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Di 95 Zhang Que Sui 佛山sn报告Chao Ji

《 Qian Jin Yi De 》
Shang Jia Qian Jin / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 922 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2020-03-24 11:49

【 Wu Xue Yuan Guan Xi 】

Xia Yi De Bu Shi Mu Yi Zuo 。

Wu Nian Qian , Long Zuo Qin Yan Kan Zhuo Man Shen Shi Xue De Mu Yi Zuo Li Ta Er Qu , Ta Hen Qing Chu , Xia Yi De Bu Ke Neng Shi Mu Yi Zuo 。

Si Er Fu Sheng 、 Zhong Sheng 、 Chuan Yue …… Du Shi Xiao Shuo 、 Dian Ying 、 Dian Shi Li Cai You De 。

Ta Rang Ren Jian Ce 、 Rang Ren Mo Gu Qi Shi Zhi Shi Wei Liao Jie Kai Xin Zhong Yi Huo , Ta Yi Jing Dui Xia Yi De Shi Mu Yi Zuo Mei Shi Me Qi Dai Liao 。

Ta Zhi Dao , Xia Yi De Bu Ke Neng Shi Mu Yi Zuo 。

Zuo , Shuo Dao Qi Dai , Long Zuo Xin Di Dao Ye You Ji Fen 。

Yin Wei Xia Yi De Ruo Shi Mu Yi Zuo De Hua , Mu Yi Chen Jiu Zhi Jie Chu Ju Liao 。

Dui , Qi Dai Yuan Yin Yi Bu Shi Chi Zuo , Er Shi , Chi Cu !

Bu Zhi Bu Jue Zhong , Yi You Yi Zhong Bu Zhi Ming Qing Zuo Qiao Ran Zi Sheng 。

Sui Ran Long Zuo Huan Bu Que Ding Ta Shi Bu Shi Ai Qing , Dan Ta De Xin Que Yi Jing Jie Shou Liao Ta 。

Zhe Xie Ri Zi , Duo Liao Xia Yi De De Chao Nao ,[……]


佛山桑拿论坛0757Di Shi Yi Zhang

《 Wo Gei Ni Tian De 》
Xuan Xiu Dao / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 2138 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2020-03-25 09:51

Di 11 Zhang

Hui Dao Su She De Ling Han Tian Chen Zhuo Lian Gei Shao Yang Da Liao Dian Hua 。

“ Ni Zai Na Li ?” Ta Lian Se Bu Hao , Yu Qi Que Mei Duo Da Qi Fu , He Ping Shi Ji Hu Cha Bu Duo 。

Shao Yang Zhe Shi Hou Zheng He Zhang Yi Zuo Zai Wai Mian Chi Fan , Jiu He Ta Shuo Liao Zai He Yi Ge Zhi Xi Xue Chang Chi Fan 。

Ling Han Tian Zuo Liao Yi Xia , You Xiang Qi Nan Ren Wei Dui Fang Da Kai Che Men Na Yi Mu , Shao Yang Huan Dui Dui Fang Shuo Liao Shi Me Re De Na Ren Xiao Liao 。

Wo Zhuo Shou Ji De Shou Zhi Suo Jin , Ta Shen Xi Liao Kou Qi , Rang Zi Ji Yu Qi Bu Yao Tai Qing Xu Hua ,“ Shao Yang , Ni Zui Jin , Shi Bu Shi Zai Duo Wo ?”

Na Bian De Qing Nian Yi Zheng , Chen Mo Liao Xia Qu 。

Ling Han Tian :“…… Wei Shi Me Duo Wo ?” Ta De Sang Yin You Xie Gan Se 。

Shao Yang Tu Ran Qi Shen , Wu Zhuo Shou Ji Dui Dui Mian De Nan Ren Shuo Bao Qian Bu Neng He Dui Fang Chi Fan Liao , Ran Hou Li Kai 。

Zhang Yi Zuo Kan Zhuo Ta De Bei Ying , Mian Rong Chen Jing 。



D目前番禺各大zj地点i Liu Zhang

《 Wo Gei Ni Tian De 》
Xuan Xiu Dao / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 3876 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2020-03-14 21:05

