panther eyes sees severe grand day clearly a beautiful image left when he comes, so do not like to see oneself? The relation that this woman knows perfectly well path and her is intended still innocently accost is worn two oneself little brothers, see him face about goes now this is to make this very vinegary really. Strict face about is looked at had come to the severe grand day in front of, some say vinegarily in the smile heart that severe grand day looks at strict face to go up: “Where is that smelly boy? “Where is that smelly boy??

Strict a pair of appearance that values play next first one raise, signal is in honoured guest room.

Severe grand day looks at strict eye light to be on the move a bit say: “The closest you changed however many ah, ” say to no matter strict stride went,also go in.

The laugh with the light word that thinks him strictly, look at the An Na behind him slightly nod, also as went in.

Actor rice and Andy still are in conflict, actor rice as far as possible if saying the move is Orphean, will pacify Andy, “After waiting, I explain with you again. “After waiting, I explain with you again..

“Then you prepare when to explain an explanation to me! ” station of severe grand weather is in wh[……]


The 94th chapter was away on official business

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1560 words, update at: 2020-03-24 16:17

The day gets 7 meat or fish too 8 element, blood in hospital the last day, can deal with afternoon leave hospital came home, actor rice of one old early in the morning run, for company blood have breakfast…

“Do you no hurry today? Of old early in the morning what to run to do? ” blood drank a congee.

“I today thing of it doesn’t matter, ” actor rice head also not quite those who carry say, it is a fart actually, should want to go originally today after France attends the transcribe of a program to let Andy delay directly, it is good that for this Andy gives him scold suddenly. Actor rice is thinking this blood came home infer is more troublesome, he regards her as the little sister will cherish, he does not know she follows there is what thing between eldest brother, but so the individual says how suddenly to be married eldest brother is married eldest brother, and whats are done not have, guess not hard what there is among this, he also does not want to ask but looking at her is so sadness…

Do not make a sound strictly placed fast agaric to be put in blood on ladle, blood fill the mouth immediately in, a congee of a dish eating, for a short while 3 people do not make a sound eating breakfast, having respective small idea severally. Had eaten breakfast, plum aunt is b[……]


The 80th chapter begins to premeditate

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1921 words, update at: 2020-03-22 16:27

Severe grand weather is cold face comes to group of severe family name, sitting private elevator goes upstairs.

“Bite… “

66 elevator is opened, an Na is accurate attack the form that holds severe grand day.

“Grand day ” severe grand day did not manage her, had gone beside her directly, an Na an awkwardness, the secretary of secretary area is frightened not dare utter sth, look at a piece of severe grand day is black face to know Lian Anna greets sb not to see the president carries with him eye, everybody is cautious for fear that does not take care disaster and oneself.

Since this Lin Xieer day of occurrence Yan Hao is fine face also does not give him, want to install the clench one’s fist of graceful firm firm, eye ground glide crime of a firm…

Severe grand day sits on office chair to help frontal skill up to have each times single-handed beating desk, the hold in mouth or eyes that thinking the appearance corners of the mouth of wool of Lin Xieer blast is casual this morning is worn smile, what replace for an instant is cloud he remembers blood the shoulder that because cry,go up in the bed and trembles is distracted.

Lin Xieer eats breakfast to return a room, wanting to want to face severe grand day every day, s[……]


The ground of competition of the 44th regulation is nodded

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1985 words, update at: 2020-03-16 16:02

One big early blood get up with respect to preparation, developed a bath simply, does check look up cut what to thing should not have? Blood frown stretch one’s hand caught next hairs, conveniently winkle T-shirt of a white, the ham with slender the lower part of the body wore to be fastened at the same time exceed short miniskirt, show the perfect unsurpassed of the figure. The skin that Bai Xi is too busy shows light pink fully, thin thin double lip if rose valve is delicate and charming be about to drip.

