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If 56 hearts feel grey佛山桑拿夜生活论坛ly to death

” junior at that time classics year do not encounter ” summerly Jin / , this chapter in all 1275 words, update at: 2016-09-09 19:42

Zhao Miao is obtaining medical record this face about leaves, what to remember suddenly, retrace goes enjoining with the nurse: “Arrange be in hospital to the patient, make the inspection of whole side. Make the inspection of whole side..

The nurse nods answered, let Wei Ran do procedure of be in hospital junior ward, arrange an examination.

Did procedure of be in hospital, wei Ran phones piece of elder brother’s wife, let her take a few Chu Yin’s dresses to come to a hospital. Receive what Yan Yi ** hits to be in about be being accompanied all the time after the phone her bedside, the hand that holding her is stuck on him face, good-looking eyebrow is pursy, resemble how also be being wiped rough like.

“Family member, the body that this is a patient checks a report, big question of patient that’s all right, it is normal physiology reaction. Do not need be in hospital, can deal with leave hospital formalities. Can deal with leave hospital formalities..

The nurse is taking inspection report to open the door, go hand before Wei Ran he checks a report, demolishing the instrument of ward aside subsequently. Wei Ran had taken a report to look carefully, as if sheet of that piece of report is the of on 100 million contract that will sign namely. Can be the sort of careful look, even if never also had seen when the contract of on the autograph 100 million.

See finally, wei Ran’s hand quivers slightly, eye also glare is gotten perfectly round. Who to hold the post of to look, can be affected by his present appearance, happy laugh rises. He should cannot help crying almost, want to hold Chu Yin in the arms very much rise turn circle. But was asleep because of Chu Yin, he even not dare cachinnate comes out.

“Chu Yin, , we, we have the child! ! ! I should become father, this is true, nurse, the inspection report that this is my wife is right, is she pregnant really? ? ? ??

The nurse sees be used to because had the child’s happy husband and wife, still was affected by Wei Ran’s laugh however, some ripple in the heart, this man, laugh really good-looking…

“Yes, your wife is pregnant 3 weeks, because be the first embryo, want very attention, be similar to a journey, climbed be not done as far as possible after the thing of this kind of overworked. Patient body great void lost, cannot bear too big carry momentum, and her constitution is not very good, before 3 months must notice! Abortive possibility does not calculate small, must notice! Must notice!!

Wei Ran resembles a child excitedly, nod state oneself know. Sit in bedside enclasp Ji Chuyin’s hand, put in the kiss side the lip. His wife, really too make him surprizing, he even, what do not know to should say heart of what ability be pacified is excited. Until did procedure of be in hospital, taking Chu Yin to return the home, his ability is quite calm and calm and at ease speak this word. Also be so before on board, drilled a lot of alling over that what just accomplish.

Ji Chuyin wakes to discover he is in the car, side head sees the Wei Ran on driver’s seat, hit a yawn to ask questioningly.

“Wei Ran? Do we want to go? Not bivouac, they? They??

Wei Ran sees the head that she kneads after she woke, how doesn’t the smile of labial horn also close. Think those who holding her firm firm in the arms is close very much, let her experience him there is many in the heart now happy, much more excited. But consider she is broken,recalled, be born forcedly unripe kept back, bestow favor on the kneads her hair of be addicted to only.

“We are coming home, they also return him home. They also return him home..

“Come home? “Come home??

“Yes, they are waiting for pa Mom we. They are waiting for pa Mom we..

“Either, pa Mom? Your pa Mom? And what makes wait for us? Should I also go to your home? Should I also go to your home??

Wei Ran parks the car in roadside, flameout hind admits to look at Ji Chuyin really, expression is unprecedented gravity, ji Chuyin has some of hair seized with terror, decide surely look at him, eye ground is being taken guard against.

“Ji Chuyin, I follow what you had said, we are husband and wife. Not be my pa Mom, it is our pa Mom, we want to go now, not be the home of my person, also be your home! Was clear about what I explain quite, should understand a point again? Should understand a point again??

The minatory implication in Wei Ran mood is too clear, ji Chuyin touchs corners of the mouth, dare not accost. Wei Ran expression is changeless, d[……]



” the president’s samite ” the shooting star that night sky waves / , this chapter in all 778 words, update at: 2017-05-30 22:32

Actually, small strong and pervasive fragrance thanks everybody to kiss very much, some are close perhaps, never be in comment area; Perhaps, also had stopped in comment area in person. But after all, small strong and pervasive fragrance is thanked very much, everybody is accompanied in person.

” beautiful ” collect a quantity to also be in slowly increase. Perhaps, a little close also, did not collect, just paying close attention to silently in person. Without giving thought to how, anyhow, small strong and pervasive fragrance is the support that should appreciate everybody to kiss.

Between two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two novel, everybody can nod small strong and pervasive fragrance in person ” the president’s samite ” , look patiently, small strong and pervasive fragrance believes, it is everybody kisses the lot with small strong and pervasive fragrance here, between countless work, chose to stop in person ” beautiful ” , it is to kiss the lot with small strong and pervasive fragrance.

