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Tall eld广州桑拿夜生活论坛er brother’s wife

” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 946 words, update at: 2017-07-23 18:58

Walk into long-unseen classroom, I what tall elder brother’s wife that receives cries am stupefied immediately was in place, what circumstance is this? Long for brandish the arm is pulling a voice to cry greatly: “Cheng v/arc drillmaster goes after you, we knew. ” my awkward laugh, do not know how to should reply, explain even if conceal, what still do not talk is good.

Return the dormitory, did not think of to abandon friend people also be in the Eight Diagrams.

“Hey You, tan Lian loved, still be v/arc drillmaster, hahaha… “

“The version that that group of schoolgirls pass our class is too wonderful, both of you began greatly, hey, does the word say us don’t I know a dormitory how? Does the word say us don’t I know a dormitory how??

“Hum, congratulation congratulation… “

Alas, it is a flock of mad wives really, is also knowing after all in start a rumour? I am disinclined to explain with them.

After that day, tall elder brother’s wife was passed like wind of this appellation resembling, very fast we that person knew almost, but I still should work work, niminy-piminy to this thing, it is to be disinclined to manage again more his information.

Do not know him from the situation that I understand over ther[……]



” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 527 words, update at: 2017-07-25 12:19

The Spring Festival this year comes a little early, new year’s day does not have a few days after the section is.

“Daughter-in-law, can you stay accompany me to spend the New Year? ” a word of arise suddenly lets me be stupefied, I want to refuse originally, but to going up he is the eye that expect and entreats that pair completely, I nod finally. He holds me in arms glad, “Daughter-in-law, thank you, thank you to be able to stay accompany me to spend the New Year, the concession that when thanking you to be able to do not have a law to choose in me, makes for me… ” his bosom is very warm, but the person lets feel distressed extremely truly if he is spoken. Original, the happiness that he wants all the time all the time is such simple, a company understands with.

In battalion area already everywhere decorate with lanterns and streamers, what be permeated with a festival everywhere is festival, all people also come out confuse colour to take changed mufti, of in twos and threes or sing or chat, estimation of all the year round also is only during the Spring Festival them can well be loosened.

We take a walk in the courtyard together, he is abrupt pull the hand that had me.

I: “Are you to forbid those who pull a hand? “Are you to forbid those who pull a hand?[……]


The 5th cha目前番禺各大zj地点pter: Adopt

” encountering you is a flower leaves ” one star dirt / , this chapter in all 1728 words, update at: 2017-08-17 16:48

Although everybody does not say, but everybody also is suspecting this Guo 2 dogs in the heart child whether to still have resentment, 2 dogs of Guo child see Lindongdou won’t respond him every time, although Lin Dong meets every time the metropolis is very courteous call him ” Guo Shu is good. Although Lin Dong meets every time the metropolis is very courteous call him ” Guo Shu is good..

“East child, your where does not go, others does not want you, you are big Niu Shu wants you, big Niu Shu raises you, follow big Niu Shu to pass later, the absolutely meeting that father’s younger brother eats readily has you. ” big ox is patting chest to saying to Lin Dong.

Big ox is an orphan, be thrown in village mouth, an old person that has a head fortunately is foster, but the old person a few years ago also went, leave big Niu Yiren only.

It is poorer probably, big ox is maiden all the time, up to now already 30 years old, had not gotten married. Big ox follows the last name of the old person, call Xue Jinniu, because the figure is big and tall,be probably, zhuang Runiu, everybody is very so natural call him big ox.

Lin Dong does not wish to accept however, he does not want to become the burden of big ox uncle, do not consider person of any of be a burd[……]


The 21st chapter: Sunshin广州夜网MHGe

” encountering you is a flower leaves ” one star dirt / , this chapter in all 2060 words, update at: 2017-09-01 13:21

Two children know in the accused after have nothing to do, outer the police that await’s anxious heart also was put slowly.