Di Liu Zhang

“ Shao Yang , Zhe Li !” Deng Zai Men Kou De Ban Chang Jian Dao Cong Cong Lai Chi De Liang Ren , Lian Mang Zhao Shou Shi Yi 。

Xian Zai Zheng Shi Qiu Ji , Ye Li You Xie Wei Liang 。

Shao Yang Chuan Zhuo Yi Shen Hui Se Xiu Xian Zhuang , Wai Pi Yi Tiao Hei Se Yun Dong Wai Tao , Yi Tou Duan Fa Bei Feng Chui De You Xie Ling Luan , Nuan Se De Deng Guang , Wu Guan Lun Kuo Fen Ming , Shuai Qi Bi Ren 。

Ling Han Tian Chuan Zhuo Bai Chen Shan , Shen Gao Bi Pang Bian De Xiao Cao Ai Yi Xie Shen Xing Shou Xiao , Wu Guan Xiang Bi Pang Bian De Xiao Cao You Xie Xun Se , Dan Ye Suan Chang De Hao Kan 。

Ban Chang Kan Zhuo Liang Ren Zou Jin , Zuo Zuo Shuo Dao :“ Zai Jia Shang Yi Xuan , Ni Men Jiu Shi Wo Men Ban De Pai Mian A 。”

Shao Yang Dui Ta Xiao Liao Xiao ,“ Hao Liao Ban Chang , Wo Men Jin Qu Ba , Da Jia Du Dao Liao Ma ?”

“ Na Ke Bu Shi , Da Jia Du Zao Zao Jiu Lai Liao , Ye Jiu Shao Xiao Cao Ni , Zhi Shi Chi Dao Liao Zhe Me Yi Hui Er , Jiu You Tong Xue Lai Cui Wo Chu Lai Jie Ni Men , Pa Ni[……]


Di Si Zhang广州龙凤网

《 Wo Gei Ni Tian De 》
Xuan Xiu Dao / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 3324 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2020-03-13 09:37

Di Si Zhang

“ Han Tian , Ni Hui Lai La ?” Yi Xuan Qiao Men Jin Lai , Kan Dao Shao Yang Jiu Dun Liao Yi Xia ,“ Zen Me Yang , Zai Shao Yang Jia Fu Xi Liao Ji Ke Liao ?”

Ling Han Tian Yi Bian Shou Shi Yi Bian Hui Ta :“ Zhi Sheng Xia Ying Yu Huan Mei Kan , Yi Xuan , Ni Zen Me Lai Liao ?”

“ Wo Kan Dao Ni Hui Lai Liao , Jiu Guo Lai Kan Kan , Ni Liang Tian Bu Zai Jia , Wo Pa Shu Shu You Dong Shou Da Ni 。 Dui Liao , Wo Gang Gang Kan Dao Shu Shu Ta Chu Qu Liao , Ni Mei Shi Ba ?”

“ Mei Shi 。”

Yi Xuan :“ Mei Shi Jiu Hao 。”

Zhou Yi Zhao Li Shang Ke , Shao Yang Lin Zhuo Shu Bao Zai Sheng Qi Yi Shi Kai Shi Qian Zhan Jin Ban Dui Li , Ling Han Tian Lai De Zao , Ben Lai Ying Gai Pai Zai Qian Mian , Dan Shi Kan Dao Ta Hou , Jiu Pao Dao Hou Pai Lai Zhan Ta Qian Mian 。

“ Ni Cha Dian Chi Dao Liao 。”

Shao Yang Mo Mo Bi Zi ,“ Bu Xiao Xin Shui Guo Tou Liao , Ke Neng Shi Zhou Mo Na Liang Tian Yong Nao Guo Du 。”

Ling Han Tian : Jiu Na Ji Dao Ti Ni Huan Yong Nao Guo Du 。



Di Yi Zhang Chuan Y广州水磨SPA水疗JFGue

《 Wo Gei Ni Tian De 》
Xuan Xiu Dao / Zhu ,
Ben Zhang Gong 3729 Zi ,
Geng Xin Yu : 2020-03-10 11:51