Small strong and pervasive fragrance also can change the support with close everybody to be motivation, hard more civil, strive for, make everybody close also can see, of small strong and pervasive fragrance grow, ” beautiful ” grow.

Wish, small strong and pervasive fragrance can have everybody to kiss forever photograph to accompany, be in next in the day, collective testimony small strong and pervasive fragrance and ” beautiful ” grow…

Small strong and pervasive fragrance is here again, collect to those ” beautiful ” , pay close attention to ” beautiful ” close, say ” thank. ” the company with acknowledgment parent everybody, actually, small strong and pervasive fragrance also knows oneself, the work of small strong and pervasive fragrance — ” the president’s samite ” not quite good. But, small strong and pervasive fragrance assures, small strong and pervasive fragrance can try hard surely, make everybody close see small strong and pervasive fragrance and ” beautiful ” grow.

Thank everybody to kiss again. Additional, small strong and pervasive fragrance has a thing that must say, small strong and pervasive fragrance perhaps can be in next in the time of near half month, can break more. But, small strong and pervasive fragrance also hopes everybody can make allowances for small strong and pervasive fragrance in person, small strong and pervasive fragrance regards a student as the party, still be especially, a student party that in be about to be faced with, takes an examination of, small strong and pervasive fragrance has suffering not to say to go out more! Still hope everybody is close great show sympathy. Favour, one order can be sent below small strong and pervasive fragrance, but, although such, small strong and pervasive fragrance is sorry still, because, small strong and pervasive fragrance cannot have more time to pile up a word now, go publishing, upload.

Wait for small strong and pervasive fragrance to had had a holiday, in 80 days of that summer vacation, small strong and pervasive fragrance, perhaps should not break more, unless have special critical perhaps issue, make small strong and pervasive fragrance must be broken more outside, small strong and pervasive fragrance is to won’t be broken commonly more. Good, the word does not say more, small strong and pervasive fragrance piles up a word first, everybody is close, the one chapter below sit back and wait, a little close perhaps meeting feels small to strong and pervasive fragrance more civil more particularly slow, small strong and pervasive fragrance kisses a few proposals to those here, everybody is close, can accumulate period of time first, in this paragraph of time, do not look, after spending paragraph of time, as time elapse, what the article also accumulates is increasing, look in that way, perhaps can make everybody close get satisfaction…

Good, small strong and pervasive fragrance, go piling up a word first, (  of ^ of   ^ _ ) / ~ ~ is done obeisance to



33 old c广州夜网论坛JFDan become ugly later

” junior at that time classics year do not encounter ” summerly Jin / , this chapter in all 1191 words, update at: 2016-08-17 20:42

After Liu Mom carried the last boiling water, also sat, ji Dong will just take a chopstick to begin to eat, ji Chuyin placed sweet crisp duck to give old father, wei Ran placed fish of pickled Chinese cabbage to give her, the smile of Liu Mom eyeful, she and season gentleman expected this setting so old, came true eventually now.

Ji Chuyin placed the aubergine before to give Wei Ran, take advantage of an opportunity speaks of to go to the airport accepting Fu Hao’s responsibility.

“Fu Hao goes back to the motherland today, you receive him with me together. You receive him with me together..

Differ what does Wei Ran say, ji Dong will develop say of the chant at the beginning of season amazedly first: , “Be that boy, he goes abroad several years, I still am held out remember with concern his, otherwise receives him to come to the home in. Otherwise receives him to come to the home in..

“Who is Fu Hao? “Who is Fu Hao??

“Classmate of junior high school, concern with Chu Yin very good, often come previously play in the home. Often come previously play in the home..

The eyes after Wei Ran listened became dark dark, look at Ji Chuyin dangerously, hold in mouth or eyes of corners of the mouth wears a to take the laugh of evil influence slightly. Often come previously play in the home? She receives him even personally, look friendship is not shallow! ! !

Ji Chuyin sees Wei Ran this appearance, click in the heart, wei Ran is this jealous? The laugh of embarrassed embarrassed, the appearance of a pair of flattery. Wei Ran sees her this appearance, what disposition was done not have, but still fitting the pattern of explore ask,look at her.

“Junior high school when he helped me very big busy, be opposite again I am very good, I regard him as all the time in light of best opposite sex friend. We are friends only just, do not have other concern. Do not have other concern..

“Is Fu Hao forereach you? At the outset I say to promise him to calculate, slave girl to death even if do not agree, the someone just says to become a good friend. Wei Ran, you can be gotten be being prevented well, the chant at the beginning of us can be very popular. The chant at the beginning of us can be very popular..

The word of season pa speaks out, fade of instant of the chant at the beginning of season, all over the face black line. Wei Ran stretchs his hand the forehead that nods her, comical good energy of life.