This encircle and suppress closed down not only subterranean gambling house, still seized a batch of dope over, and captured the *** that look up and down. It may be said was to give a society illegal member write down puissant awe. But the member that feel regretful is first person exclusively has one part to was not seized, surround spread among them so called Chen Zong!

In recuperated after 1 many months, two people also can ambulate below eventually, get hurt this it may be said is very serious, splanchnic organ is damaged, rib much place ruptures. Complete rehabilitation at least also wants 3 months, fortunately hospitalization expenses and operation expenses somebody pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, otherwise two people go another world early possibly.

This day of two people take a walk come to the meadow at the back of emergency call building, lean falls in large tree, shut have sth in mind to enjoying everything present, to Lin Dong, this sunshine appears all the more warm, the sound that attrition place gives out between the leaf, of the cicada on the tree bleat livelily, make Lin Dong feels kind all the more.



广州蒲友论坛The 7th chapter: Decision

” encountering you is a flower leaves ” one star dirt / , this chapter in all 1821 words, update at: 2017-08-19 18:32

Take a door when Lin Dong in front of, just wanted to open the door, hear the message that should send him, sound comes out from the mouth of beautiful aunt. Lin Dong is done not have anxious open the door, incline the head the talk that listening them.

“You can want to be clear about, crossed this village to be able to do not have this inn, this is much better, said moreover, will east child send orphanage also may not is bad, there are a lot of children to accompany him to play over there, he also can have a happy childhood. And you also can see him constantly, you still can marry a young married woman, much better, . ” beautiful aunt respecting.

“Be no good, I decided how to also cannot send orphanage again, since I adopted he, then he is my child, I won’t send him. ” the answer line with big ox firm volition.

“Spend aunt, you may not know, I also am orphan, I know that flavor, very bad really to suffer, I still have foster my person, if I do not want him, he will be afflictive dead. Today, we hunt together, I ask he follows me happy, he is particularly happy tell me he is very happy. Those who laugh is bright all the more, I cannot let him lose that happy smiling face. I cannot enough! ” what struggle in big ox heart is afflictive, mutter to beautiful aunt re[……]


The 23rd chapter goes from opening s佛山蒲典chool south bottle

” if this life vivid battle song rises ” connect clever half Tibet / , this chapter in all 3326 words, update at: 2017-08-24 05:00

Hear him according to the person so say, feel this bonze is very special,

“What secret is there still on his body? ” according to the person, carrying goblet to shake.

Deep and remote orchid expression not dignified, she says, “Ah, I remember who he is, he is with you once the elder brother rambles together before cloister when, encountered bonze. Encountered bonze..

“Is this bonze in that cloister? “Is this bonze in that cloister??

“Oh, it is previously in tall temple, hear he goes later demon temple did volt to chair. Hear he goes later demon temple did volt to chair..

“Do you still know he turned cloister? “Do you still know he turned cloister??

“Oh, your elder brother still has epistolary contact with him allegedly in those days, discuss Buddha to manage together. Discuss Buddha to manage together..

“Oh, want to be less than my elder brother to still be like this asthetic mood, study Buddha manages. Study Buddha manages..

Deep and remote Lan Ting is worn bosom, say proudly: “That is natural, you are too small look your elder brother, your elder brother is fierce. Your elder brother is fierce..

Saying, deep and remote Lan Congyi outside s[……]


The 6th chapter is in cultivate onesel找个陪游女电话f according to a religious doctrine

” if this life vivid battle song rises ” connect clever half Tibet / , this chapter in all 2386 words, update at: 2017-08-15 06:48

Candle chases gradual change to must rise angrily according to the eye that sees beautiful plan, know he began to get angry certainly.

“Why does almsgiver get angry? “Why does almsgiver get angry??

“Favour, that ” beautiful plan desire character stops again, but did not keep back after all.

“That, why can you have the sentence of bit of defect so? Why can you have the sentence of bit of defect so??

Candle attended him, say: “How, almsgiver is opposite it seems that the word of old patchwork vestment worn by a Buddhist monk, have a special liking? Have a special liking??

Beautiful plan sees him such, honest hold back does not live of the heart excited.