Di Yi Zhang Chuan Yue

Shao Yang Kan Liao Yi Bu Biao Bang Zhuo Xiao Yuan Tian Wen De Xiao Shuo , Ran Er

, Li Mian De Pei Jiao Ling Han Tian Que Rang Ta Xin Teng Bu Yi , Nan Nv Zhu Jiao Zai Wen Li Tian Tian Mi Mi , Ta Que Zhi Kan Dao Na Ge Pei Jiao Ku Dao Ling Ta Xin Teng Bu Yi 。

Ling Han Tian , Dan Qin Jia Ting , Fu Qin Ling Zhi Xu Jiu Du Bo , Bu Cheng Xin Shi Jiu Hui Ou Da Ta , Dao Zhi Xiao Xiao De Hai Zi Shen Shang Zong Shi Dai Zhuo Shang , Ye Yin Wei Zhe Yang , Ta Zong Zai Xiao Yuan Li Bei Ren Qi Fu 。 Gao Zhong Yi Hou , Xiao Yuan Bao Li Ye Shi Chang Fa Sheng Zai Ta Shen Shang 。

Er Zhe Yang Yi Ge Bei Can Pei Jiao De Cun Zai , Que Bu Guo Shi Wei Liao Chen Tuo Chu Nv Zhu De Shan Liang 。

Shao Yang Nu Liao , Chao Qi Jian Pan Jiu Ba Zuo Zhe Ma Liao Ge Gou Xue Lin Tou , Ran Hou Yi Wan Shang Du Zai He Zuo Zhe De Fen Si Si 。

Yi Ye Zhi Hou , Ao Dao Tian Liang De Shao Yang Si Guo Na Qun Fen Si Zhi Hou , Bi Yan Yi Shui , Jiu Chuan Yue Liao 。

Shao Nian Dun Zai Luo Di Chuang Qian ,[……]



” single mother ” listen to me to tell a story / , this chapter in all 2242 words, update at: 2020-03-14 23:34

After a year.

Wang Xuan is taking star to sit Gao Tie goes northwest saves whole historical culture village, that dorp passes because of tall railroad, development business saw business chance, preparation was developed, wang Xuan wants to let star see the most primitive dorp, postponed original plan so, direct change one’s route set out towards this dorp.

Wang Xuan is taking star to find his seat to had sat, want to put oneself boot to the baggage cabin above, extend suddenly on the side of the result come over the hand with a trenchant condyle, hold the boot that she just had lifted the top of head in the palm agily.

This boot is trumpet, there are a few clotheses only inside, herself is put also is special breeze, nevertheless the well-intentioned Wang Xuan of others also is met naturally feel grateful, her read smoothly said sentence ” thank ” hind had turned round, seeing however is body length of a height, dress a suit is recreational business suit, the eye takes 30 years old of handsome men of the left and right sides of peach blossom.

A kind of person appears to sending out all over hormonal, always writing it seems that on the face will quickly attack I, the man before belongs to this one.

Handsome man blinked different key p[……]



” single mother ” listen to me to tell a story / , this chapter in all 2612 words, update at: 2020-02-25 22:29

“Still a thing wants to discuss with everybody today. ” Wang Xuan looks at a few people that stand into, organized a language to say: “Everybody knows I prepare to want outspread storefront, my capital had reached the designated position nowadays, I also believe dilate the business after storefront can return flourishing than now only, but rich also cannot my person earns light, although I give everybody to go up salary, that also is dead salary, so I want to ask authority here today, wish to not be willing join the gang my new store? Wish to not be willing join the gang my new store??

This world that visit morning takes the lead in making known one’s position: “I go out 100 thousand. “I go out 100 thousand..

A few people are in the others to be looked up and down each other severally, wang Xuan also does not want to do this thing so that mix press everybody is same, say: “I just offer, not be mandatory, everybody is freewill, need not consider other, to me answer goes before in the evening. To me answer goes before in the evening..