“Father of if it were not for says, I believe you really, yourself says, wrong? So a dangerous character still dare be put beside, be to be afraid that I am not quite busy really. Be to be afraid that I am not quite busy really..

Be taught a lesson before the face of old father and Liu Mom by Wei Ran, cheek of the chant at the beginning of season is aglow, hard neck carried on the head.

“I am not afraid of him namely in that way, just let you accompany me to go to those who receive him! Just let you accompany me to go to those who receive him!!

“Ha, you how so lovely, joke with you you still were taken seriously. Nevertheless you explain this, I like very much. I like very much..

Wei Ran laughed suddenly, knead Ji Chuyin’s hair, one face bestows favor on this ability of be addicted to look at her say. Ji Chuyin was made fun of, sticking up the mouth to pay no attention to this two people.

Wei Ran looks at her at odds appearance mood is auspicious, appetite it may not be a bad idea a lot of, add Liu Mom to place dish to give him all the time, ate a very full ability to put down empty bowl, father following season said to there was her to go out after sound.

“Father says the around park that you often go, where be? Where be??

“Should you go? “Should you go??

“Right, I want to know I do not have has participated in your past, whats are you doing. Whats are you doing..

Ji Chuyin listened, subliminal enclasp Wei Ran’s hand. Wei Ran is aware of naturally, commutation pose and she 10 point to buckle.

10 point to the pose that buckles, it is to depend on each other.

Ji Chuyin can’ted help appearing in brain this word, just had written down rising is when see. But she still remembers, when seeing this word, she has how to be envied. Await ** to come back in those years, she always also is an illusion, imagining ** to come back, they are handed in holding finger, take a walk on the ave.

Now, she the person that this all one’s life should depend on each other, i[……]


Birthda阡陌社区广州验证y of 38 colour treasure

” junior at that time classics year do not encounter ” summerly Jin / , this chapter in all 1216 words, update at: 2016-08-21 21:46

Today is 8 years old of birthday of Yan Bao, just be in bathhouse when, the boss of cake inn sent a short message to tell her cake has been done, she just recalls abruptly today is colour treasure birthday, as it happens hit a phone to let her come over to receive her to Yan Yi, bought a gift to Yan Bao in the past incidentally, take cake.

Think of Yan Bao, the mood it may not be a bad idea that is destroyed by Xue Rui a lot of.

Take a car to cake inn to take cake, gave cake inn to see Yan Yi’s car left to come over, yan Bao still is going to school, only so Yan Yi is in. Sit the Yan Yi after deputy driver’s seat is direct ask her a moment ago thing, breath is incorrect when she calls, have what thing for certain.

Ji Chuyin also is not concealed, of in full detail told Yan Yi, yan Yi is driving a car, those who listen to laugh almost feel a pain in chest.

“Did not think of to lie between so much year, kongfu of your this lips still has actually add without decrease, be to laugh at me dead really. Be to laugh at me dead really..

“You are enough, drive well, I can not think up traffic accident. I can not think up traffic accident..

“Driving well, be at ease, you do not have what hang so easily. Do nevertheless you know the name of that woman? Know her what setting. Know her what setting..

Ji Chuyin thinks, do not know the name of that woman really it seems that.

“Do not know, nevertheless she says she is boudoir honey of Ou Yangqian, still say Ou Yangqian is Wei Ran’s girlfriend, wei Ran’s word, online search should can check. Online search should can check..

“This woman is really young, think patting teleplay, what can the photograph affect by a piece, it is quite foolish really of X. It is quite foolish really of X..

“Ha, although you say very right, but, you say Yan Yi again bad language. You say Yan Yi again bad language..

“Aha, forgot, hit the mouth. Hit the mouth..

Yan Yi hit the mouth bumblingly, abduct the turn leaves to the department store. Annual Yan Bao’s birthday, she and Ji Chuyin can go that department store buys one caboodle thing to send holy favour orphanage, regard as the redound of treasure of colour of take sb in, not exceptional also this year. That department store is in even annual today, prepared a thing technically to assemble a car for them, etc delimit card sends the past.

Baidu of the chant at the beginning of season Wei Ran, the is commerciality completely actually thing that come out, search Ou Yangqian, just calculate the thing that had her to want to know. She that boudoir is sweet, call Xue Rui, it is the company with a good still dimensions, although Europe of be not a patch on is in relief the family property of alizarin red home, but honey of boudoir of the Yang Qian that do Europe is enough also capital.

Ou Yangqian, company of A city’s biggest movie and TV, the day establishs the presiding model of medium, foreign development went 3 years ago, the near future goes back to the motherland, career foreground is wonderful. The most important is, her father is the company director that can be likened to season family name, background is very strong.

Close lightly of the chant at the beginning of season close lightly lip, mind jiggle, not be flavor a little quite. The marriage of she and Wei Ran, because,also be familial setting. But this is planted,opinion appeared only an instant, before long she with respect to be enlightened, wei Ran is A city’s famous bibcock entrepreneur, the person of his bring into contact with, which either blame is rich namely expensive, and if she is not a thousand pieces of gold of season family name, do not have the opportunity that can see him probably, more never mention it dated. At the outset Wei Ran and she marries, also considered her familial factor for certain. Everybody a group of things with common features not such, does she return kink what?