The move that oneself had checked before systemic lens is installed, face about looks for a dust coat to wear from the chest of systemic dust coat again, the finger with long minute stays to be in repeatedly on dust coat, finger nods the dust coat appreciably of that cream-colored to stop, blood look at dress laugh, “With respect to this. “With respect to this..

The care that my actual strength adds you what I can stand in the match is final, child, cheer for the elder sister!

Face about leaves a floor, blood the plan that should not have a meal goes towards porch directly.

“Didn’t you have a meal? “Didn’t you have a meal??

Lin Tianci calls blood suddenly.

Blood stop say: “I am occupied, you eat! ” say to also dif[……]


How do 5 chapters answer thirtieth after all thing

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 2533 words, update at: 2020-03-14 15:48

The report that does not receive a nurse strictly a little while is hasty go, will some doubt ask a nurse downstage ” who looks for me? Will some doubt ask a nurse downstage ” who looks for me??

The nurse is developing lateral to discharge two people on the chair to point to then, see actor rice is in strictly later look at oneself, having on the face vinegary.

Strict terrified, restored to taking away light smile to go towards actor rice as one used to do on the face next, just wanted a mouth to see actor rice extends a forefinger to be put in the signal on the lip not to talk strictly. Close the mouth strictly immediately knowingly, the look still has a person to be in behind him alertly, stand by strictly, look at actor rice face of that balsam pear, “How? ” indissoluble strictly, work this piece of face.

Actor rice has invited a body, point to the person that points to back ” she got hurt, you hurry to wrap up. You hurry to wrap up..

Look at the woman on the chair strictly, the eyes is a little complex see actor rice again, that woman side is worn the head shuts have sth in mind, the hair holds off her side face, look not clear her face, left hand is blood presses the arm in the right hand to go up.

Does the private parts crouch t[……]


The 41st Zhang Xieer another request

” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1671 words, update at: 2020-03-16 15:59

Blood look at Andy’s light eyes, some do not know how to should start to talk, although not be special exorbitant request, but want at least,speak what account!

“What word cannot say to understand? ” Andy looks at blood that cannot ringent appearance some are not able to bear or endure ask.

“It is OK that I want to there is a small request? ” blood some say carefully.

Andy carries eyebrow signal blood continue to say.

“Am I in the match when can you come with real features the match? ” blood the watching 2 people expression that says caution.

At the same time beetle-browed interrogative move looks at Andy and actor rice blood, express to indissoluble.

Blood the expression that sees two people, anxious pat forehead, thin lip of shellfish tine nibble, there is bashful blush slightly on the face, spit gently say at a heat: “Because,be, I am to carrying family on the back to come of the match, I want to dance the its family of the match does not agree at all, my people has bit of feudal idea, they fear if I was defeated the meeting is very humiliating, of such show one’s face in public be in finally the word of play away is not very humiliating, so… ” blood the reason that saying some are far-fetched, look at two the i[……]


The 043 children that he is Xuan Sen

” you accompany tower of my wild goose to get wet in the rain I accompany you to watch snow ” Xiamuxi / , this chapter in all 3134 words, update at: 2020-05-12 20:00

After 3 years.

Our life is very easy and comfortable, li Ge and Tu Tu busy the thing of acting pregnant darling, cai Luojun still alone, regular meeting goes to river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty taking a walk when, gong Zhe often also can chat with my video, what the time passes is pretty good.

That year of summer.

Our family person attended southeast college to celebrate Mu Xia to take an examination of, when the plan goes to Japan travelling, be in set out before today in the evening, I received the telephone call that A A makes, she is in the phone persistently cry, whats do not say, below my conciliation, she just slowly quiet to come down, say small hope to fall ill, need spends money, I come to the work that I promise her money think way, it is good to let her take care of small hope to go, ask a hospital clear next, changed the dress to give the door.

My person went black Wu Hu, sit in lakefront I do not know how to should do, my be anxious, I should go to so big brushstroke money where just can preparing.

Feel suddenly, my life just just always passed a few, was immersed in predicament again because of the thing of money again, considered all plan lending money,[……]