He stands up suddenly, towards illuminate big growl: “What to install to be stupefied, you are known small orchid, are you small orchid master ‘ Prince of the Devils ‘ ” ?

“What Prince of the Devils ” illuminate was stupefied, say: “What Prince of the Devils can be had more than the Prince of the Devils in your heart destroy force. “What Prince of the Devils can be had more than the Prince of the Devils in your heart destroy force..

The sound in the room, become bigger and bigger, so big voice makes illuminate a li[……]


145 adva上海喝茶资源论坛ntages

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1656 words, update at: 2017-11-03 08:54

Small brightness the hope that cherishs move and me to resume marriage stays in the home, but, the wife that he kissed to become others again to me soon today and still had the child, should he feel special disappointment? As to next he can take the time in the home, continue to with pa Mom still wintry winter lives together I with respect to unknown.

Suddenly if remembering a moment ago Xiao Liang says again, I ask mother fably: “Mom, is what Xiao Liang says true? Beautiful male went with others really? They so divorced? They so divorced??

Mom’s complexion suddenly very ugly, her deep sigh: “Alas! Small 3 this not of save worry play meaning, heart of ** letting a person! Do not carry her, we face lets her cast light! At ordinary times so whiz does stupidity unexpectedly! I wish now fan her a big a slap on the face! I wish now fan her a big a slap on the face!!

Look beautiful male make mom sad and disappointed really, don’t I know how to should comfort mom?

At this moment elder sister say: “Small 3 one is known on the net male, two people met, she also does not know where root muscle builds a fault, followed a family to run actually! She this runs, is Xiao Liang able? Pa Mom of Xiao Liang is only too anxious to his son follows small 3 left early clean! Th[……]


Of 55 having sth new 广州夜网生活娱乐VHSmeet

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 3088 words, update at: 2017-06-06 11:12

See the look of the scene in the home and mom, knew its course, I am helpless, some come to a hospital hastily.

Very easy find small brightness, the country has be in hospital rarely. He lies on sickbed to making antiphlogistic a bit, whole room has his person only, he is admiring a face to opening an eye, be like the liquid medicine that drips downward in several medicine bottle, .

The light tone before I go up: “Small brightness, you how? Is what hurt particularly serious? Painful still now? Painful still now??

Hear voice on the body that he moves the look to me, stay a short whily be stupefied, restored natural look very quickly. His expression is very barpque, did not think of I can appear probably, or can I appear to be as expected in his expect?

He suddenly sneer: “This is the style of your home really, be the good idea that your Mom thinks up certainly? Take you to come out to become really chip? Is letting you come what meaning? Is letting you come what meaning??

Listen to his word and mood, I suddenly some are sad, oneself this as good as takes its disgrace to come oneself then, can you be what to idea have again? After all he is the person that matters with me, if won’t happen at all otherwise any thing, roughhouse more impossi[……]


42 worked to you late深圳蒲神改名深时代r

” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 2306 words, update at: 2017-05-19 18:40

Saying that girl in his heart when Tong Zhiyong is me when, I am honest too accident too astonished, so that be at a loss! He this moment and I say these, what objective to have?

My subliminal exclaim: “I? Be joking! We had not said even the word, more do not talk to go up understanding, won’t you always like a person of without reason of for no reason? Won’t you always like a person of without reason of for no reason??

He admits to looking attentively at me really, what expression appears unusual is earnest: “What I say is true! Beautiful beautiful, I do not cheat you, when go to school, the impression that only you give me is the deepest! Although we connect a word to had not said, but you like all the time in my heart! I daydream the true state of one’s mind that wants to make clear me to you, but, I know my situation is too bad, won’t which girl can like me, so I say with you without courage, I can be only in the heart silent jubilation you! I can be only in the heart silent jubilation you!!

“How likely? I all the time the not outstanding, place that did not deserve people attention at all! ” if I cannot believe him at all, feel he is in simply talk irresponsible.

“Beautiful beautiful, actually you are a particularly conspicuous girl, it is yourself d[……]