She should rejoice, oneself identity deserves to go up Wei Ran, is not to be here to other what think in disorder. Although think of familial setting, flavor still is not a little in her heart, but fortunately, she can be accepted and understand.

“Followed a department store to carry a sentence? The thing is ready. The thing is ready..

“Hum, before coming, had affirmed. That woman, did fish come? Did fish come??

“Hum, call Xue Rui. Call Xue Rui..

“Ou Yangqian, how? How??

“The presiding model that the day establishs, the without He Weiran red on the ne[……]


76 h广州夜生活娱乐论坛JHFold back from taking action against sb for fear of injuring others

” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1652 words, update at: 2017-02-27 20:38

Ji Ran fine long hair true-blue and Chinese larch give tit for tat, in whole assembly room, the look of people is attracted by them. At this moment Yuan Zong is beside Ji Ran’s, before he thinks, prevent, what see she resembles be forced to fight however is cockfighting, all over labor force is waited for hair, had arrived not the degree that battle is no good.

Ji Ran cannot make him sober at the moment, she seemed to lose reason already completely, be like oneself to encounter bloodsucking devil, if oneself do not do death struggle with her,do not have with respect to meeting skeleton put.

Yuan Zong is forced to wanting how to protect Ji Ran by, at this moment Mo Yulin also has come in front of, before he walks up, do not know how to should urge these two women that are thorn all over however? Of his beg look at Tan illuminate, hope he can talk check two women.

Tan illuminate seem to like this kind of scene very much however, he looks at these two women leisurely, seem to watching a bullfight game that has nothing to do at him!

“Do you say who is mad dog? Say again! ” Chinese larch little face is enraged Bai Li extensive is greenly, still never the person dare is opposite she is so unjustifiable over- , simply provoke sb. far superior in power or strength!

Ji Ran has been the pure girl that is partitioned by others at will before no longer, the honor that she considers him defend, want to protect oneself not by others bully disgrace, she thinks she is already enough and powerful, the thing of and so on of learns woman self-defence art has not sent use to now, hero of as it happens has the land of use force today! Oneself by bully disgrace be used to, be about this time feel proud and elated. Think of this she has some of excitement actually!

She is being taken on the face as before sneer, it is to despise completely in the look, there is scorn in sound: “Those who say other people can be right remove you? You are a mad dog! How? Do not love to listen? A few times do I say more again then? You listen much was used to! Mad dog, mad dog! ” Ji Ran also can resemble the make threatening gestures like shrew actually.

To she is provoked apparently, chinese larch has been driven beyond forbearance, has her where sufferred such affront? She can’ts help agitatedly, also do not consider on figure, of chafe extend an arm the face to Ji Ran annulus come over, the anger in the mouth: “I teach you a lesson with respect to the lesson today the degrading woman of this have an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities! “I teach you a lesson with respect to the lesson today the degrading woman of this have an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities!!

Ji Ran did not care about the arm of her word and her brandish at all it seems that, she returns what the face takes sneer to look at this in public the famous belle of be furious. The face that is about to endure her in the arm when, she was like very fortunately in the future to remove one condition, when others pop eye prepares to see her endure mouth, the has held that him affront hand of her swift-handed nimble.

She had been developed by fury brains, nevertheless, she is not the sort of disregarding figure, not be the woman that can roughhouse. She is dragging this hand downward forcibly, fine long hair is driven by her effort when extemporaneous Chinese larch is suitable, before grab, the person is whole the body drops before bend over.

Ji Ran is on the side of hypocritically rave: “Alas! Dry what is this? Just return well, how in an instant between is the person washed-up? Call an ambulance quickly! If this has an at any rate, how can my this heart pass of meaning go? How can my this heart pass of meaning go??

This is flashy only the job that produce, while people eye sees, cerebrum does not have reaction to come over however, especially him Chinese larch, how cannot she also believe, it is oneself stretch his hand obviously infiltrate, how to do so like a drowned mouse? Be who helps this woman skill after all?

All people are amazed unceasingly, at this moment Tan illuminate those who look is clear, see Ji Ran actually so licentious, it is actually under a public occasion the chaperon that bullies oneself, is this the face that makes this? Look this woman does not know an immensity of the universe really!

He is worn murkily the sort of can freeze to death handsome face of the person, eye shows fierce light, ferocious say: Ferocious say::

Hit a dog to still see host, you this is brazenly be in to my clamour? You this is brazenly be in to my clamour??

Ji R[……]


82 广州 2020新茶微信群hearts deep sorrow unceasingly

” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1819 words, update at: 2017-03-02 21:10

Tan illuminate the Ji Ran that looks at heart of the surface in computer to be like shut-off of water, he can feel her pain, the despair that can think of her and helpless, see the look with her heart grey cold meaning, he not only those who do not have a bit feel pleased with and derive comfort from sth, feel the heart deeps sorrow instead unceasingly!