Liu aunt sees Liu Shu, liu Shu says: “We need not when in the evening, tell the truth, I and your Liu aunt all the time very be envious your business, we go out 50 thousand. We go out 50 thousand..

“I also consider join in[……]


The 31st chapter: Sciuroid fish

” the disease daughter of renascence is poisonous ” in September this season / , this chapter in all 999 words, update at: 2020-03-25 17:44

Qi Hai stands up, had received the Chinese cabbage in her hand.

“Of course need not, we with respect to two people, eat what to wash tonight, remain when to eat, when to wash. When to wash..

“Be such? “Be such??

Fang Xi blinks eyeball, but she remembers every time she cooks, did the kitchen wash a lot of dish? So that she thinks,be such.

“Can you cook? ” Qi Hai sees Xiang Fangxi, look in him, fang Xi is in position knowing a family name is extraordinary, won’t cooking also is reason in.

“I am met, can make a lot of food, most of expert is sciuroid fish is mixed mix turnip silk ” .

Fang Xi is busy nod answer, she can not think Qi Hai to think, she is 10 point to the young lady of a thousand pieces of gold that does not touch spring water.

Although she is young lady of a thousand pieces of gold, can do not have delicate to, what won’t degree, to cooking, she or very those who have fun at.

Be this level only, play is not very stable, remain to strengthen.

Eye of a surname sea shines: “Fish of your meeting squirrel? “Fish of your meeting squirrel??

“Can, do you want to eat? ” Fang Xi asks.

“I want to eat[……]


Wu Shan of the 25th chapter spends a city

” extremely dream cereal ” Fei Sen / , this chapter in all 4799 words, update at: 2020-03-27 15:28

After deciding in Wu the city cannot see Dong Mingjie, he is set foot on again itinerary, part in Shenzhen and benefit city amuse oneself a few days, plan to set his mind at to go to work subsequently. Above all the member that he sought portion express delivery works, driving a storage battery car everyday, carrying box of one gunny-bag express on the back to go there and back at each capital in the building, him feeling resembles is that Israel animation that is called Amy master, although limb breaks down, but have the spirit with Halley average motor however, want to send him sweetheart one round the bright moon.

When going to work two days merely, he had been collected it seems that with respect to him discovery moon, because he meets with,encountered ghost press. He sleeps this day night sweet when, suddenly the feeling has a feline Mi to lying in his bosom, still often move in disorder. This kind of feeling too too true, making him dare not believe is dream. Want to open eye look one look, resembling again however was to be fallen to confuse fetch cuss general, cannot move completely. Jump down a body to disappear till feline Mi disappear, he just is able to open an eye. Next two days, always also can dream of a few curious phenomena, but he can feel going out is dream again however.

Appear t[……]



” admire light again ” elegant stay of proceedings / , this chapter in all 434 words, update at: 2020-03-12 21:22

Issued Gao Tie to stand. Ground of Guan Rexiao too impatient to wait dialed a telephone.

“A Xiao, here! ” Guan Rexiao’s parents waves toward her.

Guan Rexiao is pressing a case, run quickly excitedly to parents.

“Pa Mom, how did you come? How did you come??

“A Xiao, you just read an university, come home for the first time, how cannot we receive you ardently? ” close generatrix to bring a smile, embraced her baby daughter.

Close father a case that has carried her, touch her head: ” go! Come home! Boiling water still was warmed to you in the home. Boiling water still was warmed to you in the home..

Guan Rexiao’s home. After eating a meal, guan Rexiao all the time her mobile phone, also do not put down momently.

“Do not see a mobile phone, a Xiao, cross-eye eyeball is bad. ” ground of tenderness involving a parent is dissuasive.

“Mom, I talk about love. ” if Xiao Kai door sees hill,close.

Involving a parent is terrified lived apparently. After moment, had answered a god to come: “Who ah? Does the baby daughter that can you let us her mind disturbed? Big of a few? In the home how? Where person? Where person??

A chain of problem as expected as sch[……]