He himself also does not know why to harm Ji Ran every time, the ache with his acuteness heart? The person that seems to be harmed is him. See her every time that is dim and blank, originally clear the eye that sees an end, he is gutty inarticulate is vexed with compunction, he hopes what be harmed is him even!

He looks at her silently the appearance of that chilly beauty, because sad, scared, acedia and what camouflage comes out is insipid,look at her, the heart that he knows her should have how provoking and pungent, he has felt it seems that with experience, what doesn’t he know he wants to work after all really?

His original idea did not want the deep meaning that hurts her, he loves a son very much, look on the son’s face he also should friendly to her a few, is not to resemble now such give tit for tat, force her to the side of acedia cliff even.

Be in he is vexed unceasingly when, mo Yulin searchs furiously come to come, and everybody overlooks 2 people, the eye that one pair clarifies brightly is in secretly paying close attention to all these.

Mo Yulin is not average life, his sound exposed the fury of his heart: “Tan illuminate, you after all what meaning? Be forced like that like that this degree, be the ghost that you beat? Why be opposite like that like that so absolutely affection? She so love you, of the innumerable trials and hardships be delivered of small illuminate, you not only without the gratitude of a bit, however conversely the harm of again and again she, do you want to force her on blind alley? Let small illuminate also see the mom that is less than him forever? Are you still a person? Are you still a person??

Tan illuminate right now speechless, he did not think of the business can grow this kind of rate, apparent Ji Ran had been hurt to appear a heart by oneself!

See he is not had language, mo Yulin more furious: “But she is small illuminate one’s own mother, do you think Guo Xiaoyu’s feeling? Is your not let sb down small illuminate right still case like that? Sufferred so much grievance and anguish like that like that, you spill salt on her cut even, do you still have a bit feeling? Is your heart is the flesh long? Is your heart is the flesh long??

Saying Mo Yulin already the tear falls like rain, sound becomes pitiable at a draught: “Elder brother, calculate those who become a little brother to beg you, you are not tormented again like that like that, she is the woman that I love greatly after all! See she is painful, I wanted dead heart to have! Elder brother, calculate you to have pity on me, pitiful , pitiful small illuminate, do not force again like that like that, good? Good??

Tan illuminate low loll, his heart also aches, he doesn’t why regret oneself behavior? He also has kind of heart that wants dead even, but, he is the sort of calculate the person that also won’t acknowledge a mistake dead! He lies on his back in sofa, closely close an eye, how is he wanting to redeem the harm to Ji Ran?

See him this kind of expression, mo Yulin feels he is the sort of impenitent, callous the person that is like iron, he this pair of manner is dead pig is not afraid that boiled water is hot, with this kind ruthless person also does not have what truth to be able to be told at all.

Mo Yulin again be ashamed into anger: “Tan illuminate, you had listened, if you dare I am sorry again like that, do let like that like that sad thing, do not blame me to disregard reach brotherly mutual affection! ” the departure that says the in a huff that roll a head.

Small illuminate see everything in the eye in a crack between a door and its frame, he had gone up elementary school, person caution is great, more or less does the thing after coming back to mom know some, he arrives early from the understanding in the press a few things of mom. Since this paragraph of time that leaves mom, he is thinking mom all the time.

In the is cut in oneself heart with mom’s already deep appearance, he collects all news that involve mom and pictorial, he cares mom, love mom! At the moment he has understood is father Is am sorry mom! He is a young man, he thinks mom, he should protect good mom more!

He secretly go back reachs his room, pretend whats do[……]


佛山桑拿论坛075766 father

” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1471 words, update at: 2017-02-21 17:50

3 Yuan Zong and his dress stylist ate lunch in Ji Ran place, of be perfectly satisfied took a few work to go back preparation is made in great quantities. Ji Ran because bring into contact with a few still calculate the friend that drops a predestined relationship, the mood is especially other also free from worry. They see in the office on morrow.

The next day is early, ji Ran sent a son to enter nursery school, preparing to take a car to go to a company going to work, at this moment that Feng Tian is overbearing stop beside: “Ji Ran, go to a company? As it happens together! As it happens together!!

Ji Ran is a little open-eyed: “Yuan Zong? How are you here? How are you here??

Yuan Zong today’s mood appears all the more good, a suit is brunet enlighten abstruse men’s clothing, a piece of long square face appears it seems that because of joyance what send more became long became square face, the eye Yi Yi of a pair of deep and serene wisdom is unripe brightness, his mouth also because glad, opening the tooth that bares two whiteness slightly.

Is his eyebrow eye laughing it seems that? To Ji Ran say: “I go to a company as it happens is passed from this, incidentally on take along sth to sb you, or you back a car even, not quite should convenient? Not quite should convenient??

Ji Ran also did not think more, she thinks this is happen to only, it is very normal that he build a suitable windmill?

When Ji Ran walks into the office, 3 stylist that had seen yesterday are in actually waiting for her excitedly, they resemble old good friend, have the topic that does not say more together. Ji Ran suddenly feel: Live so actually so is much appearance colorful? Oneself always do not contact a society, connect a person that says intimate word to be done not have, of pardonable life so drab.

Previously, oneself always were used to a person, what word also is in frowzily in the heart, this but good, she can know a lot of new issues outside, also had the good friend of pour aspirations, the her true new life that is oneself was full of yearning.

Arrived insensibly afternoon, at this moment the space that Yuan Zong walks into 4 people, see the atmosphere in house is so lively and harmonious, he is like at a draught more the mood is cheerful: “Be like today with everyday silent are some different? “Be like today with everyday silent are some different??

All along of a surname fine jade did not scruple too much, she is big of Lie Lie those who be filled with joy answer: “Yuan Zong, you still said to be opposite really, so we everyday the work that rack one’s brains is missing how to can let his is more perfect, today but different, had had the most beautiful work like that like that, we need to develop the notion of everybody again only, let these work become fund quickly, my bag wrapped the cram that makes money fast again to go! My bag wrapped the cram that makes money fast again to go!!

Yuan Zong appears accident not at all, he sees Ji Ran seem suddenly remember: “Ji Ran, get on for the time that receives the child? I send a car to send you the past! I send a car to send you the past!!

Because Ji Ran talks about Xing Zhengnong, give the job that accepts the child early forgot, remind via Yuan Zong, oneself also were frightened jump, before can be to never pass this kind of case, how can you give the first class major issue with receive the child so main forgot?

She appreciates see Yuan Zong: “Thank Yuan Zong! Need not, my foregone! ” saying to had risen toward left.

She just walked out of the big entrance of the company, that Feng Tian is overbearing beside stop in her again, yuan Zong of ajar car window leakage’s gentle smiling face: “Get on a car! As it happens I come home thing having a place, by the way take along sth to sb you are one paragraph. By the way take along sth to sb you are one paragraph..

Jiran joyfullies got on a car, return in the heart glad oneself lucky, always can build downwind car actually. She sits in deputy driving position, what to know to should say to nod? Woman occasionally very be afraid of silent, especially two people when, they can feel very awkward.

Had not waited for her to think of a topic, yuan Zong asks: “Ji Ran, your son a few years old? Your son a few years old??

“Still have 4 months with respect to 3 years old! “Still have 4 months with respect to 3 years old!!

“Certain and special lovely? Can you introduce me to know understanding? Never mention it, I had not contacted a child for years! Thinking this is much more lovely! ” Yuan Zon[……]


The con新茶论坛tinuance of 51 love

” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1830 words, update at: 2017-02-11 17:45

Listening to piece of aunt to say is taken away by father like that like that really, spit demur does not say, face about runs outside, can he find father to just know what intention he has after all only?

He hurriedly drive to go straight towards old father to be in continuously not the home is villatic. At this moment his phone is noisy, it is Tan illuminate sound: “Spit, was taken away by your father like that like that? ” his mood is unassailable, look he still understands this old bastard quite really.

“Yes, I am going toward that! ” spit did not think of course delusive he adores quite all the time, reliant elder brother.

Spit is 11 years old when pa Mom divorces, the be a nass of bruises that because be hurt by Mo Baocheng,Tan jade makes the same score at that time, ferial in by his fair-spoken with false appearance becloud, for a short while, accept the fact before hard. She heart grey meaning is immediately cold, be utterly disheartened, in absentminded drive with head on car barge against, although collect,answer a lot at that time, fall however a lifelong deformity.

Because of Tan jade smooth belongings is transferred by Mo Baocheng one sky, have disability personally again, calculate her not of be most willing to leave the son impossible also, she had done not have the qualification that raises a son. such, the feel sad of her skinful and resentment however have no alternative.

Although spit wants to be together with mom, however can bemoan one’s inadequacy in the face of a great task! He has understood an issue in those days, he often go visitting mother secretly. Mother lives together with uncle family, they are sent to spit from the heart love, spit adores more to his cousin extremely admire.

If it were not for because like that, he is met and the cousin gets along closely! Spit is in him home to appearing at the outset like that like that 2 people of mother and daughter cherish grumous animosity really, he hopes they can disappear even, hope their breakfast is gone.

But, as what get along long, he discovers he is more and more sentient to this mother and daughter, to stepmother he is gutty even and approximate the close affection to mom, right like that like that he can’ts help in imperceptible in already deep fell in love with her. because of Tan illuminate harm be clear like that, created the barrier between them.

Tan illuminate arrive at the same time with spit almost not the home is villatic, he himself is not clear also, family father and son why should he mingle the thing of two go in?

2 people just are opposite inspected, also not answer, run quickly toward the bedroom of upstairs Mo Baocheng directly.

Ji Ran is taken by Mo Baocheng not after the home is villatic, mo Baocheng bound her hand and foot with soft rope, throw to his big bed, next the man with strong signal leaves.

His conjure takes out a videocorder euqally, resemble a model placing good place prettily, adjust good shot angle, accomplishing a very important thing it seems that, look so serious and careful, at the same time natural from the say of language: “Next, I should come down your clear collection, let all people next one feast one’s eyes on! Let all people next one feast one’s eyes on!!

He comes to the front of the bed, the excessive evil of one face, smiling a thin smile: “Like that, my baby! Cannot think of to you can have today? How to know I want to treat you? I am very very can considerate, tender dote on well you! Although cannot get your heart, the body that gets your this incomplete is defeated is good also! The body that gets your this incomplete is defeated is good also!!

He is touching her delicate cheek with the hand, taking a few minutes of complacent fleer to: “Want you to be fooled darlingly I am happily only, what I return jade of garment of meeting bright and beautiful to feed is contented you, it is you also do not see one again only, include spit and your son! I want you to be in of everybody before disappear thoroughly! I want you to be in of everybody before disappear thoroughly!!

He pauses, suddenly very rusty: “If at the outset of your conscientiously from I, have perhaps now been not domestic goodwife? Have perhaps now been not domestic goodwife??

“Father, fasten such! Look in me on the portion of gone mom, you let off me! I called you 10 years father, you are my dear father! You treat your one’s own child to still be close friends to my comparing in those days, appreciate you all one’s life really like that like that! Father, beg you, let off me! After all, I the daught[……]


18广州按摩桑拿广州狼 do not be afraid that the thief is afraid that the thief remembers with concern secretly

” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 2452 words, update at: 2017-01-15 14:13

The person that come after is Mo Yulin — younger brother of his the relationship between the children of a brother and a sister, and his aunt — Tan Yuping, namely Mo Yulin’s mom, the former husband of aunt is the Mo Baocheng that that birds and beasts is inferior to!

Tan Yuping because of Mo Baocheng betray, nearly is dead, and Tan Jia’s enterprise also the elaborate design because of Mo Baocheng, nearly is drawn out entirely empty. His aunt hates Mo Baocheng, his father hates Mo Baocheng, he also hates Mo Baocheng, his of one mind thinks crumple up is surnamed not that ungrateful bastard revenges to family.

Hating Mo Baocheng is one and the same, but to this cousin he still admits quite close, they are brought up together as a child, although aunt divorced later, the opportunity that sees Mo Yulin is little, they had understood an issue in those days, had had solid emotional base, they are having hematic arteries and veins to kiss affection after all, and Mo Yulin also often secretly the mom that goes visitting oneself.

Anyhow he also did not think of cousin can appear that day, and look reach, the relation blame of he and that girl is shallow, he sees they are different the relation of common, he thinks of his aunt with respect to couplet at a draught most the woman of bear grudges, that is Mo Baocheng to marry that woman, let aunt lose all play chess Nan.

Pardonable also, by him different is mixed at the ordinary person’s ability boldness, what his eye comparatives is accurate, the effort that flies through Zheng of at hand confidential, he gets skill information eventually.

Zheng Fei is mysterious report to him: “Tan Zong, who is that girl that you know to let me check? She is Mo Baocheng’s stepdaughter, call Mo Ran. According to reliable information, mo Baocheng drives when taking Yi Nan to attend a party, produced a traffic accident, her mom broke down in that accident, after her mom leaves hospital before long, their woman two was driven come out! This is the thing of happening of not long ago. This is the thing of happening of not long ago..

Tan illuminate surprised, lived more than 10 years together after all, his home does not need money again, raise a few idler won’t have a fracture, evict the person as to what touch war greatly come, say not Orphean also ah! He feels the thing has odd, the say that language belt distains: “Surname not is that old stuff enough also absolutely of affection? “Surname not is that old stuff enough also absolutely of affection??

“Is stopping absolutely affection? Then old stuff is the brute of a beast in human face simply! ” of Zheng Fei be indignant scold, he most hate the sort of ruthless person, wish really a big discharge of that old stuff 8, just solve the resentment of mind.

Tan illuminate came suddenly interest, his corners of the mouth is gone to by pull move, zheng Fei is too familiar to this countenance, when the Tan total humor that this is him is good, was interested in characteristic expression to what thing.

Zheng Fei is invigorated at a draught, he is taking a few minutes of complacent say: “That old stuff is so early with respect to him cling to the beauty of stepdaughter is lubricious, hear of for many times think hard upbow of Xiang Yu the Conqueror, was given to destroy, estimation is he breaks down that now protecting a daughter in the wife of the bed! That woman does not have ability to protect a daughter now, two people nature hides! Two people nature hides!!

Tan Zong is like dissatisfactory such result: “Be to evict come? “Be to evict come??

Zheng Fei handles affairs sedate, this how antilogy? Zheng Fei taps a head, accompany all over the face laugh: “I guess two behind why. They are evicted to come. Listen to the servant that serves paralysis woman to say, seeming is the subterranean lover that old stuff thinks to let stepdaughter do him, the girl does not work, was evicted to come, actually he did not consider a true woman two evict come, having negative effect to his fame after all, he just wants to force probably girl give in, just forge this kind of a bad plan? Just forge this kind of a bad plan??

“The stepdaughter that connects oneself should do it, so the thing of shameless, how to deserve to live on this world? This kind of degenerate should issue 18 hell early! ” Tanzong is intolerable really so despicable behavior, the shade firm of his gnash.

Knew the intention of enemy correct, tan Jingyu’s god-given good humor, he two radiative the fierce light that gives raw firm severe. Resemble saying to Zheng Fei again like the solilo-quize: “He is conceivable[……]


The hubbub in 107 Zh广州夜生活网EDSang Meili sea of cloudses

” snowed over there you ” cunning evil spirit / , this chapter in all 2343 words, update at: 2017-08-04 22:34

Look at the appearance that Zhang Hui laughs, chen Ke side side head, in spite of oneself toot toot is small the small mouth that become warped says: “What to have comical, what thing is there on my face? What thing is there on my face??

Zhang Hui looks at her that is lovely moving appearance, laugh more happily.

He such laugh let Chen Ke can’t help muddled, know him so long the look that has not seen his to one’s heart’s content laughs really.

Her both hands is holding chin in the palm, long to if the eye of water says,long for beauty: “Laugh at what? “Laugh at what??

Zhang Hui shakes shake one’s head say: “Do not have, did not laugh, go, I take you to climb. ” say to pulling Chen Ke left.

The Bai Wu all round had come loose a lot of, can see the thing all round clear.

They sat yearning the bus on a certain hill, although the weather here is cold, but cannot prevent here to live formerly the dweller’s habits and customs, go to work, come out to move, the people that drinks early tea packs the bus completely, all sorts of odour be mixed is worn.

There has been the position when they go up, trashy all the time sit the Zhang Hui of bus of be used to may be heard unaccustomed these odour, can’t help knitting beetle-browed, but he still is protecting the Chen Ke beside, do not let anybody stand by her.

The bus is stationed in a site to have in every on fall passenger, the place that should go from them still has a few stations, chen Ke stand a bit it seems that flabby, zhang Hui saw tender ground say: “Small foolish girl, how? Be tired, come recumbent I. Come recumbent I..

Chen Ke on the face that listened to Qing Meiru to draw not by flew a blush, say gently: “Need not, do not have a thing. Do not have a thing..

Just said, bus suddenly an urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes, it is somebody is violated so compasses cross a street, the person of whole vehicle can’ts help farfetched rise.

The Chen Ke that this activity lets former itself put oneself in another’s position is weak more the station did not live, a stagger attacks ahead, the Zhang Hui on the side pulled with a situation of the as sudden as lightning however she, chen Ke it is at a draught in his bosom.

The passenger complaint on the car in succession, bus driver at once to everybody compensate either.

The Chen Ke in the volt bosom in expanse of Zhang Hui warmth can’t help red face says: “Bump into you to do not have? “Bump into you to do not have??

Zhang Hui holds the hand ring on the car single-handed, holding Chen Ke in the arms single-handed delicate shoulder says: “I do not have a thing, you? Come up against over there? Come up against over there??

Chen Ke low head, feel embarrassed the ground says: “I do not have a thing, it is good that you do not have a thing, unlock me, it is OK that myself is standing. It is OK that myself is standing..

What there is tenderness on Zhang Huijun’s beautiful face is doting say: “Do not move in disorder, good, recumbent I! Recumbent I!!

If he says, seem to taking some kind of appeal, let Chen Ke can’t help nodding.

Look at the scenery of the skim over outside car window, hearing the person in the bosom that peculiar faint scent, zhang Hui can’ts help mind is absentminded.

Till Chen Ke call him to just had answered a god to come, want the site that go to them so.

Left a car, chen Ke say: “What are you thinking? “What are you thinking??

Zhang Hui laugh says: “Without, go. Go..

Eventually south hill, renown too second hill, altitude 2604 meters, ground lung hill, medium south hill, Zhou Nashan, the hill austral abbreviation, a paragraph be mountain range of mountain of the Qin Dynasty, county of eyebrow of city of Xi Qibao chicken, east to Xi’an city La Tian county, element has ” celestial being ” , ” the coronal of hole day ” and ” the world ground of the first blessing ” good name.

Just went to do not have much further, chen Ke the feeling was enraged nevertheless fully, zhang Hui stops at once for: “We rests rest to go again. “We rests rest to go again..

Chen Ke nod.

Good a little while, just pass through gas, chen Ke say: “I do not have a thing, we go slowly, the sea of clouds that hears of here is very beautiful, I want to look. I want to look..

Zhang Hui looks at her softly to say: “Good, go. Go..

Chen Ke laugh, want to go ahead, feel the foot is a bit soft however, she just w[……]